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Chapter 162 Those Who Humiliate Me Shall Die

Great Jin Imperial Palace.

Today was not the day of the court assembly.

Moreover, because the sacrificial ceremony to welcome the Immortals and Gods of the Upper World had just been held yesterday, the courtiers had all received a blessing and were not in the palace.

The entire palace seemed a little empty.

However, Prime Minister Chu Yuanliang did not return home to rest.

After seeing that White Tiger Childs golden carriage had left the palace, he came to the palace of Emperor Wei Yi, and bowed respectfully.

“I, Chu Yuanliang, request to see Your Majesty!”

“Prime Minister, why are you here Come in.” Wei Yis slightly lazy voice came from inside, as if he had just woken up.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Chu Yuanliang stood up and walked into the bedroom.

After passing through the hall, he saw Wei Yi lying behind the screen and said respectfully, “Your Majesty, are you planning to kill that White Tiger Child”

“…” Wei Yi fell silent when he heard this.

He shook his head and said with a smile, “Prime Minister, why do you say that Im very respectful to White Tiger Child.

When did I have any intention of harming him”

“Fengzhous Governor, Cui Heng, has a great divine power that can summon the wind and rain.

According to the records, this should be a Heaven Immortal mighty figure,” Chu Yuanliang said very directly.

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As the Prime Minister, he naturally came into contact with a lot of information.

It was not strange for him to understand the situation of Heaven Immortals.

“Did this Emperor ask White Tiger Child to go” Wei Yi still shook his head, as if he was still a little puzzled.

“Moreover, summoning the wind and rain is only a legend.

How can there be such a powerful person in the world”

“I understand.” Chu Yuanliang stopped asking after hearing these two words.

He stood up and said, “Your Majesty, Ill take my leave.”

“Go.” Wei Yi waved his hand.

After Chu Yuanliang left, only Wei Yi was left in the bedroom.

He walked down from the bed to a table.

On it was a map of the Great Jin.


Wei Yi slapped the area where Fengzhou was drawn and sneered, “Those who humiliate me shall die.

So what if youre an Earth Immortal!”

Thats right, he had deliberately led White Tiger Child to Fengzhou.

Then, Emperor Wei Yi picked up a small booklet on the table.

The title of the cover wasCui Heng.

It recorded everything that had happened since Cui Heng appeared.

This was what Wei Yi had sorted out based on a large amount of information from the outside world.

In this book, he sorted out Cui Hengs deeds in the past six months.

From his sudden appearance at the beginning to the destruction of King Yans army that shook the world, and then to scaring off millions of troops half a month ago, this series of actions was recorded.

These were actually all things that everyone knew.

If it was in Fengzhou, it could even be said that everyone knew about it.

It was nothing strange.


However, beside the records of these events, there would be dense notes and records.

Wei Yi was really studying Cui Heng.

After a long period of research, he had long believed that Cui Heng was an expert with great divine powers.

Although his identity was unknown, he was an extremely powerful existence.

He even wrote a sentence at the end of the booklet he had compiled.

Cui Heng was omnipotent!

“Only such an expert can clean up this lousy country.” Wei Yi sighed softly and looked in the direction of Fengzhou.

“I really want to meet him.

“If he comes to kill me in the end and destroys the Great Jin, that would be even better.”


The sound of air being torn could be heard as something passed through the layers of clouds.

The 16.5-meters-tall giant, covered in dark golden light, suddenly appeared in front of White Tiger Child.

An incomparably huge pressure instantly enveloped him.

An extreme fear immediately began to spread in White Tiger Childs heart.

This made him forget to dodge for a moment, and he also forgot to summon his spirit beast.

He stood there in a daze.

The Yellow-scarved Strongmans expression was indifferent.

He was an emotionless giant who raised his huge fist.

Cui Heng ordered it to protect Changfeng Prefecture.

It would naturally follow this order.

White Tiger Child was an Earth Immortal, and he had openly displayed his killing intent.

The Yellow-scarved Strongman judged him to be a living creature that was harmful to Changfeng Prefecture.

Since it was harmful, he had to kill it!


At this moment, the Human Immortal who had tried to persuade White Tiger Child earlier shouted.

The other nine Human Immortals immediately moved and began to crazily circulate the True Essence in their bodies.

As the Yellow-scarved Strongmans pressure was only targeted at White Tiger Child who displayed killing intent, the ten Human Immortals were not affected and could still attack.

As they circulated their True Essence, a bronze bell that emitted a faint green light appeared in their hands.

With a light shake, a strange sound wave immediately spread out.

These sound waves were actually connected, instantly constructing a strange green light screen that enveloped White Tiger Child.

At the same time, the sound of the copper bell shaking resonated with the Golden Rainbow Carriage.

The various patterns carved on the golden carriage seemed to have come alive.

Phantoms of strange beasts flew out from inside and stood under the green light curtain.

They also surrounded White Tiger Child and protected him.

The three white tigers pulling the carriage were also at the Human Immortal realm.

They immediately jumped forward and blocked in front of White Tiger Child.

In an instant, White Tiger Childs surroundings were surrounded by layers of defense.

Just as these defenses were completed, the Yellow-scarved Strongmans fist landed!


A deafening bang sounded in the sky as the Yellow-scarved Strongmans fist smashed into the green light barrier.

An extremely terrifying power spread out.

This made everyone in Changfeng Prefecture City look up at the sky and see something that shocked them.

Under the Yellow-scarved Strongmans punch, the clouds in the sky were already spreading in all directions, forming ring-shaped clouds.

The largest ring of clouds had even reached more than three miles in diameter.

To most people, this scene was like the sky had exploded.

After all, even the clouds in the sky were shaken into layers of rings!

Actually, if one looked down from a higher level near the starry sky of the universe, they could still see that the atmosphere had been punched out by the Yellow-scarved Strongmans punch.

Fortunately, the astral wind was quickly recovering


However, those who took the Yellow-scarved Strongmans attack head-on would not have it easy.

The Yellow-scarved Strongmans cultivation was at the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

In terms of realm, he was equivalent to a Third Realm Deva in the Immortal World.

Even a group of Earth Immortals would die if they faced him.

Let alone a group of Human Immortals.

Therefore, the moment the Yellow-scarved Strongmans fist smashed into the green light curtain, the ten Human Immortals who had set up the array to maintain the light curtain bled from their seven apertures and knelt on the ground.

The three white tigers also died on the spot!


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