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Di Zhongs eyes, which were previously flowing brightly with hope, suddenly turned dull.

As he looked at the five great-grandchildren he had, he felt that they were unfilial.

How could they go against him so publicly


“Di Jingan was the one who killed your grandfather and I have already kicked him out of the family.

I have also kept him here so that he could be punished by the law.

I never asked Ah Xuan to pay for the mistakes that Di Jingan had made.

“It is my fault for announcing this piece of news single-handedly.

I didnt think it through.

It is my mistake for making him and all of you unhappy.

“However, as a king, I hope that the royal family can be passed onto a talented and responsible heir so that it can continue to grow.

I always thought that your family was the only one that was qualified, which was why I said those things earlier.

I hope you will be able to understand me.”

The rest of them from the Di family did not say anything, leaving it to their big brother, Di Yunxi.

“Oh It would be best if you didnt want my father to pay for the mistakes that your family has made.

There are 247 people who died, but you kept repeating it as 246.

It looks like you have forgotten about my grandfathers death.


“But thats alright.

We dont need the money.

We just want Di Jingan to be punished accordingly.

However, I would just like to ask how the King would be compensating the 246 victims”

Di Zhong felt infuriated when they talked about money.

“We will pay accordingly.”

“Hmm How would you do it” Di Yunxi continued, “For example, how much is the royal family prepared to pay With such a horrible crime, it shouldnt be lower than 6 million per person, right”

Di Zhongs eyelids were popping as he tried to remain calm, “Of course.”

Di Yunxi smiled and said, “246 people in total.

If each of them got 6 million, it would be a total of 1.47 billion.

I would like to ask if you would be paying them immediately, or will it just be an empty promise and you will continuously delay it”

Di Zhong was getting furious! How could these young people humiliate him

Obviously, he knew that Country B was broke, but with so much media here, shouldnt they try to protect his image


“Of course! This news has caused an international uproar, why would you think that I would delay it”

After getting the answer that he wanted, Di Yunxi smiled and turned towards his assistant to get a stack of documents as he said, “From what we know, the royal family had formed a company 20 years ago known as The Star.”

Di Zhongs face instantly turned mad, “Thats enough! Shut up!”

Di Yunxi wasnt afraid of him as he continued, “The Star has done quite a lot for the past 20 years and has a profit of 12 billion.”

“This is the secret of the royal family! You have committed a crime against my country.

Arrest him!”

With that, the bodyguards who were behind Di Zhong pulled out their guns and pointed them at Di Yunxi.

Di Yunxi, who was the head of the family, was not afraid of guns.

Other than Di Qingyan, who pursed his lips because he wasnt used to this yet, Di Yunxiao, Di Yunmo, and Di Jinqian continued smiling.

The mockery in their eyes was more than obvious.

Di Zhong hated the smiles on these childrens faces.

As their great-grandfather and also the king of the country, he should be respected by his descendants.

However, he did not get the respect that he should be given.

They didnt even pay him any respect at all.

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