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“I dont know this part.” Shangguan Jing shook his head.

That battle back then was mysterious to the descendants.

It was already extremely rare to be able to unintentionally obtain some clues.

It was even harder for him to want to find out a thing or two after that.

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment and agreed. The people in the world dont know about it, let alone someone like Ancestor, who comes from outside the realm.

Besides, when he came here back then, it was to accompany his friend to look for something.

It was accidental that he found out such things. 

“…Since those treasures are mostly damaged, then… those that can be left behind arent ordinary, right” Chu Liuyue finally couldnt help but ask.

“Ancestor, the item you were looking for back then really helps true gods to break through to become a legendary warrior”

Shangguan Jing was dazed and knitted his brows.

He really hadnt thought about all of this.

Every time he thought of the God-Killing Tumulus, he would recall the pain of being betrayed.

Hence, all these years, he tried his best not to think about everything related to it.

He hadnt carefully considered many of the incidents within, but hearing Chu Liuyue say this now, he then realized that something was indeed amiss.

In the God Residence Realm, there were many cultivators who were stuck as true gods and couldnt improve at all.

When they cultivated to this step, it was time to compete with their talents.

No matter how hardworking one was, they wouldnt be able to break through successfully without talent and sensibility.

Hence, when he heard of such a treasure back then, he followed that person without hesitation.

Back then, he just felt that that person wanted this thing and didnt doubt him at all.

But thinking about it now, there were indeed many things wrong with it.

He didnt need that thing and wouldnt fight with him, so why would the other party drive him to his death If he was dead, the other party would lose a top supreme Armory Refinement Master!

This could only prove… that the item was worth much more than this supreme Armory Refinement Master to him! And such an item was very rare in this world!

Shangguan Jing suddenly felt that his previous memory was covered by a veil, and it became unclear.

Perhaps what I think is the truth has other stories Shangguan Jings heart beat wildly.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath in, and appeased his emotions.


He paused and didnt continue talking about it, changing the topic.

“Forget it.

Lets talk about these in the future.”

He looked at Chu Liuyue.

“That person told you to come to the God-Killing Tumulus.

Did they state where they would want to meet”

Chu Liuyue looked forward.

“He didnt state it explicitly, but… we should be able to reach it through the guidance of the sea-buckthorn wood.”

The other party racked his brains to purposely lure her over, so he definitely would see her.

“Were meeting tomorrow.” Chu Liuyue paused for a moment.

“Perhaps, he will only appear tomorrow.”

Shangguan Jing thought about it and felt that it made sense.

“Then, should we carry on waiting here, or—”

“Lets go inside to take a look.” Chu Liuyue pointed to the front and slowly clenched her fists in her sleeves.

She had a feeling in her heart. The other party definitely has hidden intentions for agreeing to meet me here.

Then… what exactly is it for 

The few of them officially entered the God-Killing Tumulus.

The broken tombstones were everywhere, but one didnt see bones.

After experiencing tumultuous weather in the past millions of years, everything had been smoothened.

Chu Liuyue passed through it, and her gaze lightly swept across the tombstones.

One could tell that there were once engraved words on it, but the handwriting had been invaded by the years and became blurred.

Most of them were left with faint marks.

After walking for a distance, Chu Liuyue felt that all the warmth in her body had been silently absorbed.

The surrounding sinister coldness silently overwhelmed her.

If there werent these tombstones, nobody would know that countless true gods white bones were buried underneath this cold land.

Their feelings seemed to be affected by this atmosphere as well.

They walked forward quietly.

Even Tuan Zi—who had always been happy and active—also felt something at this point.

She grabbed Chu Liuyues hands, pressed her lips against each other, and walked forward quietly.

After walking for a distance, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows increasingly tighter.

She fell into deep thought for a long while before she asked, “Ancestor, do you know who set these tombstones”

If it were their descendants, why were these tombstones crushed 

Shangguan Jing paused, and his voice became much lower.

“These should be made by the strong warriors who participated in the battle back then.”

Chu Liuyues heart jumped. They hadnt dealt hands, but they had already made a tombstone! They went forth with the determination to risk their lives! Its no wonder that the battle back then was so intense and pitiful. 

So many legendary warriors were all destroyed! What kind of book could cause them to behave in such a manner Chu Liuyue couldnt understand it at all. Perhaps only those people back then will know the answer…


Something hit her leg.

Chu Liuyue lowered her head and saw a fist-sized rock that seemed to roll over from the side.

She had been thinking deeply, so she didnt notice it before.

However, this stone was very ordinary.

It did not hurt when it rolled to her feet, and it just stopped.

Hence, Chu Liuyue didnt take it to heart.

She continued walking forward.

In no time, another rock rolled over.

This time, Chu Liuyue saw it in advance.

She raised her brows slightly.

That was because this rock came for her.

She didnt move and just took a step to the side when the rock was about to rush over.

That rock directly rolled across the previous position she was at and quickly stopped.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes.

She saw clearly that the rock wasnt obstructed.

It stopped by itself!

“Yueer, whats wrong” Shangguan Jing detected that something was amiss and turned around to ask.

Chu Liuyue didnt speak as she surveyed her surroundings. Even though there are many pieces of tombstones here, it is… flat and spacious.

Why would rocks suddenly roll to me out of nowhere, and it wasnt just one. 

Just as this thought flashed across her mind, Chu Liuyue heard tiny sounds from behind.

She turned around.

Expectedly, another rock rolled toward her!

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