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Wang Qingquans head suddenly spoke, immediately making Liu Litao and Xu Fengan feel like they had seen a ghost.

They subconsciously took a step back.

Even the “experienced” Hui Shi felt that this was too ridiculous.

After all, the last time Cui Heng took off his own head and did not die.

Now, he could actually take off someone elses head and still let them live.

This was too unbelievable.

It was no wonder that even Wang Qingquan, who was a top Inner World expert, could not hold on and broke down on the spot.

Who wouldnt collapse in this situation!

“You should have done this earlier.” Cui Heng chuckled.

Then, he casually threw the head back to the headless corpses neck.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Qingquan returned to his original state and was still alive.

However, the current Wang Qingquan was no longer as high-spirited as before.

His eyes were incomparably empty, like a zombie that had lost its soul.

“Hui Shi, bring him and Wang Jinsheng away.” Cui Heng waved his hand and said, “His martial cultivation is already crippled, so dont worry about him escaping.

After the public trial outside ends, Ill get Chen Tong to interrogate him.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Hui Shi hurriedly grabbed Wang Qingquan and bade farewell.

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After leaving the county office.

Hui Shi looked at Wang Qingquans neck curiously and realized that there were no injuries.

He couldnt help but exclaim in his heart, “What a miracle!”

Inside the county office.

Cui Heng saw that Xu Fengan and Liu Litaos expressions were not right, so he smiled and said, “Whats wrong Were you guys frightened just now”

Actually, he was asking the obvious.

He had just collected the green light that symbolizes fear from the two of them.

“Immortal Venerables methods are indeed extraordinary.” Xu Fengan only managed to say this after a long time.

The experience just now had already overturned his understanding of nearly a hundred years of life.

“Its indeed a little shocking.” Liu Litao had a shocked expression.

“Its really unbelievable that someone can be beheaded and not die.

The divine power of Immortal Venerable is really unbelievable.”

“Its just a small trick,” Cui Heng said casually before turning around and returning to the inner hall.

“If not for the fact that I wanted to pry something out of Wang Qingquan, theres no need to do this.

Since hes bent on death, I might as well let him die once.”

He was not exaggerating.

Although this method of beheading and not dying looked terrifying, the principle was very simple.

It was much simpler than blowing a strand of hair into a rope.

From Cui Hengs perspective, the reason why people died after their heads were severed was because the connection between their bodies and the core of their souls had been cut off, and their blood, Qi, and vitality had also lost their circulation path.

As long as he used his Dharmic powers to maintain the connection between the head and body and ensure the circulation of his blood, he would naturally be able to prevent the person from dying even if the head was severed.

It was very simple.

… .

In the death-row dungeon of Lu County City.

After a public hearing, Sun Panshi was thrown back in, exhausted.

His eyes were turbid and his breathing was weak.

He felt like he was about to die.

As the External Affairs Deacon of the Taichong Sect, Sun Panshi had been living in Lu County for a long time.

He usually acted like a tyrant, so he naturally could not avoid bullying the commoners.

Hence, on the high platform of the public trial, countless commoners rushed at him and complained.

One after another, one after another!

There was almost no break!

Being slapped, kicked in the face, stepped on the crotch…

The time on the high platform of the public trial was definitely the most difficult time of his life.

What was even more terrifying was that this was not the end.

It would continue every day in the future.

“I should just die.” Sun Panshi looked at the wall and had the urge to smash himself against the wall and die.

But he quickly shook his head.

“No, I cant die.

Wang Jinsheng will definitely come to save me.

Even if he doesnt want to, my father will definitely find someone to save me.”

Because Wang Jinsheng had disguised himself previously, he did not know that the person who was sent flying by Hui Shi as soon as he rushed onto the platform was Wang Jinsheng.

However, he soon found out.


A figure was thrown in and landed on Sun Panshi, who was still fantasizing about being saved.

“Wang Jinsheng!”

Sun Panshi immediately cried out in surprise.

His eyes widened as he looked at this person in disbelief.

The disguise on Wang Jinshengs face had been removed.

Coupled with his clothes, he recognized him as the person who had rushed up the platform earlier.

But before he could figure out what was going on.

Another person was thrown in.

When Sun Panshi saw this person, he subconsciously trembled and almost fainted.

He muttered, “Wang Qingquan, its actually Wang Qingquan! Even he was captured, even he was captured!

“Thats right, how could I have forgotten Theres a monster here that can kill thousands of armored elite soldiers head-on.

Whats a mere top-notch expert Its over, Im finished…”

… .

The reason why Cui Heng kept Wang Jinsheng, Wang Qingquan, Sun Panshi, and the others alive was very simple.

In addition to the public trial, he also needed these people to copy martial technique manuals for him to provide reference materials and inspiration for his spells research.

This was especially true for Wang Qingquan, who was a top Inner World expert.

Not only could he obtain a large amount of martial techniques from him, but he could also obtain a lot of secret information.

He was simply a huge treasure chest.

It would be a waste to kill him directly.

