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Protagonist Entrusted His Mother To Me ??? Chapter 14: Li Ziyang **

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Ji Changju walked towards them leisurely, pushed open the door and walked in. The two people who were eating saw the person coming, and their expressions turned were vastly different.

Zhou Yu put down the bowl and chopsticks and trotted over right away. She rested Ji Changjus arm between her boobs and said, "Changju, have you eaten yet? Lets eat together, Ill serve you."

Ji Changju shook his head gently, looked at Li Mingde and said, "Patriarch Li, go out, I have something to talk about with my Yuer."

Li Mingde was eating with his head down. Hearing that, he looked up to find a pair of scary eyes locked into him. He was so frightened that he quickly put down everything in his hand and ran out immediately!

"Pfft... don scare him like that." Zhou Yu laughed charmingly. She had no feelings for Li Mingde, so she didn have any guilt at all.

Ji Changju raised his finger lightly and lifted her smooth chin. "Why, do you feel distressed?"

Zhou Yu pouted. "Bad man, I have already dedicated my everything to you, yet you treat me like this."

"Oh? Thats my mistake, Ill make it up to you right away."

With a wave of his palm, all the food on the table disappeared, leaving only a neat tabletop. He picked up Zhou Yu and placed her on the table. Both her arms on the table supported her figure, and her long slender legs and voluptuous butt hidden only by a few layer of clothing were right in front of Ji Changjus eyes to feast.

Ji Changju looked at her seductive curves carefully with heated eyes and said, "Do you know how alluring you look now? You are making me fall for you all over again."

"Humph, don lie to me. If you love me, why do you bully me…" Zhou Yu asked shyly, turning around too look at him faintly.

"Silly, where am I bullying you? I am just professing my love. Some profess their love by words, I prefer to do it through actions." Saying so, Ji Changju stepped forward and started rubbing his erection over her soft butt. His palms gripped the sides of her slender waist to manoeuver her around.

"You! Stop, its not suitable here, umm, don make trouble…" Zhou Yu asked weakly, and gave some perfunctory resistance.

"In order to compensate you for earlier, I won leave tonight. Actually, I disturbed you when you were eating, so I have to compensate for that as well." After rubbing his erection for some time, Ji Changju was already impatient. As a result, he started taking both their clothes off.

Zhou Yu didn expect this man to be so daring and fearless in doing things. But to be honest, while the thought of having sex where Li family always ate was shameful, she found that her heart was strangely excited?

She was still wondering in her mind if there was something wrong with her when she felt something hot, thick and strong resting directly at the entrance of her lower lips. With how many times they have done it in the past month, she was all to familiar with this sensation.

If they are here, then next…

"Ah!" Sure enough, she felt as if something tore through her body, lodging itself down to her very depths, leaving no room behind.

Ji Changju looked at the place where they were connected at. A little less than a quarter of his shaft was still outside Zhou Yus tunnel, which made him disappointed. Up till now, no woman has been able to withstand all of him.

Soon, however, that feeling of disappointment swept away in the waves of pleasures as he galloped Zhou Yu, riding her hard.

Zhou Yu was already drunk and addicted after a few minutes. She felt that this man must have been sent by the God to punish her, of course… in a good way.

In a pavilion outside, Li Mingde sat down beside a stone table. He sat for more than an hour. Looking at the door of the dining room closed tightly, he couldn help holding his head in frustration and anger.

At this time, a figure was walking by. When he saw Li Mingde sitting by the stone table in a daze, he asked puzzlingly, "Father, why are you here, what about mother?"

Li Mingde, who was brooding in grief, was interrupted by the words. Without even looking, he knew that it was his son. He asked, "Why are you back? Finally done fooling around outside?"

"Father, what do you mean by fooling around? Can I come back to see my parents? You make me look unfilial." Li Ziyang complained.

"Are you short of money again?" Li Mingde understood his sons character very well.

"Hey, now your son is also a big shot in Wang City. Whenever others meet me, they will queue up to give me money and treasures. Im not short of money!" Li Ziyang said arrogantly.

Li Ziyangs words made Li Mingde question, "Why would people give money to you? Ill be grateful if they don beat you for your conducts."

"Hmph, that was before, its different now. Ever since Young Master Ji is staying in our house, the people who used to look down on me now flatters left and right. Even the little girls who didn spare me a glance are now, hehe…" He gave a knowing smile.

Li Mingde reacted after hearing him. Not to mention his son, even he has been quite busy these days, people from all forms of life visit Li Family every day to give gifts.

But when he thought about the cost of this prosperity, he waved his hand impatiently, "Go, your mother is in the room, go by yourself."

"Well, whats going on with dad today? Whatever, a big man like me doesn need to worry about small thing. Lets go to my mother and see if she can introduce me to Young Master Ji." Li Ziyang muttered to himself and went to knock on the door.

"Dang! Dang! Dang! Dear mother, your son is here!"

