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Chapter 243 This Outsider Is Too Cautious

Cui Heng had left a Nine Fire Flame Dragon in the Lower World.

That was essentially an extension of his perception.

If anything happened in the Lower World, he would be able to sense it immediately.

Just now, he sensed that Huo San had been awakened by He Qingrou in the Lower World to ask about the strange starlight falling from the sky.

“Strange starlight descended from the sky.” Cui Heng pondered for a moment and thought to himself, “Perhaps its just an ordinary phenomenon, but its also possible that a guest from the outer world has really descended.

Its even possible that its someone from Chongyang Star.”

6,700 years ago, Divine Lord Tianhe killed a Half-step Golden Immortal called Li Fa on Tianzhu Star.

Unexpectedly, Li Fas background was extraordinary.

There was even a Sage behind him who had left a mark on him that could track his location.

The Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect on Chongyang Star was Li Fas sect.

Previously, when Cui Heng broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, the commotion was too great, and it also had a huge impact on the laws of the Heavenly Void World, causing a temporary gap to appear in the barrier produced by the Heaven Dew Crystals.

This was very likely to cause the connection between the imprint on Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates body to be sensed again.

If the mark in Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates body was really discovered at that time, it was indeed possible for the other party to track him here within this hundred years.


“If its really someone from Chongyang…” Cui Heng stood up and chuckled.” That would be great.”

Now, he had almost explored all the unknowns in the Heavenly Void World.

Whether it was the Heavenly Void World itself or the newly appeared mystic realms, they no longer held any secrets to him.

They were all “known” and no longer unknown.

In terms of records, he had already flipped through all the books in the Heaven Saint Palace, Daoyi Palace, the Nine Immortal Sects, the three Buddhist monasteries, the Imperial Family, and various other places.

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At this moment, Cui Heng could definitely be said to be the most knowledgeable person in the Heavenly Void World.

But even so, he had only just broken through to the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm.

He could no longer continue cultivating.

Actually, Cui Heng had already broken through to the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm ten years ago.

At that time, there were still many books and records that he had yet to finish reading.

There were also many spells that he could continue to cultivate in depth, so he was still relatively optimistic.

However, after ten years, he had finished reading all the records in the books.

His original spells had also been cultivated to the peak of his current realm, but he realized that he had not even completed the cultivation progress of the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm.

It could not be said to be a rapid improvement.

It could only be said to be comparable to a turtle crawling.

Moreover, this cultivation progress was less than one-thousandth.

Most of it was obtained from cultivating spells.

The cultivation obtained from reading books could be said to be negligible.

This made Cui Heng truly realize that to the current him, the knowledge and secrets of the Heavenly Void World could no longer be used as nourishment for the growth of his Nascent Soul.

It was like asking a high school student to keep learning junior high school courses.

It was almost no help in improving his results.

He had to find a higher level source of information and knowledge.

Otherwise, he would have to consume a large amount of system currency to deduce spells.

This kind of thing that completely depended on luck was very unstable.

Especially before finding other worlds, system currency was also an irreplaceable resource.

It was best not to squander it.

However, if someone came from Chongyang Star, these problems could be easily resolved.

“In another half a month, the alternate space where the Heavenly Void World is located will come into contact with Daozhou Star again.” The corners of Cui Hengs mouth curled up slightly as he smiled.

“I hope you wont disappoint me.”


Liu Litao, Zhao Guang, and Lu Zhengming had long retreated behind the scenes.

In the recent 70 years, they have almost never appeared in front of others.

With their previous accumulation and the martial arts inheritance they had obtained from the Hong River Water God, they had already reached the Deity Realm.

They also controlled a rather powerful mortal faction to collect all kinds of information.

Therefore, when Zhao Qi entered Fengzhou, the three of them already knew that she was coming to Changfeng Prefecture.

This was why Xue Lan came forward to invite her.

They were still very concerned about the arrival of this disciple of the Immortal Dawn Sects Sect Master.

For this reason, they even specially informed Chen Tong, who was hiding in seclusion and had already reached the Human Immortal realm.

The current Sect Master of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Chen Ying, was Chen Tongs sister.

Before Zhao Qi came to Changfeng Prefecture, she already had some understanding of the situation here.

Therefore, she was not surprised that she had been invited.

Under Xue Lans lead, Zhao Qi arrived at a large mansion located in the southeast of Changfeng Prefecture City.

This was the residence of Liu Litao and the others.

“Miss Zhao, please come in.” Xue Lan smiled and led Zhao Qi through the corridors to the reception hall of the residence.

Waiting here was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties or fifties.

He had gentle facial features and a gentle face.

He looked like a good person.

It was Liu Litao, who had taken over as the State Overseer of Fengzhou a hundred years ago.

“Miss Zhao, please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you.” Liu Litao was still very kind.

Just like a hundred years ago, he stood up and took the initiative to welcome her.

“Senior, theres no need to be like this.” Zhao Qi hurriedly returned the greeting.

“I came here to ask for your help.”

“Miss Zhao, please speak.” Liu Litao nodded and said, “The Immortal Dawn Sect is an inheritance left behind by Mr.

Cui in the mortal world.

Since we follow Mr.

Cui, the matters of the Immortal Dawn Sect are our business.”

Previously, Liu Litao and the others had addressed Cui Heng as Lord Overseer.

