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Unanswered Questions (14)

Did he notice how she felt Nox teased her affectionately.

“You don’t have to be so scared, because at least I will smile in front of you.”


“Because I like you.”

“The contractor was scared and couldn’t even eat.”

Nox just smiled slightly at what he said and escaped her arms.

Looking at the door, he said goodbye to me with a voice full of regret.

“Unfortunately, we should meet next time.”

“If you do this all of a sudden, it’s going to be a problem.”

“If I don’t go, both you and I will be in trouble.”

Knock, knock.

And she heard a knock, as if moving as Nox said.

Nox, who took his index finger around his mouth, approached the window in a shh shape.

“I’m happy to see you again, but I’d like you to wait for me.”

“No! I!”

After making a loud noise, she looked at the door and hurriedly covered her mouth.

“Yeah, I’m sad, too.

Think about me more while waiting.

I hope you call me softly next time.”


“For example…”

I miss you, Knox.

His voice scattered through the air and disappeared.

He stood tall and looked at the door showing no signs of presence.

When there was no answer, the knock was no longer heard.

The doorknob turned with a chirp sound.

“I don’t want to see your face.

Why don’t you go back”

“Are you angry”

She didn’t answer.

How far should she accept his actions beyond her limits There was no end to his arrogance that he knew everything about her.

He will pierce her heart, ruffle her at will, and wield her as if he knew everything.

‘It must be you, not me, who is swayed.’

The weight of the mind was definitely tilted this way.

It wasn’t her, but Arthur.

She doesn’t want as much as Arthur wants her.

That’s probably because she doesn’t love him.

She didn’t have him in heart as much as he had her.

Because she didn’t have space for Arthur right now.

Perhaps the exact expression is that she’s not giving it away.

She didn’t hate it.

It’s just, she’s afraid.

Putting someone in heart is not completely herself, so she can’t just spit it out or fill it up.

“I don’t like you looking at him.”

“Then don’t you let me see your eyes”

“I want to cut your arms and legs and make you blind and make you think only about me.”

Arthur whispered the cruel words over the door casually.

It’s possible if she just made up her mind.

Of course, on the premise of Arthur.

“Then the body is the only thing you can have.”

“I know it well.”

They couldn’t see each other because they were blocked by the door, but his expression and feelings seemed to be drawn in front of her.

Arthur’s voice, which was infinitely immersed in a watery voice, was concerned.

She laughed because she was speechless at this appearance.

‘I can’t do this or that.

What is he saying when he can’t even understand how I feel’

She sarcastically twisted her lips and laughed and tilted her head at him.

Confusion continued to shake her and was there a heart that flowed in without her knowing while shaking her

She wanted to wake up.

If she has decided to use it, she would use it properly.

It won’t change if she pretends to be weak now.

“Come on, don’t forget what you said Arthur.”

He held his breath at the sound of calling his name.

Remembering what he said to her.

He was the one who told her to use him in the first place.

“No matter what my heart is, if you love me, that’s all that matters.”


“So don’t wonder how much I love you, I’m just satisfied with it as it is now.”


She thought she was a few steps away from the door, but she suddenly heard a thud.

His voice sounded dimmer than before, as if it were sinking into the abyss.

“If loving a person hurts like this.”

As if he was struggling to continue his words, each letter was clearly embedded in her ears, as if he were spitting out a core from within.

“It wouldn’t have started.”


“There was a time when I thought foolishly that I would need you here because I couldn’t do anything from afar.

Rather, I didn’t know it’s harder not to have you when you are around.”

Sometimes it’s better to watch from afar.

When one dreams of a better situation with hope by just seeing what he sees knowing nothing.

However, the most difficult thing in the world is the human mind and relationship.

When he bumped into her and got to know each other, unpredictable situations often arise.

He said he was not greedy, but his mind grows bigger and he hopes for something more.

At first, it was good to just look at her, but as time passed, he felt like he wanted her to love him as much as he love.

It’s neither controlling nor repressing it.

Even if he pretends to be okay, the inside is festering.

Or it may appear in the wrong direction.

Like Arthur right now.

“Come on, don’t be overwhelmed by emotions.

If you do that, you’ll really regret it after hitting the bottom.”

He will be confused by the feelings he is experiencing for the first time.

Isn’t it the wrong meeting in the first place

It was not fixed, and it was a relationship that was forcibly fitted.

Wasn’t the other person’s mind indifferent to each other’s needs

Yeah, Arthur and herself were.

It may be different now, but they got it wrong from the beginning.


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