Zhou Yu, who was dying in the room, heard the shout and hurriedly said, "Changju, dear, husband, good husband, stop now, my son is here."

"Its fine, let him in, he can see it."

Ji Changju withdrew the barrier around the palace and randomly waved his hands. Suddenly, a layer of clouds covered the two of them, leaving only their heads exposed. He then said, "Come in!"

Zhou Yu was flustered by his moves, and she was about to have a heart attack.

Li Ziyang opened the door slowly, and saw the mother he admired lying face down on the table, and a big man was standing behind her. He couldn see anything, but the table was creaking...

"What are you both doing?" He asked stupidly.

Zhou Yu bit her lip, turned her face away, not daring to speak. Ji Changju looked at the kid and said, "Why are you here?"

Li Ziyang finally understood that he had been pitted by Li Mindge. He wanted to find a brick to beat that bastard to death.

What he didn know that the bastard was stand right outside the door, with his ears attached to the walls.

"Im coming to see my mother."

"Oh, it just so happens that your mother and I have something to tell you."

Looking at the table, Li Ziyang cursed inwardly. Talk if you want to talk, why do you want to show that you have been boning my mother?

"Please say it!"

"How about I accept you as my Godson?" Ji Changjus attention was still on Zhou Yu, he kept moving in and out of her tunnel continuously. Throughout the conversation, he didn even took a look at Li Ziyang.

"This..." Although Li Ziyang was a useless playboy, his brain was still functional. If he didn see this scene, he would definitely kowtow and call Godfather. Ji Changjus fame and prestige was too good, after all.

"Why, you don want to?"

A force suddenly pushed Li Ziyang to his knees. Frightened, he immediately called out, "Li Ziyang greets godfather!"

"Remove the god, your mother doesn like it."


Li Ziyang was afraid of death, so he could only call protagonists lines in his heart, Three years in Hedong and Three years in Hexi, don bully the poor and weak!

Ji Changju looked at Zhou Yu and let out a smug smile, the latter bit her lips so hard to endure the scream that threatened to leave her mouth that she almost bled.

Ji Changju waved his hands once more, and Li Ziyang saw countless treasures suddenly appear in front of him, such as spiritual herbs and medicines, weapons and armors, martial arts and more.

Looking at what was in front of him, Li Ziyang stared stupidly. He thought that it was a dream, so pinched himself. Feeling the sting, he thought incredulously, How much are these worth? Even if whole Li Family is sold, it won compare to this.

There were so many Top-Grade Spirit Stones that his eyes almost popped out of the sockets. And the medicinal pills, as soon as he smelled it, he knew that he had never eaten it before; the cultivation techniques here were also top-grade, and the weapons and equipment were at least at the level of clan treasures!

"Father, dear father, you are so kind to your son." Li Ziyang was immediately busy collecting the treasures in his arms.

"Well, remember to cultivate well. In the future, when your mother and I retire, we will count on you. Why don you go and play outside, you see your mother is about to cry..."

Zhou Yu was ashamed. The man behind her was really killing her! How could there be such a brazen bastard in this world?! And she wasn crying! Its just that a bug got into her eyes…

"Yes! I won bother you anymore. Mother, please take good care of my father, goodbye!"

"Look at how filial our son is. Lets work hard and give him a younger sister next year."

Li Ziyang happily took the treasures and left. After closing the door in a hurry, he felt that having such a father was not bad at all. What he didn knew that right after the door was closed, Zhou Yu couldn hold back anymore and trembled violently, spraying vast amount of juices…

The wind was a little cold at night. Li Ziyang, who was very happy, saw Li Mingde who was eating cold wind outside, and he couldn help but move forward to comfort him.

He patted Li Mingde on the shoulder, "Father, cheer up!"

"You know?"

"I saw..."

"Humph, bitch!"

Li Mingdes face was ashen, but he was helpless. Li Ziyang comforted him, "Father, people should be able bend and stretch. Ill take you to red light district to relax, come with me."

"You go, I want to be alone now."

"Hey, being robbed of your wife isn the end of the world. What really matters is that you don lose your spirit after knowing it. If you want, you can rob others woman too. Anyway, I can see that mother is already enjoying her life with father, why should you remain alone?"

Hearing his sons words, Li Mingde felt that it did made some sense, especially the three words "Rob others woman" made Li Mingde particularly excited. Thinking about the elders who used to bully him every day, a sinister thought brew inside his mind… Don you old stuff love to bully, he will bully too…

But suddenly, Li Mingde caught onto something and asked, "You just said father... which father?"

"Ah? Did I say it? Actually, I just recognised a new father inside the room, so... Anyway, I have something to do, Im going." Li Ziyang confessed and ran away.

"You little bastard, Ill beat you to death!" Li Mingde was furious and chased after him.

"Whats wrong with recognising him as father? He gave you a green hat anyway... ah, Im sorry, I was kidding, stop beating!"

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