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Chapter 119 Shattering an Immortal Weapon with a Flick of a Finger, 300,000 Feet from the Earth (2)

Regardless of whether this relationship was real or fake.

Since Cui Heng said this now, it meant that he had already wanted to kill him.

Against such an enemy, he naturally had to strike first.

Rather than dying directly, it was better to risk a fight.

Before facing Cui Heng, Wang Donglin had always thought of escaping.

However, when he really faced Cui Heng, especially after knowing about the feud between Cui Heng and the Wang Family…

He became very decisive again.

The saber in Wang Donglins hand was a supreme treasure that only Angels from the Upper World could hold.

It was a Human Immortal grade Immortal weapon.

It was extremely powerful!

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Therefore, even a Human Immortal would lose half his life if his throat was cut by this saber.

This was why Wang Donglin dared to take a gamble.

So what if Cui Heng had the great divine power to move mountains and fill seas Was he definitely stronger than a Human Immortal in close combat

Moreover, when he attacked, Wang Donglin also used all his divine treasures.

He could sense Cui Hengs emotional state.

The force increased the strength of the scimitar.

It restrained and controlled the Heaven Earth Essence Energy to restrain Cui Heng, causing his movements to become sluggish.

The flames ignited a layer of scorching flames on the scimitar, increasing its lethality.

… •


When these abilities were used at the same time, the various effects overlapped, immediately increasing Wang Donglins aura by several times, almost reaching the strength of an ordinary Seventh level Qi Refinement cultivator.

Therefore, as he waved his saber, the saber light was extremely destructive!

A 1,000-foot-long half-moon-shaped light burst forth from the blade.

The airflow that leaked out from it swallowed the eight Wang Family heads behind him, instantly leaving behind balls of blood mist.


With a loud bang, the meeting hall not far away was instantly flattened by the power of the saber beam.

A chasm that was dozens of feet deep spread in all directions with Wang Donglin as the center.

The 1,000-foot-long half-moon saber beam was undoubtedly the most powerful.

It was the core of this attack.

It locked onto Cui Heng and slashed over.


Wang Donglin aimed at Cui Hengs neck and roared at the top of his lungs.

At this moment, his confidence was surprisingly inflated.

Wang Donglin, who was holding the Human Immortal scimitar, could clearly feel that his strength had become countless times stronger, far surpassing any Deity Realm expert.

He even had the illusion that he might be able to kill Cui Heng.

However, just as this seemingly invincible saber light was a foot in front of Cui Heng, Cui Heng suddenly raised his right hand, bent his middle finger, and gently flicked it forward.


The sound of metal clashing suddenly sounded.

This sound shook ones mind and made ones scalp tingle.

The thousand-foot-long saber beam instantly shattered into countless light fragments that scattered in all directions.

It did not cause any damage to Cui Heng at all.

At the same time, the Human Immortal-level scimitar in Wang Donglins hand shattered into countless metal fragments and fell to the ground, turning into a pile of scrap metal.

He looked at Cui Heng in horror, his entire body trembling with extreme fear.

This was a Human Immortal grade Immortal weapon!

Its essence was equivalent to a Human Immortal!

To destroy an Immortal weapon of this level was almost equivalent to killing a Human Immortal!

He killed a Human Immortal with just a flick of his finger!

This was too ridiculous!

However, the power produced by Cui Hengs flick was far from this.


After the saber light and myriad Dao were shattered, Wang Donglin suddenly heard a deafening bang behind him.

This made his body suddenly tense up as he subconsciously turned around.

Then he saw the end of the land and the sky in the other direction.

Originally, there should have been the ruins of the Meeting Hall behind him, as well as a group of buildings that were more than 3,000 feet long.

Now, there was only a huge deep ditch that stretched for 3,000 feet and was more than 100 feet wide.

Everything on it had turned into nothingness.

