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Fake and Truth (3)

“You have bad hand habits.

But what do I do with this I have bad hand habits, too.”

Mary looked at the woman holding her cheek.

With a soft voice, she wrapped her face and whispered in her ear.

“If you want to be Mary like that, change your body with me now.”


“It’s enough to give me a body that is not dying.”

Instead, all she can give is Mary’s body.

Other than that, she was going to get back what she got.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s voluntary or unintentional.

Seeing a silly look, Mary turned around and left the room.

She didn’t look back at Carl’s footsteps that followed.

What should she tell him Her head was mixed up.

Like an uncontrollably tangled thread, she didn’t even know where to start.

She didn’t ask if it was the same for Carl.

He looked like a person who wanted her to tell the story herself.

Standing in front of her room, she opened the door and entered, and Carl did not follow her in and stayed there darkly.

When she faced Carl’s expression looking at her before the closing door, she felt something collapsed inside her.

She leaned against the door, closed her eyes, and rubbed her lips.

Her heart was suffocating her.

Carl, why doesn’t he ask her

Why is he just still waiting for her mouth to open even though he knows she can’t tell him

Maybe he’s afraid of what’s going to come out of her mouth.

No way.

She didn’t think so.

Just in case something can’t happen.

And anxiety comes true as it is.


She needs him.

Someone who will tell her the answer.

She’s not sure if he’ll answer her call.

But today she needed him.

The situation in front of her made no sense, so it had never happened.

“If you call so desperately, I can’t pretend to ignore.”

Even if she didn’t open her eyes, she felt that he came before she could hear his voice.

Because the pleasant wind flowed from outside the window and touched her face.

Standing against the door, she opened her closed eyes.

Just in front of her face, Nox’s face, standing with his hand on the door, came in.

She wasn’t even surprised.

Now, it would be awkward to appear normally.

“Is that what the person who just appeared will say”

She pushed his hand out, escaped through the gap, and sat in a chair.

Unlike her, Nox’s expression, which was full of laughter and a smile, hurt her feelings.

‘Why are you so happy’

Her mood was the worst.

What should she do if the person she met earlier is Mary Reason and emotion were confused.

If it’s really Mary, it’s right to give everything back.

But how Is that possible in the first place

If it was possible to change the soul, she would not have suffered from the original Mary’s dying body from the beginning.

She may have already left to find another happiness.

“I guess something fun happened.”

She couldn’t stand it, so she sarcastically said to him.

He always seemed like he’d come if she called him…… And why is he laughing so hard

Nox, sitting on the opposite chair, smiled brighter with his chin on the back of his hand.

Her forehead narrowed even more as if he were teasing her.

He seemed to know why she was feeling so annoyed and unpleasant right now.

“I guess you didn’t like the present.”

“The  present”

The sudden word paused her mind.

She knew it was out of the blue every time, but she didn’t bring up anything unexpected today.

No matter how much she looks back, she doesn’t remember receiving a gift.

It was her who had been lying down sick all this time.

Because Arthur didn’t give her medicine, and she didn’t take it either.

She thought she found the answer, but the feeling when she was wrong was inexplicable and disastrous.

“I’ve never received a gift before.”

“I think you got it from your expression.”

One thing came to mind at the moment.

The woman who said she was Mary.

A gift

“I think you need to learn the concept of gifts again.”

“Wasn’t it fun What about Arthur’s face Oh, it’s too bad that I couldn’t watch it.”


Nox was again looking for fun in someone else’s misfortune.

Then is she not Mary She can’t figure out why he’s doing this.

Everything is a mess.

“I thought I found the answer, but I didn’t.

I was wrong.”

“Are you sure about that”

Nox still reached out with a smile and put her hair behind her ears.

If what he talked about was a woman, she was not happy with Nox’s mess.

“Put it away, because if the gift you said was her, no one would think it was a gift.”

“It would’ve been perfect.

Arthur didn’t seem to have lost his response.”

Nox’s eyes, looking at her, shook strangely.

As if looking inside, she turned her head and avoided looking.

“Is she really Mary”

“Is it real or fake What do you think”

“Don’t joke around.

Because it’s not fun.”

Her face crumpled and expressed disapproval.

She didn’t feel good enough to play with his bad jokes.

Above all, for her, ‘Mary’ was an infinitely heavy and huge being.

The owner of this body, the object she has to live for.

“Well, what do you want to do if she’s really Mary”

“…Are you asking me that now”

“You know, getting rid of her without anyone knowing, or returning her to the owner and leaving.

Oh! Of course, it wouldn’t be fun if you just left.”

When she saw Nox spitting out words without hesitation, she felt creeped out without realizing it.

Nox seems to want her to do something about the other Mary.

No, it’s not her.

Nox wondered if he was pondering, but he clapped once and flashed his eyes.


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