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A Clue (2)

With a sly look, he stood next to her and walked naturally without looking forward, as he looked at her.

She was angry because she felt deceived.

She turned her head and looked at Nox.

“Think about it.

The answer is already there.”

“Don’t play with me, I’ll really eat you if you don’t get lost.”

“No one will know if you eat here.”

Nox’s hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and waist and pulled her through the bushes.

With a short scream of ‘Argh!’ her body fell over his.

Lying down, she closed and opened her eyes and looked down at Nox.

This time, she couldn’t turn her eyes when his face was revealed in the moonlight.

“Huh You’re tempted, aren’t you.”

“… Let go of me.”

“I’m ready to be eaten up.”

Nox hugged her around her waist and locked her in his arms.

His voice which whispered in her ear shook his body without his knowledge.

‘What kind of person is getting ready to be eaten’

After a long sigh, she relaxed her body as if she didn’t know.

Does the devil not have a heart She couldn’t hear the heartbeat that she felt when she was held in Arthur’s arms.

“Nox, you can’t feel emotions.”

“Well I know you’re angry right now.”

Without a heart, does he know a love that makes the heart race He won’t know what he likes and what’s heartbreaking.

Because he doesn’t have a heart to feel pain.

“Well, I’m jealous.

But in a way, it is also a pity.”

“I can’t believe I’m sorry for the devil.

If others hear it, they’ll laugh at me.”

“Think as you please.

Because that is what I felt.”

She tried to push Nox’s chest to get out of his arms, but he didn’t budge.

She just stared at him blankly at what he said.

“You let go of me when I’m being nice to you, right”

“You can say bad things.”

“I might make you want to swear.”

She smiled meaningfully, pressing hard on something that touched between the legs.

Knox’s forehead narrowed down now and began to smile awkwardly.

“Is the Devil scared of this, as well”

“You’re worse than Devil.”

“So, you’re letting go now, right”

Slowly, Knox’s hand finally released her.

She stood up, shook off her clothes, and looked down at Nox with a firm face.

“I made a guy a eunuch a few days ago.

Can’t I do the same to you”


Startled, he tried to get up, but at the same time she raised her leg and shot it down.

However, it was after he disappeared as if to laugh at her.

Beyond arrogance, it was shamelessness itself.

“But what does it mean that the answer is out”

She felt suffocated as if she was missing something.

As she came out through the bushes, she could see people who became confused.

“Princess! Mary Anastasia Princess!”

“Where are you Please answer me!”

“You’ll have to search everywhere without missing a single place.

If I don’t find her, the servants who couldn’t protect her will die in my hands.”

Arthur was seen washing his face dry with a sharp expression, along with the appearance of the knights calling her name here and there with torches.

Anxiety and fear at the same time.

When she saw it, she called his name without realizing it.


“…… Mary.”

His expression of relief and anger rose to the face of discovering her.

Nevertheless, he called her name in a calm voice.

Everyone gulped and looked at Arthur still.

The sword in his hand hovered with tension.

He would never stab her, but everyone except her fixed their eyes on Arthur’s hand.

His face, which walked up in front of her, had only the first look left.

With a crumpled face, a sword that fell from his hand helplessly made a clattering sound and woke up the silence.

Holding firmly on her shoulders with both hands, he slumped down and bowed his head.

Standing still in front of her, he knelt down and shed tears.

She could not say anything because she could feel him sobbing as he hugged her leg.

Why is he crying so sadly, what’s so sad about it

It would have been an hour or two if she had disappeared.

“…Again, my……I thought you left me.”

“Come on.”

“…Leave me…… in case you never come back.… in case it disappeared.

If that’s the case…… I… How long… How long do I have to wait…… I’m afraid I’ll never meet you.….”

“I got lost for a while.

I would not leave without saying anything, so raise your head.”

She wanted to see his expression, his face.

In what form is he longing for her, and with what heart is he speaking these words to her

It would have been better for her if she hadn’t listened or seen it, but at this moment, she was curious about Arthur.

She wanted to confirm that she made him hers, who wanted her completely.

The moment Arthur slowly looked up and faced her, she couldn’t think of anything.

He was truly in love with her.

Even now, when tears were falling down, Arthur’s hand, which held her, was shaking.

His boundaries, which had never been shaken, were broken down.

The way her father and Arthur look at her contains a reprimand.

But she also stood in the room and stared at both eyes slowly closing and opening them.

“Why are you all making a fuss when I’m just out for a while I trust the Knights of the Imperial Palace.

There’s no way they’ll keep it poorly.”

He yawned as if it were insignificant.

She has no reason to stand like a sinner and be looked at by them.

Of course, she’s a little sorry for the guards and maids, but she didn’t cover their eyes.

She didn’t have to be sorry because it wasn’t what she did.


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