Cui Heng left Chen Tong in charge of the interrogation.

This captain, who had only wanted to eat and wait for death, seemed to have regained his enthusiasm recently.

He was very engrossed in all kinds of things and completed them very well.

After a few days, hed successfully obtained a lot of information from these people.

Even Cui Heng admired him a little.

At the same time, Liu Litao and Xu Fengan had already come up with a plan to enact the decree.

“The Tan Family of Sanhong County, the Bai Family of Bai Family County, and the Great Spear Sect of Yingshan County” Cui Heng looked at the names on the list and frowned.

“Why are the first batch to be moved just some small families and sects”

It was indeed very small.

Basically, they could only be considered some local families or small sects that had just transferred from the gangs.

“My Lord, itll be smoother if we start from the small forces and take things slowly,” Liu Litao explained.

“If we directly touch the large families and the large sects, we might attract a huge counterattack.” Xu Fengan smiled bitterly.

“In the face of such a counterattack, the county government doesnt have anyone suitable to send out to implement this decree.”

“No one” Cui Heng asked back with a smile.

“I think Hui Shi is very good.”

“…” Xu Fengan was speechless.

That was indeed the case.

No matter where, as long as Hui Shi went, no one would object to the implementation of the government decree.

“Then its settled.” Cui Heng glanced at the list and said with a smile, “Lets start from the biggest.

Let the Taichong Sect of Taichang County be the first.

“After the public trial ends, let Hui Shi go over and implement this decree.

At the same time, print it throughout the county.

Let everyone know what I, Cui Heng, want to do!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

They spoke in unison.

At this moment, Xu Fengan and Liu Litao already understood.

Cui Heng was not lying when he said, “May all the sects and aristocratic families in the world hate me.”

… .

Taichang County.

Sun Liansheng was already prepared to welcome his son back.

After all, in his opinion, it would definitely be easy for a top expert like Wang Qingquan to save Sun Panshi without any obstruction.

However, after waiting for a few days, he did not even see Sun Panshi.

That gave him a bad feeling.

In the end, Sun Liansheng could not hold it in anymore and sent someone to Lu County to ask around.

However, he received news that Wang Qingquan and Wang Jinsheng had been captured.

Although he could not understand why this was the outcome, he still decisively headed to Lu County himself.

He planned to inform the Wang family of this matter.

… .

Bazhou was located in the southwest of Great Jin.

The terrain here was special.

Only the central region was a plain.

The borders were surrounded by mountains which rose and fell, separating the inside and outside.

It could be said to be a paradise.

Among the mountain range, there was a tall mountain hidden in the clouds.

A hundred years ago.

That tall mountain was once the most precipitous and magnificent mountain in the mountain range of Bazhou.

However, on a certain day a hundred years ago, accompanied by various streams of light that filled the sky, the tall mountain disappeared overnight.

No one ever saw the mountain within the mountain range anymore.

That mountain was Cangcheng Mountain, the gate of the former number one sect in the world, the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Ever since the Immortal Dawn Sect announced the sealing of the mountain a hundred years ago, Cangcheng Mountain had also disappeared from the eyes of the world.

Only the villagers living in the mountain range would occasionally see the illusion of an immortal mountain appearing in the clouds.

Rumor had it that it was Mount Cangcheng.

Every time the phantom of Cangcheng Mountain appeared from the clouds, it meant that the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect had quietly entered the world.

At this moment, above the sea of clouds in Cangcheng Mountain.

A beautiful woman in her thirties wearing a green Daoist robe stood among the sea of clouds and was advising the young woman in front of her earnestly.

The beautiful woman said earnestly, “Ying Ying, you have to be careful when you go down the mountain this time.

You cant be too greedy.

Your Grandmaster said that the delicacies at the foot of the mountain are akin to tempting demons.

If youre not careful, youll be mesmerized.”

The young woman called Ying Ying was wearing a moon-white Daoist robe and a white jade crown.

She looked to be about 20 years old.

Her facial features were gentle, her nose was high, and her features were picturesque.

Her appearance was very exquisite, and she even had an otherworldly temperament, as if she was a fairy from the heavens.

“Aiya, I know.

Master, youve been nagging at me for many years.” Ying Ying didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she nodded and said, “Ill definitely remember.

Ill definitely take note of what I eat every day.

Ill write it down in my notebook and show it to you when I come back.

How about it”

“Good, very good!” The beautiful woman nodded when she heard this.

She gently stroked her black hair and smiled.

“Ying Ying is really becoming more and more obedient.

Master will wait for you to come back.

Dont be like last time and be a few days late.”

“Alright! Master, dont worry.

Im really just going back to see Big Brother this time.

Ill be back soon.” Yingying bowed to the beautiful woman.

“Then Ill be leaving”

“Go, go.” The beautiful woman nodded slightly, but she couldnt help but remind her, “Ying Ying, dont be bewitched by the delicacies at the foot of the mountain!”

However, at this moment, the young woman called Ying Ying had already descended from the clouds.

She had flown into the human world.


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