Even Wang Huaiyi, who had just luckily dodged the saber beam, was reduced to ashes by the power of this flick of the finger.

When the remaining Wang Family members saw this scene, they all knelt on the ground and trembled, not even daring to breathe loudly.

What did it mean to be powerful

This was called power!



Wang Donglin finally gave up resisting.

He knelt on the ground and crawled in front of Cui Heng.

He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

“Kill me.”

“Youre not begging for mercy” Cui Heng looked down at Wang Donglin and chuckled.

At the same time, he saw a thick gray light on Wang Donglins body.

This was the light that symbolizes sorrowful emotion, and it was filled with complete despair.

“You said that youre Perfected Hengxia and Heavenly King Hongwus master.

How can I still expect to live” Wang Donglin smiled miserably.

“You dont have to ask me anything.

I wont say anything.”

“Is that so” Cui Heng smiled without saying anything.

He used his Dharmic powers to make the land under his feet start flying upwards again.


Wang Donglin suddenly heard another loud bang coming from the ground beneath his


At the same time, strong wind poured down from above again.

This time, the wind force was even stronger than before, so much so that he could not even raise his head.

It was rising again!

Wang Donglin could clearly feel that the Wang Familys mansion and the land below had actually begun to rise again.

They were already 40,000 feet in the air just now.

Where would they be if they flew any higher!

What was Cui Heng trying to do!

Gradually, Wang Donglin felt his body become heavier and heavier, and it became more and more difficult to breathe.

The extreme cold also began to corrode his body.

The power of the Deity Realm was no longer enough for him to protect him and let him survive this high up in the sky.

But the mansion was still rising!

Gradually, even the sunlight disappeared.

Wang Donglin felt as if he had fallen into an eternal night.

He looked around from the corner of his eye, but all he saw was darkness.

He couldnt even see his fingers.

“Is this still the sky” His breathing had stopped, and his consciousness was blurring.

The thoughts in his mind had become very slow.

“Or am I already dead”

At this moment, Wang Donglin suddenly felt his eyes light up, as if he had suddenly gone from extreme night to day.

He saw Cui Hengs figure again, and he could clearly see his surroundings.

This place seemed to be still high in the sky.

The land below was still rising.

But strangely, there was no hurricane coming from above.

Around him were countless colors mixed together.

They were either rings of light or belts of light.

They collided with each other and burst out with dazzling lightning, illuminating everything here.

However, the light that had just lit up quickly disappeared, and the strange scene of countless strange colors disappeared from Wang Donglins eyes.

Everything in front of him became extremely dark again.

Wang Donglin felt his heart sink into a bottomless abyss again.

Falling back into darkness in this environment where light and darkness overlapped and changed made him feel an indescribable sense of fear and despair.

This was extreme mental torture.

“Tell me about the Heavenly Void World, Hongwu, and Hengxia.” Cui Hengs cold voice sounded.

“Tell me everything you know, starting from your own situation.”

The moment Wang Donglin heard Cui Hengs voice, he suddenly felt all the abnormalities in his body disappear.

His breathing returned to normal, and he no longer felt cold.

Even the endless darkness was dispelled by a ball of fire floating above.

“I, Ill talk, Ill say anything!” Wang Donglin took a deep breath.

For the first time, he felt that being able to breathe normally was such a blissful thing.

He originally thought that he would rather die than say anything.

In any case, he would die anyway.

But after what he had just experienced, he realized that he was wrong.

It was a huge mistake!

Even if both results were the same, there were different ways to die!

Wang Donglin calmed himself down a little and took a deep breath again.

“My name is Wang Donglin.

Im a disciple of the Wang Family of the Great Zhou Empire in the Heavenly Void World.

Im the 31st son of the current patriarch.

“As the youngest disciple of the main lineage of the Wang Family in Jiangdong, I once followed my father to the Linjiang Pei Clan, the head of the aristocratic families in the world, to participate in the Heavenly Life Banquet…”


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