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Chapter 132 Divine Sword Returning Home, Strange Skulls

How powerful was the Hongwu Divine Sword

In the myths that circulated on the grassland, legends say that it contained supreme Immortal power.

Facing the sword qi from the divine sword, even the Immortals and Buddhas in the sky would die.

Just the aftershock of the sword qi could instantly kill a Deity Realm expert.

After obtaining this divine sword, Huyan Chanyu could not wait to test the power of this divine sword.

With a single slash, a 100-foot-tall and 30-foot-thick brick wall collapsed!

The city walls of Yunshu County were about the same level.

If not for the fact that he had the intention to train his troops in preparation for going south, he only needed to come to the city wall of Yunshu County and wave the Hongwu Divine Sword to easily break through this impregnable pass.

It was effortless.

However, he never expected that the mighty army that he thought would win the battle and sweep through the south would actually collapse at the first blow when attacking Yunshu County City and flee in a sorry state.

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This was too ridiculous!

This was nearly 300,000 troops.

It was more than enough to break through a city.

How could they be beaten back so easily!

There were clearly not even 10,000 people on the other side!

Facing such a situation, Huyan Chanyu no longer hesitated.

He decided to use the Hongwu Divine Sword to directly attack this obstacle in front of him.

The moment the Hongwu Divine Sword was unsheathed, boundless sword gi soared into the sky, causing Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters who were returning to the city to feel a wave of panic.

They subconsciously turned their heads to look behind them at the place where Huyan Chanyu was.

A divine sword was held in the palm of the barbarian leader.

It was raised high and about to slash down.

The sunlight shone from behind and reflected on the divine sword.

It made the sword appear incomparably bright and dazzling!

It seemed to have the power to kill all living beings.

Hui Shi and the others immediately paled in fright.

Just one look at it made their blood run cold.

If this sword really slashed down, how powerful would it be!

It was invincible!

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!!”

Hui Shi circulated his True Qi and shouted with all his might.

The 8,000 Grandmasters also felt the terrifying aura of the divine sword.

For a moment, their souls left their bodies.

The joy from charging forward recklessly just now was gone.

They felt a chill run up their spine.

The True Qi in their bodies circulated crazily as they brought out their fastest speed.

They had to enter the city as soon as possible!

Otherwise, they would definitely die!

“Youre too slow!” Huyan Chan laughed loudly as he brought down the sword in his hand.

He immediately waved the divine sword and slashed down, wanting to kill Hui Shi and the 8,000 Grandmasters.

Just then


A sword cry suddenly sounded, but there was no killing intent.

Instead, it was filled with joy.

This strange scene immediately attracted everyones attention.

What was wrong with the Hongwu Divine Sword

The first person to sense the abnormality was Huyan Chanyu.

He realized that the divine sword in his hand could not be controlled anymore!

This Hongwu Divine Sword with supreme Immortal power had stopped moving!

It was as if it was frozen in the air!

No matter how hard he tried, he could not swing it at all!

“Whats going on!”

Cold sweat broke out on Huyan Chanyus forehead.

This Hongwu Divine Sword was his greatest reliance.

If anything happened at this time, he would be finished!

They had mobilized hundreds of thousands of troops to march south, but in the end, they returned in defeat.

Even if some soldiers managed to survive during the retreat, they would definitely be killed by the leaders of the other tribes when they returned to the grasslands!

“Move! Move for me!”

Huyan Chanyu was extremely anxious.

He tried his best to swing the Hongwu Divine Sword, but it was useless.

The Hongwu Divine Sword remained motionless.

“Come back.”

At this moment, Cui Hengs voice suddenly came from the city wall.

His voice was very gentle, as if he was calling out to a child who had been playing outside until late at night.

Hundreds of thousands of people inside and outside the city heard him.

Huyan Chanyu naturally heard it too.

Moreover, he felt that the Hongwu Divine Sword in his hand seemed to have been summoned by something.

It instantly broke free from his palm and flew into the sky.

It flew straight for the city walls of Yunshu County.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Hongwu Divine Sword let out a series of trembling sounds in the sky.

At the same time, an extremely strong emotion suddenly spread from it.

This was an emotion filled with joy and grievance.

It felt like a child who had gone missing for many years had finally found his parents.

Cui Heng stood on the city wall of Yunshu County and extended his right hand towards the Hongwu Divine Sword.

He spread his fingers.

Hence, under everyones incredulous gazes, the Hongwu Divine Sword that was originally in Huyan Chanyus hand suddenly broke free from its “master” and flew into his palm.

Clang! Clang!

The Hongwu Divine Sword trembled gently in Cui Hengs palm, revealing some intimate emotions.

It was as if a child who had just returned home was wheedling to his parents.

“I see.”

Cui Heng gently stroked the sword and felt the changes in it.

He had some understanding in his heart.

This was indeed the sword he had given Hong Fugui back then.

But not entirely.

300 years ago, Cui Heng had once attached the Dharmic powers of the Seventh level of Qi Refinement to a refined iron sword and gave it to Hong Fugui, who was about to leave the Beginners Space.

Because the Dharmic powers in that sword could only be used nine times, he originally thought that the sword had already exhausted its strength.

