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Fake and Truth (2)

It was over when she opened this door.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t open the door easily.

She has never hesitated.


“……come on in.”

The door opened at once as if nothing else was needed for the voice calling his name.

She slowly breathed in the sight before her eyes.

It was a person who looked so much like her that it was okay to call them twins, so even if it was her.

With Arthur’s gaze, the woman turned to her in a friendly voice.

The mouth slightly raised on the calmed eyes.

It was thrilling.

She thought the smile that smiled at her was really Mary.

“…Carl, can you go out for a moment”

“He has the right to listen, too.”

Arthur talked to Carl as if to come in and shut the door.

Carl looked at her.

It was an unspoken act to obey her orders.

If it was the real Mary, would she have authority

“Okay, just listen.”

She didn’t know it would come this soon.

If she knew the day would be so early to tell Carl the truth, she would do a bit more than she wanted.

She sat down casually and looked at Arthur and the woman.

Arthur’s eyes folded and soon approached her closely.

“Don’t be mistaken.

This is separate.”

“This is…”

“I came to see you because there’s a fake that imitates me.”

Arthur laughed and held his chin and stared at her.

Clearing the embarrassment from her expression, she spoke in a calm tone.

“I fainted because I was sick.

Did I get hit in the eye with another girl”

The woman, who was listening quietly, snorted and said in a calm voice.

“Did you make my Gray a eunuch”

“This girl is Mary You know, she’s a fake.”

Will Mary really exist here in the first place From the beginning, or maybe from a long time ago, Mary has never been real.

Mary alternately pointed at Mary(2) and back to herself, smiled and pointed at her.

“You have to say it right.

You’re the fake one.”

There was no hesitation in her (Mary2) voice, as if she were sure.

Arthur, who was looking at her and the woman interestingly, watched the situation without saying a word.

It was Carl who was surprised by what she said.

Mary(2 )was angry at the way she spoke confidently toward her, but she couldn’t rush out because she was somehow used to it.

Silence flowed and everyone was busy reading each other’s minds.

It was time to get tired of the invisible war of nerves.

“That’s good.

Now that Mary has appeared to give you the satisfaction you had hoped for so much for.”

“Do you really think so”

Arthur’s face was strangely distorted.

It was Arthur who was smiling as if he were having fun.

In an instant, his frozen gaze reached her.

“Even though your body is still in that state.”

Arthur, who was washing his face dry, got up from his seat and approached her.

Arthur sighed as he swept her slender arms with a pale face without her blood.

“Why don’t you look for me”

“Didn’t you want me to be sick”

And now that he pretends to be worried, he certainly knew what made her endure without looking for himself.

Otherwise, there’s no way he won’t run to her, who’s fallen down once.

He said he loved her.

Was this also a lie

“You said you were Mary, right” (Mary)

“Yeah, I’m really Mary.

It’s not like you.” (Mary2)

“Really” (Mary)

She drank tea gracefully and shrugged at her question.

Mary sat across from her.

Mary just looked at her still.

She was a woman with silver hair, silver eyes, and Mary’s characteristics intact.

But she is not Mary.

It was obvious that it was fake.

She had no choice but to do that because she was the one in Mary’s body.

Even if she herself was not the real Mary.

She was Mary.

She was Mary, and she will be Mary.

“So what if you really get Mary Are you going to talk to everyone”

“Don’t you think we should fix it”

“Who will believe you, it would be a relief if I didn’t cut off your neck just because you pretended to be a Princess.”

Above all, it was her who became Mary and held the power of this country in her hands.

It was an interesting story to the nobles, but she was not the one to let them talk freely.

“Yes, you are Mary.

Then I ask you one thing.”

“Can’t you be cheeky and put this hand away”

Smack her hand and open her eyes wide.

Judging from the way she spoke or acted, anyone who knew Mary well could have been confused.

“What do you think will happen if you leave this room”

After taking a sip of black tea, she put down the teacup.

“No, I’ll change the question and ask again, so think carefully.

Do you think you can leave this castle alive”

“Don’t make me laugh, there’s no place I can’t go.”

“Don’t try to make fun of my words.

I don’t mean to let others ruin what I’ve accomplished.”

Mary2 got up from her seat, laughed at her, and glanced down at her.

The woman wanted to drink tea in an upright position without shaking, and then she (Mary2) threw the teacup towards herself (Mary).


The teacup that passed by her and hit the door broke loudly.

“Are you okay”

Carl, who stood in front of her, asked her.

His shoulders were wet as if he had been hit by the water in the teacup.

She tried hard to quench her boiling anger and raised the corners of her mouth flat.

Carl gently grabbed her hand as if he was trying to stop it, but shook it off and turned around.

Arthur with a crumpled face as much as she did.

Still keeping her eye on Arthur, the woman walked past Carl and stood in front of her.

The woman pulled her face with one hand and stuck her cheek up.



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