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Chapter 155 Benefactor, You Are Fated to Be with Buddha

Cui Heng saw that Zheng Nanxun looked a little anxious and asked curiously, “What happened”

As one of the only two Human Immortals of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Zheng Nanxun would not leave the mountain easily for the safety of the entire sect.

This sudden visit was most likely for something important.

“Ancestral Grandmaster, its related to the Baolin Buddhist Hall,” Zheng Nanxun said with a solemn expression.

“I received news that in the past few days, the Baolin Buddhist Hall has suddenly begun to preach in Yuzhou.

Moreover, I dont know what methods they used, but they were actually able to make the people of several counties worship the so-called Baolin Buddha overnight.

I thought that this was a serious matter, so I came to report to Ancestral Grandmaster.”

“They made the people of several counties worship the Baolin Buddha overnight” Cui Heng frowned when he heard this and said in a low voice, “The Baolin Buddhist Hall actually has such ability”

There were at least hundreds of thousands of people in a county.

It was not easy to change the minds of so many people overnight.

This was a large-scale bewitching!

Even if the ones affected were only ordinary people, they still needed extremely powerful soul power and special methods.

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At the very least, a so-called Arhat Bodhisattva could not achieve this.

After all, Bodhisattva was only equivalent to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed it either.” Zheng Nanxun nodded and said, “At first, a legacy disciple who was traveling in Yuzhou returned to report.

When I went to investigate and realized that it was really like this, I came to report to Ancestral Grandmaster.”

Whether it was the Immortal Dawn Sect or Cui Heng, they could be said to be mortal enemies with the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Cui Heng had even decided to kill all the monks in the Baolin Buddhist Hall after the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World descended.

At this moment, Zheng Nanxun realized that there was such a large-scale commotion in the Baolin Buddhist Hall, so she naturally came to report to Cui Heng.

“Alright, follow me.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

An auspicious cloud rose under his feet and he flew into the sky with Zheng Nanxun towards Yuzhou.

In the Baolin Buddhist Hall, incense was burning brightly.

The extremely dense smoke accumulated into a cloud above the temple, and the smell of burning incense filled the air.

At this moment, the sky had just lit up when the people who came to offer incense had already lined up from the top of Golden Light Mountain to the foot of the mountain.

There were probably tens of thousands of people.

Facing such a huge number of visitors, even the monks in the Baolin Buddhist Hall were a little stunned.

They did not know what had happened in the past few days.

How did it bring about such a drastic change

Although the Baolin Buddhist Hall was the number one holy land of Buddhism in the past and also had flourishing incense offerings, it had never been like now, where hundreds of thousands of people came every day to offer incense.

It was too exaggerated.

However, most of the monks in the Baolin Buddhist Hall welcomed this situation.

It was a little tiring, but there was really a lot of incense money.

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The amount of incense money they received in a day was even more than half a year or even a year in the past.

They had made a killing.

However, no one noticed that these visitors who came to pray were not normal.

Their eyes were empty and their expressions were dull

Although there was a smile on their faces, they were all very stiff.

All of them were like zombies.

After all, these monks were too busy counting money to observe the expressions of the visitors.

To them, if they had the time, they might as well calculate how much land they wanted to buy in the future and secretly raise a few concubines.

At this moment, in the forbidden area behind the Baolin Buddhist Hall, Monk Xuankong was sitting cross-legged.

He floated in the air, his eyes slightly closed, and his expression solemn.

He breathed in and out the incense smoke that gathered in the sky.

Wisps of smoke floated down from the sky and were sucked into his body before being spat out a moment later.

However, when he spat it out, the original smoke had already turned into a faint red golden light.

These golden lights gathered behind Monk Xuankong, slowly forming the outline of a Buddha.

It could be seen that the Buddha had four heads and eight arms, and he held eight Buddhist treasures.

Behind him, the shadows of countless treasures floated.

It was the Ancestral Master of the Baolin Buddhist Hall —

Buddha Baolin!

As one of the Arhats, the floating monk had the ability to condense a Buddha incarnation with the help of the Buddhist Dharma Seal!

The materials used to condense the Buddhas incarnation were the power of faith and incense of all living beings.


Monk Xuankong pressed his palms together and chanted a Buddhist proclamation.

He felt the Buddha phantom behind him become more and more corporeal, and the power in his body became stronger and stronger.

He whispered, “May all the living beings in the world believe in my Buddha!”

At the same time, a faint purple-black light suddenly appeared on the Buddha phantom.

These lights seemed to extend out like tentacles, but after leaving the Buddha phantom for three feet, they disappeared into the void.

It was unknown where it ended up reaching.

Cui Heng and Zheng Nanxun arrived at Luoshan County in the southwest of Yuzhou.

This was the place that bordered Yuzhou and Bazhou, far from the capital of Yuzhou.

It was here that the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect discovered that the Baolin Buddhist Hall was spreading its teachings.

The two of them stopped outside Luoshan County and pretended to be ordinary martial artists as they arrived at the city gate.