However, he had been hearing legends about the Hongwu Divine Sword recently, which puzzled him.

Now that he had obtained this sword, he finally understood what was going on.

Because in the 21 Realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms, Human Immortals were only equivalent to the Eighth level of Qi Refinement, there was actually no qualitative change for martial artists at the Deity Realm.

In the cultivation system, the Seventh level of Qi Refinement was a qualitative improvement compared to the Sixth level of Qi Refinement.

This caused the strength of this worlds Deity Realm cultivators to be much weaker than Immortal cultivators at the Seventh level of Qi Refinement.

Therefore, if Hong Fugui used Dharmic powers at the Seventh level of Qi Refinement nine times, he could kill several or even ten Deity Realm experts on the spot each time.

Even Human Immortals had to temporarily avoid him.

As such, there were not many instances where such a huge power needed to be used.

By the time Hong Fugui disappeared, this sword was only used seven times.

Later on, when the Great Jin was established, it was regarded as a national treasure and was stored in the Royal Treasury.

It had never been used.

Just like that, this ordinary iron sword which retained a trace of Cui Hengs Dharmic powers, existed for nearly 300 years.

It was equivalent to 300 years of being nourished by this trace of Dharmic powers.

In the end, spirituality was born!

Simply put, this sword had formed a spirit.

However, this spirituality was still very basic, similar to a newborn baby.

It was very young.

It could only absorb Heaven Earth Essence Energy and refine it into Dharmic powers.

But even so, it made its Dharmic powers that were about to be exhausted extremely abundant.

There were now even more Dharmic powers contained in it than when he first handed it to Hong Fugui.

It could now be used at least another 40 to 50 times.

Of course, now that this sword had returned to Cui Hengs hands, it would definitely not consume the Dharmic powers it had painstakingly accumulated.

“Is this a sword spirit nurtured by my Dharmic powers A dead object naturally gave birth to spirituality” Cui Heng was a little lost in thought after understanding the situation of this sword.

He thought of the process of condensing a Nascent Soul.

If one wanted to break through to the Nascent Soul realm after reaching the Grand Completion stage of the Golden Core Realm, one had to birth a spirituality in the Golden Core and let the Golden Core come to life on its own, becoming an “infant” with spirituality.

Now that this sword had gained spirituality and come to life, the process seemed to be equivalent to a simplified version of a Golden Core nurturing a Nascent Soul.

“If I carefully nurture the spirituality in the sword, can it be a reference for my future Nascent Soul cultivation” Cui Heng was overjoyed.

“I can give it a try!”

Although he would still nurture the young spirituality in the sword due to his lingering emotions for it, it would naturally be better if it could help his cultivation.

At this moment, Cui Heng was overjoyed.

Outside the city, Huyan Chanyus face was pale and he was panicking.

Having suddenly lost the Hongwu Divine Sword, he had already fallen into a great panic.

Moreover, this panic did not come from the Yunshu County City in front of him, nor from Cui Heng, who had recalled the Hongwu Divine Sword.

Instead, it came from Chao Wushu in the chaotic army.

The moment Huyan Chanyu lost the Hongwu Divine Sword, he felt a few gazes filled with killing intent land on him.

“Oh no, this evil creature wants to kill me! He covets my Chanyu position.

I dont have any personal guards with me now, but he has two Deity Realm guards by his side.

Damn it!”

Faced with this situation, Huyan Chan did not even think about turning around and escaping.

He quickly changed directions and tried to blend into the chaos.

However, Chao Wushu and the two Deity Realm guards beside him had long locked onto him.

No matter how Huyan Chanyu hid, it was impossible for him to escape the eyes of the two Deity Realm experts.

Soon, he was caught up by them.

Seeing that his life was at stake, Huyan Chanyu finally could no longer endure.

He suddenly took out a skull bracelet from his pocket and threw it into the sky.

“Sir, save me!”

Before he could finish his sentence

The skull bracelet suddenly emitted a strong purple-black smoke and quickly expanded.

Soon, it turned from a bracelet to a necklace.

The skulls on it also became extremely clear.

These were clearly real human skulls.

Purple-black flames burned in the eye sockets of the skulls, and purple-black blood tears kept flowing out of them.


They looked incomparably evil.

“Help me, help me!” Huyan Chanyu shouted in horror.

“Haha, sure, sure! Hahaha!” One of the skulls suddenly laughed sinisterly.

Then, the skull flew down from the necklace, opened its mouth, and bit off the heads of the two Deity Realm experts!

“Hahahaha! Ahahahaha!”

An even more sinister laughter came from the necklace of skulls.

The dozens of skulls opened their mouths and let out a hair-raising laughter.

At the same time, a purple-black flame burned on the skull that was at the middle of the necklace.

It burned to the clouds in the sky almost instantly, turning the sky within a few kilometers purple-black.

Day turned into night!

On the city wall of Yunshu County.

Chen Tong and Meng Zhang looked at the world-shaking phenomenon in shock and asked in unison, “Lord Overseer, what should we do now!”

They had never seen such an evil thing before.

“This purple-black aura…” Cui Heng was still calm.

He stared at the purple-black flame that burned the clouds.

“It looks a little familiar.”


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