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In Li Mingqiongs opinion, it was fine even if an ancient existence like Immortal Venerable did not understand their worlds current martial path.

The high-level Immortal martial techniques controlled by the Immortal sects were probably not much better than infants juggling in front of a supreme existence like Immortal Venerable.

Thus, as long as the Immortal Venerable understood some information about her worlds Immortal martial techniques, he could deduce the corresponding profound methods.

That was the way that things worked when one operated from a strategically advantageous position.

Thus, Li Mingqiong practically told Cui Heng everything she knew about her worlds martial arts, as well as everything she had learned.

Before this, Pei Qingshu had already sensibly left the villa.

The martial arts information that Li Mingqiong wanted to talk about would definitely include the Imperial Familys martial arts.

This was not something he could listen to.

What he did now was to show that he understood the rules.

At the same time, it was also to pave the way for him to seek out Immortal spells.

He also did not want Li Mingqiong to hear about the Pei familys martial arts.

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Li Mingqiong respectfully explained the martial arts knowledge she knew.

Regardless of whether it was the general name of her realm or the specific cultivation method, she told him everything in detail.

There were even some rumors that could not be identified.

Amongst them, Cui Heng was most concerned about her worlds system of classifying Martial Arts.

And some cultivation concepts.

According to Li Mingqiong, the Immortal Martial Techniques in her world were divided into the 21 levels of the Immortal and Mortal realm.

There were 12 Mortal realms:

Form Refining, Internal Nurturing, Qi Sensing, Qi Accumulation, Tendons Transformation, Marrows Purification, Qi Condensation, Qi Transformation, Profound Gate, Xiantian, Inner World, Divine Treasure.


Under normal circumstances, it would take at least three to five years to cultivate to Qi Sensing, and it would take ten years of hard work to reach Qi Accumulation.

To be able to attain Tendons Transformation realm before the age of 30 was already enough for a person to be considered an expert.

Li Mingqiong had stepped into the Marrows Purification realm at the age of nine.

She could be said to be extremely talented.

An Immortal sect mighty figure had once commented that she had a chance of stepping into the Xiantian realm before the age of 50.

Xiantian was the dividing line of the mortal world.

As long as one reached the Xiantian realm, one would be able to refine Xiantian True Qi, like a fish leaping over the dragons gate.

He would experience a transformation and his strength would increase tremendously.

As for Inner World, it was said to be a deeper cultivation of the Xiantian realm, allowing the Xiantian True Qi to grow endlessly and never wane.

After reaching Grand Completion of the Inner World realm, it was said that one would be able to unlock the treasures within ones body and obtain all sorts of incredible magical powers.


This was the realm of Divine Treasure, also known as theDeity Realm.

Therefore, the Deity Realm was the end of the 12 realms of the Mortal world, and it was also known as the limits of the Mortal world.

Martial artists who could reach this realm were often given various titles.

For example, Perfected Ones, Heavenly Masters, Priests, etc.

In some barbarian tribes, they were even respected as gods.

Above the Mortal Realm were the nine realms of the Immortal Realm.

However, the information about the nine realms were strictly controlled by the Immortal sects and was almost never leaked out.

Even the method to become an Immortal was controlled by the Immortal sects.

Only by obtaining the Immortal sects permission could one become an Immortal.


As the most favored princess of the Imperial Family, Li Mingqiong only knew that the first realm of the Immortal World was called Human Immortal.

She did not even know what this realm was or what kind of cultivation level concept it was.

Any higher than that, and the information was even more unclear.

Even then, Cui Heng felt that his gains were rather abundant.

This was the first time he came into contact with the cultivation path of the outside world.

The Immortal martial path was completely different from his Immortal Cultivation System!

However, as Li Mingqiongs cultivation level was limited, she could only explain the details of her cultivation before she reached the Marrows Purification realm.

As for Qi Transformation, Profound Gate, and the realms after that, they were a little vague.

Fortunately, she had some understanding of these realms and could describe some of the cultivation concepts and characteristics.

However, the three realms of Xiantian, Inner World, and Divine Treasure were rather mysterious.

She even used words like “supposedly”.

This made it difficult for Cui Heng to compare these cultivation realms with the Immortal Cultivation Systems realms.

Based on the strength that Li Mingqiong had displayed earlier, he could only temporarily believe that the Marrows Purification realm of the Mortal Realm was equivalent to the third level of Qi Refinement.

And after Qi Condensation, compared to the Marrows Purification realm, one would receive an enormous increase in strength.

Perhaps it could correspond to the Fourth level of Qi Refinement, and so on.

The Divine Treasure realm corresponded to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“The so-called Human Immortal is equivalent to the Foundation Establishment stage” Cui Heng guessed inwardly.

“Its indeed possible.

Compared to the Ninth layer of Qi Refinement, experts at the Foundation Establishment realm have indeed undergone a comprehensive improvement in the level of life.

“As long as one breaks through to Foundation Establishment, whether its the spirit, body, strength, or lifespan, everything will be completely different from before.

Its not impossible to be called a Human Immortal.”

