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Tuan Zi was a red-gold heavenly phoenix and had already opened her fourth meridian.

Although she looked like a fair and tender ball, in fact, her physical strength was extremely powerful.

She wouldnt care if a hundred of them attacked at the same time, let alone one sword.

There was no need to use force.

A soft punch was enough to kill the other party!

Nan Yuxing was already injured and looked down on Tuan Zi.

If he wasnt dealt with, who would be

Seeing Nan Yuxings figure being devoured by the red leaves, Nan Yiyi and the others panicked.

They could not care less about the danger and hurriedly rushed over.

At this moment, they did not even have the time and energy to flare up.

All they could think of was to quickly save Nan Yuxing!

If it was too late, then—

“Tuan Zi, lets go.”

Chu Liuyue waved at Tuan Zi.


Tuan Zi agreed happily and immediately turned around happily to run toward her.

She wanted to throw herself into her arms, but when she saw the corner of the white shirt from the corner of her eye, she restrained herself.

“You did well.”

A cold voice came from above.

Tuan Zi widened her eyes in surprise and looked at Rong Xiu in disbelief.

His expression was calm, but there was rare admiration in his eyes.

This, this, this—

Was he praising her!

Tuan Zi blinked and saw that Rong Xiu had already looked away.

Her eyes darted around as she tried to reach out and pull Chu Liuyues sleeve.

Chu Liuyue grabbed her hand.

Tuan Zi hurriedly glanced at Rong Xiu and saw him raise his eyebrows slightly, but he did not say anything.

Did he… agree!


Tuan Zi was overjoyed!

She could finally be with AYue openly!

She hurriedly grabbed Chu Liuyues hand tightly and followed closely behind, not forgetting to ask,

“AYue! Did I do well just now”

Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh.

After so many years, Tuan Zi had broken through from a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant to her current appearance.

Her strength and bloodline had increased by countless times, but her personality was still the same as before.

Every time she did something, she would always come over excitedly to claim credit.

Chu Liuyue pinched her nose.

“You did great!”

A big smile bloomed on Tuan Zis face.


If she had known that the reward this time would be so good, she would have punched him a few more times!

If he knew what Tuan Zi was thinking, Nan Yuxing would probably vomit blood.

Just to hold hands with her master and talk to her, she would directly beat him to death

The key was that she could really fight!

In the Red Soul Woods, no cultivator dared to use force without permission.

Once they did, they would be risking their lives!

However, there was one person who could defeat everyone with just her physical strength!

Where was the justice in this world!

Of course, they were not interested in knowing the situation of Nan Yuxing and the others.

After walking for a short distance, the sky finally lit up!

Shangguan Jing finally said,

“Were out!”

Hearing her ancestors voice, Chu Liuyue took a step forward.

At this moment, she clearly felt that everything around her seemed to have changed subtly.

Without the cover of the forest, the sunlight poured down wantonly.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and only looked ahead when she got used to the light.

It was the wilderness—it was endless.

Countless broken tombstones were scattered everywhere.

Starting from noon, it had taken them about four hours to exit the Red Soul Woods.

It was still afternoon when the sun was still bright, but with just one glance, the scene in front made one shiver.

“So this is the God-Killing Tumulus…” muttered Chu Liuyue softly.

The God-Killing Tumulus was indeed worthy of its name; it was a graveyard.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier in the sky.

The warm and brilliant sunlight was blocked outside.

No matter how good the weather was, it was still cold here.

A gloomy aura loomed.

“This is only the edge of the God-Killing Tumulus.

Those who die here are all true gods,” explained Shangguan Jing.

Chu Liuyue held her breath. At a glance, there are at least a hundred tombstones, and these are all true gods! Most importantly, with their strength, they can only be at the edge of the God-Killing Tumulus Then, further inside—

“After passing through here and entering the hinterland of the God-Killing Tumulus, it will be the tombs of the legendary warriors.” Shangguan Jings voice was very calm.

But in Chu Liuyues ears, every word was like thunder! A group of… tombs for legendary warriors How many have died for it to be called amass grave

Previously, she only knew that the God-Killing Tumulus was a dangerous place that buried many experts, but she didnt know that the truth was actually so shocking!

One had to know that there were less than five legendary warriors in the entire Ling Xiao Academy! There were actually so many buried here…

“Tens of thousands of years ago, a bloody battle broke out here.

I heard that it lasted for 81 days.

Countless top experts died in battle and were finally buried here.

Thats how the God-Killing Tumulus came about.” Shangguan Jing patiently explained it as if he had seen through her doubts.

“Its said that at the time, the God Residence Realm was filled with origin power.

Although there werent as many legendary warriors as there are hairs on an ox, there were definitely not a few of them.

Therefore, that bloody battle implicated so many peerless experts, and they died here together.”

“As a result, the battle was exceptionally tragic.

Almost all the participants souls were destroyed, and even the countless treasures and spells they carried were all destroyed.

Therefore, over the years, the God-Killing Tumulus has become a famous and ferocious place.” Shangguan Jing sighed as if it were a pity.

“Its also because of this battle that countless inheritances were broken.”

Chu Liuyue frowned and couldnt help but ask, “Then, why did such a fierce and tragic battle erupt at that time”

It sounded like it wasnt just a few factions that were in conflict, but many people were involved.

Shangguan Jing pondered for a moment.

“Tens of thousands of years have passed.

How will the descendants know But when I came here back then, I… accidentally learned a clue.

They seem to have been fighting over a book.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

“A book What kind of book”

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