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A Clue (4)

“Then there’s nothing we can do about it.

You’re not going to sleep with me, right Ah, I’m bored and lonely because I’m alone…….”

He frowns at what she said, and soon lies straight next to her and settles down.

Without looking at her side, he closed his eyes and reached out and pulled her into his arms.

“You told me not to touch you.”

“… … Just sleep, I’ll sleep.”

“Okay, then.”

She closed her eyes, suppressing the curled up lips while being in his arms.

There’s an unexpectedly cute side to him that’s surprising.

Maybe Arthur’s existence itself differs from others in her eyes.….


He really only slept.

He didn’t move in his first lying position.

She shook her head when she opened her eyes at dawn and saw him in a proper posture.

The more she knows, the more eccentric he is.

Arthur’s arm could have been numb, but he didn’t take it out and was waiting for her to get up.

As soon as he woke up, he was ready for us.

How should she spend her time today…….

The execution of the three families is still some time away.

It’s too much to execute as soon as the day comes, so she decided to give them a little time to prepare themselves.

The reason why she prepared in such a hurry was to see their last moments.

‘But I think there’s something missing.….’

What the hell is she forgetting She felt like she forgot something important, but she couldn’t remember.

She kept thinking out of frustration, but she still couldn’t think of it.

“It’s been 3 days.”

Arthur handed her a glass bottle.

She took it for granted and drank it with the lid open.

And one thing that came to mind at that moment.

Three days ago, she didn’t take medicine.

She broke the glass bottle she received in front of the maid, so she didn’t eat it for three days.

And she didn’t feel any pain during those three days.

Other than the tolerable pain that she feels sometimes, the pain that captivated her every time did not come.

Even though she didn’t drink the medicine he gave her.


She was confused.

Did her body change because of the medicine she has been drinking so far Otherwise, how can she explain this situation…!

Oh! Nox!

Was he saying that she already knew the answer he told her Even if she doesn’t take medicine, it doesn’t hurt as much as before.

But it’s so…… It’s ambiguous.

“Is there a problem”

Arthur, who was watching from the side, asked her.

It was because her face was mixed with embarrassment and joy.

She couldn’t share this situation with him.

The moment she says with her mouth that she didn’t take the medicine and that she doubted him, Arthur will be as far away as he had been to her.

Or, the broken boundaries may become thicker.

He was hiding everything from her, but when he found out that she noticed something small…….

“No, I think the pain is already gone.”

“Didn’t you take medicine consistently anyway”

Arthur’s eyes penetrate her sharply.

He seemed to know that what she was talking about and that she was ‌hiding something.

“Maybe because I’ve been eating steadily, I think I’m feeling better.

It’s just that kind of feeling…The person who made it knows better, right”

“It doesn’t have that effect.”

There didn’t seem to be hesitation in his straightforward words.

Indeed, it was certain that the efficacy of the drug was neither more than three days nor less.

She was anxious to know what the truth he was hiding was.

Her heart pounded and trembled with anxiety and impatience.

“You said you can save me.

Is everything going well”

She nervously tapped a glass bottle and threw it on the sofa to smooth her head.

His gaze was toward the mirror and his face standing behind her was seen in the mirror.

“Of course.

Maybe it’ll be completed in a little while.”

Arthur’s eyes slightly bend and show a drowsy smile.

With his low voice, Arthur’s hand on her shoulder was suffocating.

Tensions lingered with an unknown silence.

Obviously, Arthur was smiling, but somehow she couldn’t feel joy in his face in the mirror.

There was only one thing she noticed at once in his smile.

‘I know.

This man.’

Does Arthur really know what she did and what she’s hiding She hoped it wasn’t, but somehow she felt like she could hear her heart.

“That’s good news.”

“It’s perfect news for you.

Only to you, not me.”

At Arthur’s words, she snorted and overlapped her hands with Arthur’s on her shoulders and tilted her face slightly.

“It’s good news for you, not for me.

I’ll live, so you’ll live.”

She gently patted Arthur’s hand, she got up from her seat and opened the door.

Turning slightly to Arthur’s gaze from behind, she closed the door with the words to try harder.


She sat down with a face that erased her laughter.

The expressions of the people on the sightseeing and the firm faces of the nobles were quite contrasting.

‘It won’t seem like someone else’s business.’

She looked away from them and looked at the traitors on the guillotine.

It was only a few days ago, and the eyes that lost light with an emaciated face were absurd.

She was sorry they were set as an example, but that doesn’t mean she feels guilty.

By law, deceiving the Imperial family and buying and selling slaves were death sentences in the Arpen Empire.


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