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Monk Hui Shi followed behind Cui Heng and watched the pieces of rubble retreat on their own.

He could not have been more shocked.

Xiantian Grandmaster!

This was definitely a Xiantian Grandmaster!

One could already be called a Grandmaster when they reached the Profound Gate realm, but there was still a Xiantian realm above the Profound Gate realm!

Only after opening the Profound Gate and sensing both the internal and external, drawing Heaven and Earth Qi into the body, refining Xiantian True Qi, and possessing the power to mobilize the power of nature, would one be a Xiantian Grandmaster.

Xiantian Grandmasters could rely on their own True Qi to control the wind and lightning and execute all kinds of unbelievable martial arts.

They could also mobilize the invisible forces and control their surroundings.

The so-called Hundred Steps Flying Sword was a peerless sword technique that only Xiantian Grandmasters could use.

Initially, Monk Huishi still had doubts about whether Cui Heng had already stepped into the Xiantian Realm.

After all, although the power of that breath was quite exaggerated, it was not impossible for a martial Grandmaster at the peak of the Profound Gate realm to do it with all his might.

But now that he saw this, his face was ashen.

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It really was the Xiantian realm!

And such a young Xiantian expert!

What kind of monster was this!

He had really lost his mind to actually capture a Xiantian Grandmaster here!

Something bad was about to happen!

When Cui Heng walked out of the dungeon, it was night.

The moon shone brightly in the sky, making the path at night still visible.

However, Great Jin had a curfew.

At this time, there were no pedestrians on the streets except for night watchmen and patrolling guards.

An ordinary death-row prisoner would definitely try their best to hide in a dark corner and escape quietly.

But Cui Heng was different.

He led Monk Huishi and the old man down the street in the direction of the county office.

He was completely unafraid of being discovered.

Monk Huishi and the old man followed Cui Heng, unable to understand his actions.

Although a Xiantian Grandmasters strength was unparalleled and there were few opponents in the entire world, and he could definitely dominate this small Juhe County, wasnt he afraid of alerting the enemy and letting the county magistrate escape in advance

But they soon found out why.

The dungeon where the death-row prisoners were held was not close to the county office where the county magistrate was.

They had to cross a long street and two short streets to reach it.

On such a journey, it was inevitable that they would encounter some night watchmen and patrol officers.

Cui Heng led the two of them not far from the dungeon before they encountered a night watchman and three patrol officers.

However, both the night watchman and the patrol officer acted as if they did not see anything.

They did not even look at them as they walked past.

The night watchmen and patrol officers they encountered next were in the same situation.

Their presence was completely ignored.

Not a single night watchman or patrol officer stopped to look at them until they reached the county office.

Monk Huishi and the old man felt their scalps tingle.

Their minds were in a mess.

This situation was completely beyond their imagination.

“Did this person turn me into a ghost” Monk Huishi looked at Cui Heng in horror.

He felt like a wandering ghost floating in the night.

Otherwise, how could they be completely ignored

‘But how did he do that

Even a Xiantian Grandmaster might not be able to do such a bizarre thing.

“This is too amazing! Who is he What kind of skills are these” The old mans eyes lit up as he looked at Cui Heng as if he was looking at a god.

“This must be the place,” Cui Heng said, pointing to the county halls door.

“Yes, it is.” Monk Huish forced himself to calm down and nodded eagerly.

“Take me to the magistrate,” Cui Heng said with a smile.

“B-but arent we invisible” Monk Huishs voice trembled.

People were prone to fear when they encountered something they couldnt understand.

He was in that situation now.

“Its fine now,” Cui said with a nod.

Actually, this kind of invisibility technique was very simple for him, who had already reached the Golden Core realm.

It was not even a spell.

The Golden Core was formed by igniting True Fire with the power of Heaven and Earth and calcining the Sea of Dao Foundation.

It was equivalent to a crystal that condensed a large number of laws of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, the power of the Golden Core naturally had the characteristic of interfering with the laws around him.

Ordinary peoples five senses were their perception of the outside world.

Cui Heng only needed to reveal a trace of his Golden Core power to distort the laws of the outside world, preventing others from seeing him.


At this moment, in the backyard of the county office in Julu County.

County Magistrate Yan Sheng was fishing under the moonlight.

This was a means for him to recuperate and adjust his mind.

20 years ago, he had already become a Qi Transformation Realm Grandmaster.

What he needed to do next was to nourish his spirit, open the Profound Gate, achieve internal and external communication, and step into the realm of the Supreme Grandmaster.

A Transcendent Grandmaster was extremely rare in the entire Lu County.

Therefore, he never cared about the storms in this small Julu County.

He left most of the matters, big and small, to Monk Huishi.

The only thing that could really arouse Yan Shengs interest was the “Flying Dawn Swords Secret Manual” of the Xiangxi Towns Li family.

That was the top inheritance left behind in the Pugilistic World more than a hundred years ago before the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain.

It recorded the secrets of the Inner World realm that was above the Xiantian realm.

It was a treasure manual that could allow people to step onto the peak of the martial world!

“County Lord, something has happened!”

At this moment, a slender woman in black suddenly walked out of the night.

She bowed respectfully and said in a low voice, “The death-row dungeon has collapsed.

That first-rate expert from the Li family and Lu Zhengming have disappeared.”

“And Hui shi” Yanshengs eyes narrowed.

“Hes missing too.” The woman in black shook her head gently and said in a low voice, “I found a lot of traces of battle in the dungeon.

Im afraid that the first-rate expert had fought with Huishi.”

“Lu Zhengming has also disappeared.

Could it be that that old thing has secretly recovered his cultivation” Yan Sheng frowned and said, “Pass down the order to search the entire city.

There must be no mistakes!”

“Yes!” The woman in black nodded and said worriedly, “County Supreme, could that first-rate expert of the Li family also be a Minor Grandmaster of the Qi Condensation Realm Otherwise, its impossible for Huishi to not be able to suppress him.”


“It doesnt matter.

Even if hes really a Minor Grandmaster, hes just a nobody.” Yan Sheng put away his rod and stood up.

He snorted and said, “Even if hes a Qi Transformation expert and his martial skills are higher than the sky, hes still not a match for this County Lord!”

After being in the Qi Transformation Realm for 20 years, he was only one step away from the Profound Gate Realm.

He was extremely confident in his strength.

“County Lord is naturally invincible,” the woman in black flattered.

She was about to say something else when she heard footsteps and immediately turned to leave.

She was an agent.

She could not be exposed.

“Theres no need to leave.

Hui Shi is here.”

Yan Sheng stopped her.

Then he looked at Monk Huishi, who had come alone.

A faint smile appeared on his face.

“From the looks of it, you seem to have experienced a bitter battle.

Did you get the secret manual”

Monk Huish was still seriously injured.

He looked to the side where no one was, as if he was waiting for someones approval.

Then he smiled bitterly.

“County Lord, a gentleman asked me to bring you a message…”


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