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The situation had really exceeded the expectations of Nan Yuxing and the others.

At that time, Nan Yiyi had been ruthlessly provoked by Rong Xius words.

She couldnt take it anymore and ran away crying.

After Nan Yuxing caught up, he saw that his sister had unknowingly run to the edge of the Red Soul Woods.

Worried, he immediately went over to bring her back.

Although the Red Soul Woods wasnt a difficult and dangerous pass for them, it was definitely dangerous for Nan Yiyi to enter alone in her current state!

Nan Yuxing originally wanted to persuade her to come back so that they could enter with the two elders.

However, Nan Yiyi was agitated.

Without thinking, she plunged into the Red Soul Woods.

Nan Yuxing quickly caught up, but the key to the matter was that when Nan Yiyi barged into the Red Soul Woods, the origin power in her body was surging violently.

This could be considered trouble.

When Elder Bai Tong and Elder Wu Peng caught up, the surroundings had already begun to feel strange.

Not long after, the leaves fell and began to attack Nan Yiyi! That was when she suffered the injury to her shoulder.

After that, the few of them could only deal with the danger as they ran out desperately.

Fortunately, these two elders and Nan Yuxing werent weak, so they barely lasted until now.

When they finally saw someone, they wanted to ask for help.

They didnt expect the other party to run away upon hearing their cries for help!

Nan Yuxings resentment finally reached its peak after seeing the faces of those people.

“Why are you guys here!”

His expression changed drastically, and he even slowed down.

Chu Liuyue found it ridiculous. They were the ones who had run over and even brought danger here.

How dare they ask such a question

“Ignore them!” Shangguan Jing turned around and saw the red leaves that were strangling crazily.

He frowned and turned around to leave at an even faster speed.

Seeing the few of them escape without a word, Nan Yuxing felt even more resentful. If they hadnt bullied Yiyi, we wouldnt have fallen into such a state! Everything had been well prepared, but now, there is endless trouble!

They knew how difficult the Red Soul Woods was!

Nan Yuxing gritted his teeth. Since things have already come to this, I might as well drag them down with us! If we cant get out on this trip, then… the other party has to stay!

Thinking of this, Nan Yuxing suddenly sped up! This time, the force aura on his body became even stronger!

Even the leaves on the surrounding trees began to fall and rush toward him!

Sensing the commotion behind him, Rong Xiu looked back with cold killing intent in his eyes.

His palm moved slightly, but he was suddenly stopped by Shangguan Jing.

“Rong Xiu, you must not use force!”

Were about to go out.

If we attack now, all our efforts will be in vain!

Rong Xiu narrowed his eyes dangerously and finally suppressed his urge to attack.

At this moment, Nan Yuxing had already rushed in front of them.


There were already many wounds on his body from the leaves, and blood was flowing.

However, he didnt care.

With a cold flash, a longsword suddenly appeared in his hand and headed straight for Rong Xiu!

But just as the sword was about to stab Rong Xiu, Nan Yuxing suddenly tilted his wrist and changed directions to attack Chu Liuyue!

He was here for Chu Liuyue!

In an instant, there seemed to be turbulent waves in Rong Xius eyes! But just as he was about to move, a reddish-gold light suddenly flashed in front of Chu Liuyue.

Nan Yuxing felt his vision blur.

A girl who looked no more than three or four years old suddenly appeared in front of him.

The girl was petite and wore a scarlet-gold lotus leaf dress.

She was barefoot and had two buns tied with a red string and golden bells.

She was born beautiful and adorable.

Her big black grape-like eyes looked even more innocent.

Nan Yuxing subconsciously frowned. Why did such a little girl suddenly appear Could it be their child But if thats the case, how had they hidden the child before—

“Youre so annoying.” Before he could think it through, he heard the little girl suddenly speak.

She fiddled with the bell on her head.

Her expression was innocent, but there was also a hint of lazy indifference.

Nan Yuxing was stunned for a moment before a fierce expression flashed across his face. Who cares who she is! Since she is following those people, I will kill them all!

He did not stop.

The sharp blade stabbed straight ahead!

When this sword landed, it would definitely pierce through this little girls heart!

Tuan Zi finally stopped fiddling with the bell and looked ahead.

The tip of the sword had already reached the distance between her eyebrows!

Her hair was blowing in the cold wind, and the corners of her skirt swayed.

A cold smile appeared on Nan Yuxings lips, but the next moment, his expression suddenly froze because his sword suddenly stopped!

The other end of the sharp blade was grabbed by a small, meaty hand.

Nan Yuxing didnt react for a moment. This—this little girl actually blocked my attack with her bare hands! How could this be possible Although I didnt use my full strength this time, Ive definitely used 70 to 80% of my strength! How could such a child—


A crisp crack sounded.

Nan Yuxing watched helplessly as his sword was broken by the other partys small hand!

The next moment, before he could react, the small figure in front of him abruptly approached quickly!

How fast! Nan Yuxing was shocked. I didnt sense any force fluctuations from the other party at all! How could she have such a fast movement technique

But he had no time to think about that.


A low sound was heard.

An intense pain quickly spread from his lower abdomen!

Tuan Zi approached and punched Nan Yuxing!

Nan Yuxing subconsciously let go, and the sword fell to the ground with a clang.

At the same time, his body was quickly sent flying and fell heavily to the ground!

“Big brother!”

“Young Master!”

Nan Yiyi and the others were also shocked when they saw this scene.

Because of the pain, Nan Yuxings body bent into a shrimp shape.

He felt that several of his ribs must be broken, and his internal organs were bunched up in pain.

He wondered if they had ruptured.

His face was pale, and he was covered in cold sweat, having almost fainted.

In his daze, there was only one thought left in his mind: Who exactly is that little girl She actually… actually has such high combat strength!


There was a rustling sound.

Nan Yuxing opened his eyes with difficulty and was horrified to see countless red leaves sweeping toward him! “Ah!!!”

Miserable screams resounded through the forest.

Tuan Zi spread her hands and shrugged helplessly.

“I told you you were annoying.”

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