Now, it was clearly no longer suitable for them to use this form of address.

Exalted Immortal and Immortal Venerable were also more inclined towards the martial world, so after some discussion, they felt that calling him “Mr” was a form of respect.

“Thank you, Senior.” Zhao Qi cupped her hands and bowed.

Then, she said, “Its like this.

A few days ago, Grandmaster saw starlight falling from the north, and she had an ominous feeling.

She wanted to ask Senior to use the power of the mortal world to help investigate this matter.”

“So thats what happened.” Liu Litao nodded and said, “Ive heard about this too.

Just this morning, there was news from Lu County that some citizens saw the golden starlight fall, but they havent found the exact location of the golden light.”

“Its actually in Lu County” Zhao Qi asked in surprise.

She had once heard from the elders of the sect that the Ancestral Grandfather had once been a local official in Lu County.

The current Emperor Taizu of the Great Wei Dynasty had also come from Lu County.

Lu County could be said to be one of the most famous counties in the world.

“Yes, Ive already sent someone to Lu County to investigate.” Liu Litao nodded and said, “If Miss Zhao wants to go, Ill give you a token.

You can travel freely along the way.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Zhao Qi cupped her hands and thanked him.

“However, I have to report the situation to the Grandmaster first.

Can Senior give me two tokens”

“Perfected Qingrou is here too” Liu Litao said in surprise.

“Perfected Qingrou is indeed an Immortal figure.

We didnt even notice that she came to Changfeng Prefecture.”

“Grandmaster should have flown here to find the Divine Dragon Huo San.” Zhao Qi smiled.

“Divine Dragon Huo San…” Liu Litao was even more surprised, and his expression became solemn.” It seems that this matter is indeed important.

Ill have to trouble your


“Yes, well do our best.” Zhao Qi nodded.

“Actually, your sect doesnt have to be too worried.” Liu Litao smiled again.

“Now that the 100-year period is approaching, Fengzhou is already preparing for the ceremony to welcome the arrival of the big shots from the Upper World.


Cui might return.”

“Really Our Ancestral Grandfather might come back this time” Zhao Qis eyes lit up when she heard this.

She had always been interested in this Ancestral Grandfather who she had heard about since she was young.

“Its just a possibility.” Liu Litao smiled.

“However, it should be very likely.

After all, Mr.

Cui told us to meet again a hundred years later before he left.”

“Thats great!” Zhao Qi said happily.

“I must see Ancestral Grandfather this time!”

Lu County, Juhe County.

A young man and woman with ordinary appearances and clothes arrived.

They were clearly unfamiliar faces from other places, but like locals, they found the inn with ease.

However, this alone did not attract anyones attention.

Of course, it was also because these two were too ordinary.

Not only were their appearances and clothes ordinary, even their auras were very ordinary and inconspicuous.

There was nothing special about them in a crowd.

It was easy to ignore them.

Even if someone passed by them on a deserted street, they might not notice them.

In the room at the inn.

The young man and woman sat facing each other.

“This living star doesnt seem to be as dangerous as we think.” The young woman frowned slightly.

“Were Limitless Golden Immortals, and theres not a single Human Immortal here.

Is there a need to be so cautious”

“Its necessary to be careful when walking on outer space stars.

We cant be careless,” the young man said in a low voice.

“This is the ancestral teachings of our Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect and also the general knowledge of Chongyang Star.

Its definitely correct.

Moreover, have you forgotten the traces of battle we discovered on the way”

This young man and woman were none other than the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect disciples who had come from Chongyang on a flying shuttle.

Their goal was to investigate the death of their great-grandfather, Li Fa, 6,700


The mans name was Li Cheng, and the womans name was Li Wei.

They were siblings.

The two of them were Limitless Golden Immortals who were only 700 years old.

In the entire Chongyang Star, they were extremely rare talents.

They were known as peerless geniuses with the greatest hope of reaching the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm in the past 3,000 years.

The reason why they looked very ordinary now was because they had deliberately hidden their true appearance and aura.

“The traces of battle on that star are at most at the Golden Immortal level.

The Golden Immortal back then is most likely also dead now.” Li Wei curled her lips and said, “Moreover, from what we discovered a hundred years ago, the successor of the Immortal True Essence is currently only a Golden Immortal.

Hes very weak.”

“Prudence, we must be prudent!” Li Cheng emphasized again and said in a low voice, “First of all, according to the records, this Daozhou Star once had a Sage at the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm.

He left a huge name in the myriad worlds and his legacy must be extraordinary.

Moreover, there are rumors that Sage Daoyi also left his inheritance here.

Also, the Golden Immortal who killed Great-grandfather back then could actually block the marks connection.

Clearly, he has extraordinary methods.

Just these three points are enough to prove that this Daozhou Star is definitely not as simple as it looks.

Moreover, the appearance that there are no Human Immortals is just the surface.

You might not have noticed, but I discovered that theres a small sect three hundred miles away from where we landed.

There was a peak Human Immortal inside.”

“Then why dont we go straight to that Human Immortal” Li Wei asked curiously.

“Human Immortals definitely know more about this world, right”.

“No, we have to understand the mortal realm of this world first.

Only then can we better pretend to be ordinary people to hide our identities,” Li Cheng said in a low voice.

“Lets wait for three days.

Three days later, well go to the Yuhua Sword Pavilion.”


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