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Chapter 229 The Power of the Soul, The Reappearance of the Former Heavenly Court Palace!

At the same time that Ye Yun shouted, Dao Master True Void, who had already entered a state of suspended animation, suddenly shone brightly.

The wooden statues body suddenly lit up with a dense purple-black light.

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a dense mass of bugs.

Every bug was wrapped around a Heaven Dew Crystal.

There were extremely many of them!

“Sacrifice! Supreme, please give me your divine power!”

The purple-black bugs that crawled out of the wooden statue also shouted in unison.

This voice also woke up the other seven people who had fallen into a state of suspended animation, causing them to shout in unison and call out to the Supreme Venerate.


The purple-black insects that Ye Yun had transformed into laughed loudly, filled with madness.

“When Supreme Venerate descends, all of you will die!”



At this moment, a loud bang suddenly sounded in the world.

The Heaven Dew Crystals that were wrapped around by countless purple-black bugs exploded, turning into countless golden lights that soared into the sky.

They converged with each other and actually opened up an incomparably huge hole in the sky.

It was as if it had transformed into a huge pillar of light that connected the heavens and the earth to welcome the arrival of a great existence.

Everyone in Linjiang County saw this pillar of light.

Be it martial artists or ordinary people, they could not help but look in the direction of the pillar of light.

They were incomparably shocked.

In their opinion, this was the power of nature, the power of creation.

It was invincible!

However, as citizens of the Great Zhou Dynasty and Linjiang County, they knew very well what kind of enemies they might face.

They also knew who would stand in front of them and help them resist when these enemies appeared.

With such a huge commotion, it must be that group of Immortal sects playing tricks!

It must be that the so-called “Immortals” of the Immortal Sects wanted to bring the Great Zhou Dynasty and Linjiang County back under their harsh rule.

No one wanted to return to that kind of life.

Especially since the various countries outside the Great Zhou had been destroyed recently, and all kinds of destruction had occurred, it made the people here even more determined to follow the Empress and Deva Pei.

Therefore, even ordinary people were not frightened by this world-shaking natural power, let alone kneel on the ground.

Most of the people cast supportive gazes in the direction of Linjiang County.

However, many people were still worried.

“These people from the Immortal sects want to enslave us.

Deva Pei and the Empress must win!”

“What do you mean we have to win We definitely will win.

Its been so many years.

When have the Immortal sects ever succeeded in invading us”

“But the commotion this time is too great.

This kind of suppression is too terrifying.

Have the Immortal sects gone crazy!”

People discussed.

In the sky above Linjiang County, Pei Qingshu also frowned and looked at the pillar of light in surprise.

At the same time, Li Mingqiong, who was hiding in the city and secretly launching a soul attack, suddenly stood up and flew into the sky.

She stood beside Pei Qingshu and looked at the pillar of light with a shocked expression.

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They could all tell that the pillar of light formed by the Heaven Dew Crystals had actually formed a connection similar to a teleportation array.

They were probably really going to welcome the arrival of a certain “Supreme”.

“Senior Sister, youre right.

I do lack a sense of danger.” Pei Qingshu looked at the pillar of light solemnly and said in a low voice, “If I didnt know that we had Masters support, I would have panicked.”

The pressure revealed by this pillar of light had clearly exceeded the limit he could withstand.

“What are you panicking for” Li Mingqiong shook her head.

She stood in the sky and looked at the pillar of light coldly.

Her jade-like chin raised slightly.

“With your Senior Sister around, theres no need for Master to make a move.”

“…” Pei Qingshu was speechless when he heard this.

At the same time, he realized that Li Mingqiong was already a Golden Immortal and was countless times stronger than him.

He immediately smiled bitterly and said, “Thats right.

After all, Im only a Mystic Deity.”

“Thats why I said that you still need to work hard.” Li Mingqiong turned to look at Pei Qingshu and smiled.

“Ill let you hold the line at the back later to prevent these old things from causing trouble.

Ill deal with that so-called Supreme.”

“Ill follow Senior Sisters orders,” Pei Qingshu said helplessly.

Although he had already cultivated his Martial Dao True Body and could kill a Taiyi Mystic Deity as a Mystic Deity, he still had too many shortcomings and weaknesses compared to a true Golden Immortal.

He could only watch as Li Mingqiong stood in front of him.

At this moment, Li Mingqiong had already placed all her attention on the pillar of light that connected heaven and earth.

“Golden Immortal.

This must be the power of a Golden Immortal.

I can still handle it…”


As a Golden Immortal who had used her soul as the foundation to refine a Soul Golden Core and possessed the Immortal Golden attribute, she was confident that she could defeat those Golden Immortals who had broken through by consuming Immortal True Essence.

However, Li Mingqiong suddenly frowned again, as if she had discovered something.

She muttered, “No, there seems to be a deeper power behind this…”

Her perception was extremely sharp.

After carefully observing the pillar of light, she determined the abnormality within.

After establishing that the other party was a Golden Immortal on the surface, she sensed that there seemed to be a power that made her heart palpitate.

The other party was very dangerous.

“Senior Sister, whats wrong” Pei Qingshu hurriedly asked.


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