Li Mingqiongs desire to become an Immortal was also aimed at reaching the Human Immortal realm.

With regards to this, Cui Heng was very experienced.

Previously, relying on Jiang Qiqis incomplete sword technique, hed already created a sword technique that could allow one to reach the Foundation Establishment realm overnight.

Now, he was already at the Peak Foundation Establishment realm.

His soul was powerful and his mind was agile.

Coupled with the martial arts techniques that Li Mingqiong had described, it was absolutely easy to create an “Immortal Martial Technique” that could be cultivated to the Foundation Establishment realm.

However, Cui Heng did not explain directly.

Instead, he smiled at Li Mingqiong and said, “Tomorrow morning, the Yellow-scarved Strongman will bring you to the third floor.

I will teach you an Immortal Martial Technique that can allow you to enter the Immortal stage.”

“Thank you Immortal Venerable!” Li Mingqiong was overjoyed and she quickly thanked him.

“Call Pei Qingshu over.” Cui Heng waved his hand.

Just as Cui Heng had expected.

Pei Qingshus thoughts were the same as Li Mingqiongs.

He also wanted a technique that could allow him to become an Immortal.

For the sake of his family and himself, he wanted to escape the oppression of the Immortal sects.

Hence, he told Cui Heng everything about the martial arts skills of the Pei Family and the martial arts information he knew.

As the eldest son of a powerful family, Pei Qingshu knew more about the Immortal sects and Immortal martial techniques than Li Mingqiong.

Li Mingqiong only knew about the nine realms of the Immortal World.

However, he knew that there were Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals above the Human Immortal Realm.

He even said that Heaven Immortals could fly in the sky and burrow into the ground, and were omnipotent.

But that was all.

Pei Qingshu did not know what the next six realms were.

However, Pei Qingshu had a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the Qi Transformation Realm and the Profound Gate Realm.

His description of the Xiantian realm and Inner World realm was also much more accurate.

Especially the description of the Xiantian Realm.

Once the Profound Gates were opened, there would be a resonance between the inside and the outside.

It would wash away all the Postnatal Qi in the body and reverse into a Xiantian body.

A Xiantian expert could use his martial arts moves to control the power of nature.

It was very similar to the characteristics of the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

As such, the Third layer of Qi Refinement and the Seventh layer of Qi Refinement could be matched to the corresponding realms.

“Human Immortals should be equivalent to Foundation Establishment cultivators.” Cui Heng was certain of his guess.

“In that case, Earth Immortals should be equivalent to Golden Core and Heaven Immortals to Nascent Soul cultivators.”


As for the description of how a Heavenly Immortal could soar through the sky and burrow through the earth, it wasnt within his scope of consideration.

After all, a Seventh layer Qi Refinement cultivator could already fly.

He couldnt possibly think that a Heaven Immortal was only equivalent to a Seventh layer Qi Refinement Stage cultivator.


After Cui Heng dismissed Pei Qingshu, he fell into deep thought again.

“Although this worlds realms sound a bit ridiculous, its definitely an extremely dangerous Mortal world.

With my current strength at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm, its simply not enough.

“Thankfully, the cultivation concepts of these Immortal martial techniques gave me quite a bit of inspiration.

I estimate that I will be able to deduce the method to ignite the Dao Foundation True Fire tonight!

“Golden Core is possible!”

The next morning.

The Yellow-scarved Strongman brought Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong to a chamber on the third floor.

They were puzzled.

Could it be that Immortal Venerable wanted to impart an Immortal spell to both of them at the same time

But from Immortal Venerables words yesterday, it seemed like he wanted to create a suitable Immortal martial technique for both of them.

What was going on

“Just stand still.” Cui Heng noticed their bewilderment, and he said with a smile, “Ill pass the Immortal cultivation techniques to you with the Heart Imprint technique.”

“Heart Imprint”

“What is a Heart Imprint”

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong had never heard of it before.

But in the next moment, they knew.

Cui Heng circulated his Dharmic powers and instantly condensed the information of the two Immortal cultivation techniques into two Heart Imprints.

They transformed into a golden beam and a green beam of light, imprinting themselves in Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiongs minds.

Both of them felt their vision go dark, and then they felt a ball of light appear in their minds.

As long as they concentrated on the ball of light, countless martial arts cultivation information would appear.

Although this martial arts cultivation information was not strictly comparable to the 21 Realms of the Mortal and Immortal Realms, it described Cui Hengs cultivation understanding and achievements after cultivating to the peak.

The techniques could allow one to control Qi to soar into the sky, enter and exit the underworld, summon wind and rain, and transform land into rivers!


Li Mingqiong sensed the description in the green light and was filled with joy.

This was definitely a method for Immortal Ascension!

On the other hand, Pei Qingshu was incomparably shocked and overjoyed!

How was this merely a method to become an Immortal It was clearly a supreme heavenly book that pointed directly at the Heavenly Immortal Dao!

Flying through the sky with Qi, entering and exiting the underworld!

Calling the wind and summoning the rain, transforming land into rivers!

Only the legendary Heaven Immortals could do it!


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