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I was going back to moms office when I met Cloud, "Strawberries? Im really looking for you," he said happily, which made me wonder, "Why is Alpha Cloud looking for me? Do you need anything?" I asked him with a smile. "ah wait, thats just Berries" I added when I realized he added my name,

he immediately laughed and scratched his head, "Ah, Im sorry, but can I just have Strawberries? Thats my favorite," he said shyly, which made me wonder even more, "So you like me? Are you all tripping on me? ? at first, you four threatened to spread my secret, and now? Whats the what? Do you really intend to destroy my life?" I said calmly because honestly, I can be nice anymore

I really can take it anymore, after what Cristof did, "If you can say that, it only means one thing, you

e the one I smelled so fragrant, Strawberries once I gave a chance to be a mate, Im really doing everything to get that." he said with a smile then brought his face closer to mine,

he immediately came to my ear and whispered, "I can kiss you better than them" he said which surprised me, I immediately pushed him softly, "What are you saying? Do I look like Im chasing a kiss?" I said to him seriously causing him to stand up straight,

"No, but your body? We

e aware, yes," he said then touched my cheek, "Do you remember me holding your arms when the four of us threatened you? When I first saw you, I immediately knew you had Werewolf blood, they didn smell that, do you know why? Because someone cursed you, so I thought I might be your mate and thats when I was sure that I could be your mate but I found out something from Cristof and we thought he was your mate, but He can smell that you

e a werewolf so I thought I still have a chance" he said then ruffled my hair, I couldn believe what he said, I was about to ask when suddenly a familiar voice said,

"Oh, so thats the way it is" I immediately turned to the speaker and was surprised to see Geri,

"Hi My Luna, sorry if I follow you, the truth is I just want to hear your parents talk, but I don think so Ill hear the truth from our friend," Geri said smiling and walking with Cloud,

I immediately heard Clouds heavy breathing, "You didn ask a question, did you? So Geri, can you stop Strawberries, you

e scaring him," he said, waking up and I swallowed.

Actually, Cloud is scarier because he said he can kiss better, and then he knows that my body needs that and then he knows that Im cursed, who wouldn be afraid of that?

"Hah? Its even more believable that hes afraid of you, so how did you say that Bam is cursed?" Geri said seriously, causing me to look seriously, "Yance tell me to find a vampire and do everything to drink their blood because Bam is important to him, thats the only thing I could say because if I said too much he will hate me and thats not what I want," Cloud said with a sigh that was the reason for Geri to remove her arm from Cloud,

I was even more surprised and confused, what does Yance have to do with this? I wanted to see him even more, and Geri suddenly giggled, "Thats why, well I don want to make him angry either haha! Who would want to make that werefire angry, Interesting" Geri said with a smile that was the reason for me being confused

I don know what they

e talking about. I don know if I have the right to ask questions about myself. Im confused, "What, when will I pick up Yance at the airport?" I asked shyly,

The two of them looked at me in surprise, "Cristof didn tell you? Actually, only Cristof knows, right?" he said seriously as Geri turned to him, "But he told me, you know--"Im not done with that I should say, "Cloud!" Cristof called and when he cut off what I was going to tell Cloud, Cloud immediately approached Cristof, the truth is, where were they hiding suddenly they appeared,

Cristof looked at me and I immediately looked in another direction, "Ohh...you changed your desire but he is still the one your heart wants, tsk tsk tsk...what you did was dangerous, my Luna" he said seriously Geri, which caused me to be annoyed with him,

"Strawberries!" Cloud called me as an excuse to calm down a bit, I immediately turned to him but I was surprised Cristof smiled at me, "Whats wrong with you!" I said with furrowed brows which surprised Cristof and Cloud, but Cloud immediately noticed that I was looking at Cristof so he turned to the side,

Cristof immediately came to me with a smile, "Sup! my beautiful mate, do you know how much I miss the smell of your pain?" he said with a smile as he touched my chin, "Why are you surprised? Do you want me to guess what your new desire is?" he said then came to my neck and inhaled my scent, I immediately forced myself to calm down which caused him to laugh softly, "You badly don want me, to smell your feelings? Im going to tell you Berries, not because your desire is not to let me smell your feelings, I can never smell them anymore, and not because I can smell them Im not the one anymore your mate" said Cristof seriously which was the reason to surprise me,

is that really my desire?

because if yes, Im a fool

"Cristof, we also smelled the pain you

e talking about, so don think too much, its not good for your behavior," Geri said seriously and moved me away from Cristof, I immediately looked at Geri, "Thank you," I said softly and smiled I said, "Anything for you my lady," he said causing me to grin

Then Cloud came to me, "I hope youll be patient with Cristof, by the way, next week you

e going to pick up Yance, okay Strawberries, leave us here because it might get hotter if you stay here" he said laughing Cloud, I immediately went and looked at Cristof again,

he immediately smiled and came to me and kissed me on the lips, I immediately pushed him, "What are you doing" I said seriously which caused him to smile and pinch the tip of my nose, "You missed my kiss, didn you" he said I was surprised,

I immediately looked at him evilly, "Are you crazy!?" I said and didn think twice to run,

while running I couldn stop touching my lips,

maybe his lips are my favorite taste, "Stupid, of course, I miss it" I said and smiled

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