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After imparting the Immortal martial techniques to Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong through Heart Imprint, Cui Heng no longer cared about them.

The seeds of good karma had been sown.


He just needed to wait for the seeds to sprout.


Although Cui Heng did not bother about Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong, they did not dare to disrespect Cui Heng.

Especially after they cultivated the Immortal Martial Technique that Cui Heng taught them, their reverence towards Cui Heng had even risen to an extreme.

The Immortal Martial Technique imparted by the Immortal Venerable was too powerful!

It far exceeded their understanding of martial arts.

Although these few days of cultivation did not allow them to break through to the next realm, it increased the quality of their inner Qi and directly caused their bodies to undergo a second transformation of tendons and marrow cleansing.

Their strength had increased by at least five times!

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This was simply unbelievable!

One of them was the most favored Princess of the current dynasty while the other was the eldest son of a top aristocratic family.

Both of them cultivated top-notch martial techniques.

Even the martial arts of cultivators from the Immortal sects might not be much stronger than theirs.

Now that they had obtained such a ridiculous improvement, it meant that the mysteriousness of these two Immortal Martial Techniques could completely trump those from the Immortal sects!

And this was merely a casual Immortal technique created by Immortal Venerable overnight.

As expected of an Immortal Venerable!


In Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiongs hearts, Cui Hengs position had already reached a supreme level.

Every morning and evening, both of them would pay their respects to Cui Heng.

It wasnt for anything else.

They just wanted to see Immortal Venerable, to admire his face and feel his aura.

Times like this passed very quickly.

12 days passed in a flash.

After Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong kowtowed to Cui Heng, they left with the two golden lights.

Cui Heng walked out from the quiet room on the third floor and looked at the place where the two of them disappeared.

His gaze was complicated.

To him, Hong Fuguis arrival was a pleasant surprise after being alone for 10 years.

His compassion for his fellow humans and desire to save the world had moved him.

Hong Fugui respected him as his teacher, and he also treated that child as his own student.

Jiang Qiqis arrival was like a ray of sunlight that illuminated the frozen mountains and rivers, slowly melting his originally frozen and lonely self.

That desire to gain strength for others and her wish to fight the strong and help the weak made him sigh.

Jiang Qiqi called him Big Brother Immortal, so he was willing to treat that little girl as his younger sister.

However, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong were different.

He was not as serious with these two people as he was with Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqi.

Perhaps it was because he had cultivated for more than a hundred years and had found a path that suited his mental state.

Even though he had not seen anyone for decades, Cui Heng did not feel very lonely.

Hence, after Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong arrived, his emotions did not change much.

He did not feel anything.

Until they left, they did not even know Cui Hengs name.

“Perhaps, this is the difference between the levels of fate.” Cui Heng gazed into the distance and muttered to himself, “In the next 150 years, theres no need to receive any more guests.”

The Beginners Immortal Cultivation Technique was a true beginners tutorial.


It talked about every step he had to take to break through.

For example, from the early to mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm, one needed to make their Dharmic powers more agile and activate their Dao foundation.

Then, from the peak of Foundation Establishment to the Golden Core realm, one needed to ignite True Fire to calcine the Dao foundation sea into a Golden Core.

However, it did not explain the details.

Cui Heng had to figure out how to make his Dharmic powers become agile and how to ignite True Fire himself.

Fortunately, a certain cultivation concept of the Immortal Martial Technique that the last two visitors described gave Cui Heng inspiration, and it allowed him to think of a method to ignite his Dao Foundation True Fire.

His inspiration came from the Inner World realm.

According to Pei Qingshus description, the Inner World realm was to construct a small world within ones body that corresponded to the outside world.

This would strengthen ones ability to sense the interactions between Heaven and Earth, allowing ones true essence to grow endlessly.

On the other hand, the situation Cui Heng faced was that the ocean of his Dao Foundation was boundlessly vast.

Even though the strength of his soul had already fused with his Dharmic powers, he was unable to utilize the entire ocean of Dao Foundation at once, and it was utterly impossible to gather True Fire, let alone calcine a Golden Core.

Now he had found a way.

He attempted to increase the power of his Divine Soul to represent the Heavens and caused the Dao Foundation Sea to sink, representing the Earth.

He placed himself in the middle, representing Man.

Using the concept of Heaven, Earth, and Man, he constructed an Inner World that was similar to the Inner World realm.

Of course, his Inner World was clearly much larger and stronger, corresponding to the outside world.

As soon as his Inner World was formed, the Heaven and Earth Law immediately reacted.

At this instant, Cui Heng felt an extremely formidable heavenly power nourishing his energy ofHeaven.

His soul borrowed the power of Heaven and Earth.

In the next instant, the power of the soul ignited an invisible True Fire in the vast Dao Foundation Sea.

The golden Dao Foundation Sea surged, and Cui Hengs entire body emitted golden light.

In the blink of an eye, the entire world was filled with a golden light that exuded an immortal aura.


Cui Heng felt as if he heard a clap of thunder, and then he felt that everything within his body was illuminated by the golden light.

And the source of this golden light was a round lump of light—

Golden Core!

What was a Golden Core


It was clearly described in the Beginners Immortal Cultivation Technique.

Metal was a firm and indestructible object.

Alchemists were perfect, pure, and free.


Refining an Invincible Vajra Body and cultivating a perfected and flawless spirit was for the Golden Core.

The former represented Life, while the latter was Nature.

A Golden Core completely integrated with immortality meant that ones life would exist forever.

Therefore, once the Golden Core was formed, it would immediately extend ones lifespan by a thousand years.

Divine powers would be born naturally, and Dharmic powers would become boundless.

As long as the Golden Core was not destroyed, one could be reborn from a drop of blood and resurrected.


Cui Heng who had attained this level could no longer be considered a human in any way.

However, he continued to live his life as usual.

Cultivation, cooking, eating, playing games, cultivating, sleeping…

Day after day, year after year.

20 years after Cui Heng refined his Golden Core, another person entered the Beginners Space.

However, Cui Heng did not go to meet him.


After casually giving him some opportunities, he ignored him.

12 days later, the visitor left.

Another 30 years passed, and Cui Heng had attained the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

Another 10 years passed, and someone accidentally entered the Beginners Space again.

However, Cui Heng was in closed door cultivation, and it was already 10 years later when he woke up.


Since then, no one had entered the Beginners Space.

Cui Heng was not bothered by this.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, another 80 years passed!

Finally, 150 years after Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong left, 200 years after Jiang Qiqi left, 290 years after Hong Fugui left, it was already 300 years after Cui Heng transmigrated here!

His entire body was flawless and perfected!

Just by standing there, he was like an Immortal God, affecting the surroundings, making it feel like a paradise!

Grand Perfection of the Golden Core Realm!

“Congratulations! The 300 years of novice protection period has passed…”



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