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Chapter 3498: Going to Make A Fortune (3)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Ah—!” Huang Yueli was taken aback and turned to glared at Li Moying, “You… what are you doing Let me down!”

Li Moying looked at the faint shadow under her eyes with distress, and whispered: “Dont think I didnt see it, you spent too much mental energy and you cant stand still You almost fell on a stone just now… ”

Huang Yueli didnt expect that her foot was bruised just now, but it was just a small episode, which was also noticed by Li Moying.

Her heart suddenly warmed, but after seeing the guards behind Li Moying who looked up at the sky very awkwardly, her face flushed again.

She pushed Li Moyings chest, “Thats just… its just that I didnt stand firm for a while.

Im all right, you let me down! Without me taking you away, you would easily step on the wrong side.

Wherever you go, its dangerous!”


However, Li Moying held her firmly with both hands and did not move.

Huang Yuelis strength acting on him was like tickling him.

“You just tell me how to go, I will never go wrong.”


“Look, its getting dark, dont waste any more time.”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli couldnt help but glared at Li Moying angrily again.

This man had the audacity to say that she wasted time!

Who the hell picked her up suddenly If it wasnt for his whim, they wouldnt have to argue here at all, alright

Li Moying was stunned by his little fox, but he was very thick-skinned and showed no guilty conscience at all.

He still looked directly at his beloved wife in his arms with a firm attitude.

Helpless, Huang Yueli could only cover her face, pretending that Li Tianyi and the others didnt exist, “Then… thats fine.

But you must listen to me and dont go wrong! Otherwise, we will all die.

Its gone!”

Li Moying glanced at her disdainfully, “You said this because you dont believe in your husbands strength”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and snorted, “Your strength is no problem, but if you love to be brave, thats all!”

Li Moying was quite nervous at first, but after hearing this, she immediately shrank her neck in guilt.

The day before yesterday, when they had just entered the Wilderness Lands, he was almost buried by the array because he was eager to catch the person who was following them…

“Alright, alright, Ill listen to you! When did I not listen to you” Li Moying raised his chin arrogantly.

Looking at the mans pursed lips, Huang Yueli couldnt help but laugh a little.

“Alright then, lets take three steps to the southeast first…”

Huang Yueli lay in Li Moyings arms, commanding slowly.

Li Moying was of the same mind with her, and he could fulfill every instruction of Huang Yuelis perfectly, without the slightest mistake.

Huang Yueli was still a little worried, and stared at Li Moyings feet nervously.

However, after Li Moying took a dozen steps, she was completely relieved.

As soon as her mind relaxed, her body also relaxed.

She adjusted her position in Li Moyings arms, and leaned comfortably against his muscular chest, the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

She was really lucky to have found a husband like this, he could do everything, and also listened and respected her…

“East… Take off the devil stone on the right, dont move the one on the left… Then take three steps to the southwest… Alright, here it is…”

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