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Chapter 269 The Last Ascender Before the Heavens Collapsed

Hong Shen had never thought that he would see his father again.

The nightmare a hundred years ago had caused him to lose all his family except for his grandfather, Hong Kang.

That was when his parents died tragically.

If not for Cui Heng appearing halfway to save them, he would probably have become an orphan.

Therefore, Hong Shen had never wanted to recall the incident a hundred years ago.

That would be too painful and sad.

However, he never expected to see his father again a hundred years later.


“Father!” Hong Shen knelt in front of Hong Tao, no longer having the dignity of an Emperor.

“Good child, get up.” Hong Tao looked at his son and felt a lot of emotions.

He sighed and said, “In my memory, youre only so young.

Now, youre an Emperor.”

He had long died, but his remnant soul was left on the Hong familys memorial tablet.

Although Cui Heng had conferred him as a God, his memories were still from a hundred years ago.

Now that he saw that Hong Shen had grown up, he felt a little confused.

However, the current Hong Tao was no longer a mortal, but a god with divine power.

Whether it was his strength or his mind, they had already reached the Mystic Deity realm.

He could control his mental state very well.

This was also one of the special aspects of the Convergence Divine Investiture technique.

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult for ordinary people who suddenly possessed the power of a Mystic Deity to control this power without a correspondingly strong mind.

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However, gods were different.

Their divine power and authority were brought about by their Deity Position.

At the same time that one was conferred as a god, their soul and knowledge would be baptized by divine power and authority, and their mind would also be sublimated.

Therefore, he could directly control divine power.

“Father, youre now…”

Hong Shen stood up and asked.

He could feel that his father had an extremely powerful strength that was countless times stronger than him.

“Im now the Deity of Capital City, conferred as a God by Immortal Venerable.” Hong Tao cupped his hands and bowed to Cui Heng.

“If not for Immortal Venerable using a great divine power of conferment on my remnant soul, would you and I have been reunited”

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!” Hong Shen knelt and bowed to Cui Heng and thanked him.

Then, he asked curiously, “Immortal Venerable, this Capital City Deity is”

“The Capital City Deity is the god who protects the city.

He judges good and evil and protects the people of a region,” Cui Heng explained with a smile.

“This is a divine system I designed.

I want to implement it in Great Xia.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and tapped.

Hong Shen immediately felt a large amount of information appear in his mind.

In an instant, he understood what Cui Heng meant.

This was a system of gods that used the Hong familys ancestors as the core and was independent of the mortal worlds Imperial Court.

Their main duty was to protect the peace of the people and judge good and evil.

With the Ancestral God of the Imperial Ancestral Temple as the main God, he would live in the Imperial Ancestral Temple in the capital.

The main God ruled the entire Divine System and had the ability to appoint other deities.

Under the Ancestral God of the Imperial Ancestral Temple were gods in charge of the capital city, prefectural cities, and county cities.

These Deity Positions would be mainly held by the ancestors of the Hong family and late civil officials.

The respective City Deities could each set up a government office in his territory and wield the authority of a Divine Envoy.

He would have one Official Registrar, three Judges, four Day Wandering Gods, four Night Wandering Gods, seven Black and White Impermanence, and seven Ox Head Horse Face Deities.

The power of the gods was powerful and they could ensure the safety of a region.

Even if there were martial artists causing trouble, they would be suppressed by the City Gods or the Divine Envoys under them.

Moreover, deities were invisible and could come and go without a trace.

It was most suitable for secretly monitoring the administration of officials.

If anyone committed crimes and attacked the commoners, the City God could send an envoy to collect evidence.

As long as the evidence was sufficient, the officials could be handed over to the government for investigation.

If the government did not do it, the local city guards would personally investigate.

They would also arrest the officials who did not deal with this matter previously and judge them together.

He used the incomparably powerful ability of the gods to check and supervise to restrain the greedy nature of the officials.

This was the core of the entire Divine System.

And the authority and power that gods possessed could ensure that they had absolute strength to accomplish this.

However, the actions of the gods would also be restrained by the rules of their Deity Position.

If they dared to play favorites, their Deity Position would be stripped away on the spot, and they would become wandering ghosts.

Their souls might even be directly destroyed.

The entire system was interconnected and extremely meticulous.

“If this method can be implemented, the people of the world will be able to escape the sea of suffering!” Hong Shen praised endlessly and bowed respectfully to Cui Heng.

“Hong Shen thanks Immortal Venerable on behalf of the people of Great Xia.”

Actually, this method of using a Divine System as an administrative monitor had caused a lot of damage to the Emperors authority.

It could be said to have directly reduced his authority.

If it were a selfish monarch, even if they agreed because of Cui Hengs might, they might not agree in their heart.

Hong Shen was different.

He was an Emperor who had truly walked out of suffering.

He knew the hardships of the people and had been dedicated to serving the people for so many years.

Now that he knew that there was such a system of gods that could benefit the people, he wished he could implement it immediately.

“We cant be in a hurry.

The prerequisite for implementing this method is that there must be City God temples everywhere.

Otherwise, the City Gods will not have a fixed residence.

The people wont know what a City God is, and it will be difficult for them to unleash their power.”

Cui Heng shook his head gently and said, “Next, Ill confer the title of Ancestral God on your ancestor, Hong Yong, and hell be the Lord of the City Gods System.

After the various City God Temples are built, I can come and confer the other City Gods.”


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