“Even the soldiers guarding the city have become monk soldiers” Cui Hengs expression was a little strange.

He saw two rows of soldiers standing in front of the city gate.

They had shaved their heads, burned their scars, and dressed like monk soldiers.

“The pedestrians are all monks.” Zheng Nanxun looked at the bald heads coming and going and felt a chill run up her spine.

It was very terrifying.

“Was this place like this before” Cui Heng asked Zheng Nanxun, who was beside him.

The pedestrians and soldiers looked like monks, which meant that the entire Luoshan County had probably become a Buddhist kingdom.

“No.” Zheng Nanxun shook her head and said, “When I came here to investigate previously, only half of the county believed in Buddhism.

Luoshan County was still a normal mortal city, but now, it has become like this.

It has only been less than three days.

Ancestral Grandmaster, this is too strange!”

This speed of transmission was simply faster than the most terrifying plague!

“Its indeed abnormal.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, and his expression became gloomy.

“Buddha said that the four elements are empty, so the seven emotions of all living beings are wiped out”

He noticed that the mental emotions of these monks were very empty, as if they had already lost their seven emotions.

This also meant that the current Luoshan County City probably could not provide him with any of the Seven Emotions of Life, nor could it increase his cultivation at all.

If the Baolin Buddhist Hall was allowed to preach like this, the people of Yuzhou would sooner or later all become like this.

At that time, all the people in Yuzhou would lose their emotions.

“Nanxun, you did well.” Cui Heng praised.

At the same time, his eyes lit up with golden light as he said in a low voice, “Looks like we can catch a big fish.”

The power of the Golden Core gathered in his eyes, and the scene in front of him immediately changed.

The pedestrians who came and went, as well as the monk soldiers guarding the city, were all holding onto a faint purple-black thread.

This thin thread entered their bodies and controlled their actions.

At the same time, the threads absorbed the power of their souls like parasites.

Most of them only had a little bit of their souls left and could only maintain their basic vitality.

If the soul power of a normal person was like a burning bonfire, then the people in Luoshan County were only left with a little candlelight.

Any breeze could blow it out.

The other end of the purple-black line extended upwards.

Above Luoshan County, a thick purple-black tentacle was hidden in the clouds.

It actually split into hundreds of thousands of thin threads and controlled the living beings below.

“Its actual strength is very weak.

Its only at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement, but its mental strength is extremely high.

The Sky Ruins Evil Bug No, its far stronger than the Sky Ruins Evil Bug.

This mental strength is already at the peak of the Foundation Establishment realm.”

Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly as several thoughts flashed through his mind.

He suddenly took out more than ten tomatoes from his sleeve and threw them into the sky above Luoshan County.

He was using the spiritual energy contained in it to nourish the lives of the people in Luoshan County.

Immediately after, Cui Heng raised his right hand and grabbed at the sky, displaying the Dharmic powers of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator.

At the same time, the purple-black tentacle hidden in the clouds suddenly trembled and instantly retracted the hundreds of thousands of thin threads that extended out, wanting to burrow into the void and escape.

However, under the Dharmic powers of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator, this purple-black tentacle did not even have the chance to move before it was instantly suppressed.

An invisible force grabbed it and pulled it out fiercely.

In the blink of an eye, the tentacle became ten times longer and kept twisting and shaking.

At the other end, one could even vaguely see the Light of Buddha.


A muffled sound suddenly came from the sky, as if something had been smashed through.

The originally blue sky was instantly dyed with a layer of purple-black.

Countless purple-black attacks were revealed from the void.

Their source was filled with the Light of Mercy.

It was the phantom of a Buddha with four heads and eight arms!

“Ancestral Grandmaster, this, what is this!” Zheng Nanxun looked at the sky in disbelief.

Now, Cui Heng had already broken through the illusion in the sky.

Any martial artist above the Xiantian realm could see the scene above.



A loud Buddhist proclamation suddenly resounded throughout the land, and a golden Buddhist light filled with compassion illuminated the surroundings.

At the same time, the dense purple-black attacks disappeared in an instant, as if they had never appeared.

Only the phantom of a huge Buddha was left in the sky, sitting on the lotus platform.

He looked down at all the living beings below.

The Buddha phantom lowered its four heads and looked down at Cui Heng with its eight eyes.

The four mouths opened at the same time and said indifferently, “I didnt expect that there would really be an Outer Dao Heaven Monarch in this small human world.


“Who are you” Cui Heng shouted sternly.

He had already hidden his Golden Core power and only displayed the Dharmic powers of a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Since they were going to fish, the show had to be completed.

“Amitabha, Im Buddha Baolin of the Heavenly Void World.” The Buddha phantom stared at Cui Heng, its eight eyes filled with surprise, like eight balls of light hanging in the sky.

“Such a powerful Heaven Monarch is really rare.

Benefactor, I see that you have fate with Buddha.

You can join our Buddhist Sect and become a Guardian Venerable.

How does that sound”


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