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Pindos in the daytime.

I stroll around the city, and when I walked in front of the brothel, my name was called.

Orthia, a prostitute, was looking down from the second floor as usual.

She was always, waving a charming smile.

“Hey hey, just a little bit.”

“From broad daylight”

“Please, I have something to ask Hermes-chan.”

“I’m scared when someone tells me that they want to ask me.”

Memories with Orthia ran through my brain.

There are a lot of things that I don’t want to be involved in, so I don’t want to get included in such a time.

“Really please, Hermes-chan is the richest of my customers.”


Money hah.

In that case…… it’s fine to listen to her.

After all, I have to act like a prodigal head to some extent.

There might be a merit if it’s like spreading money to a brothel.



Her charming smile became even further happier.

I thought that such a smile was her business tool, and also weapon.

When I entered the establishment, I told the brothel old madam that I choose Orthia, and I was guided to her room.

As I entered the room, Orthia, who ambushed me, hugs me.

“Hermes-chan! I have a once-in-a-lifetime request”

“What is it, tell me.”

“Uhmm well, an incredible Saké has entered this city.”

“Incredible sake”

“Yup! You see, there are a lot of people who drink alcohol at the Brothel.

But the Brothel doesn’t have anything other than cheap sake, and after receiving an order, we have them brought from the liquor store.”

“I’ve heard something about that.”

And I urge Orthia to go ahead with my face.

“Yesterday, an incredible sake came into the liquor store.

It’s a 100-year-old wine, and one bottle is about half a year’s income for the common people.”

While she was talking, Orthia, who was still hugging me, begged me with her wet eyes, while looking up.

“Please, I want to drink it at least once.”

“So you’re saying, that you want to drink an expensive sake with my money.”


I see.

“Is that all”

“If you let me drink it, I will give you a great service! It’s fine wherever you use me, so”

“Well, that’s fine.”

I was prepared to fall in a trap, but if that’s the case, there’s no problem.

Being extravagant on going to the Brothel, that’s what I want to do now.

“Alright, bring that.

With two glasses.”


Since it was 100 years old, the wine was quite delicious.

It was splendid than I expected, I made an additional order after opening it.

While drinking, Orthia made a happy face like I’ve never seen before.

Either she was overcome with emotions, or fell in ecstasy.

As I was thinking about it, she returned to herself and hugged me and said “Thank you Hermes-chan!”.

The sake was delicious, then I was hugged and the soft and nice smell made me feel doubly happy.

In the end, five of them were opened with the two of us by sunset, and I left the brothel with a fluffy and good feeling.

At night, Mimis was waiting for me when I came back to the mansion.

“Where did you go, Head―― muh, you were drinking huh.”

On the doorstep, Mimis who ran up to me who entered into the mansion, knitted his eyebrows, frowning.

“Ah, just a little.

Did you look for me”

“Actually, a royal command has arrived from the kingdom.”

“Royal command”


Her Queen Royal Highness is in the mood for a Snow dragon fruit, and His Majesty the King ordered this house to give it to him immediately.

“Snow Dragon Fruit…… Hic”

It’s a name I’ve heard.

What was that again.

“There is a perennial snow that never melts near the summit of Kerins Mountain, which is within our territory.

It’s a fruit that can only be harvested there.”

“Ah, it was it was”

Pon¸ I clap my hands.

Indeed, there was such a thing.

It’s a rare object, so even though it was said that it is our specialty, it’s scarce to come out on the market.

“They want that huh.”


However, unreasonableness is also good to address it.

Kerins Mountain is, in a sense, a natural fortress, a dangerous place where you have to organize an expedition.

To get it right away is―― “

“Hic! In short, it’s good if I take that.”

“That’s right, but.”

“Understood, leave it to me.


Leaving a surprised Mimis for some reason, I got out of the mansion with my feet.


Kerins Mountain ―― I’m sure it was in this direction.

I know that mountain.

I can climb that place, even if I got considerably drunk, I guess.

I mean~~fly to that.

The morning sun pierces the back of my eyelid.

I who was awakened by that, got up and stretched.


I was sleeping in bed but I wasn’t in my pajamas, I still what I looked like when I went out yesterday.

Why did I sleep without changing clothes …… Ah I remembered.

Yesterday, I got on Orthia’s demand, and drunk a good amount of sake.

Well, it was a delicious sake that only jumps for 100 years.

When it arrives again, let’s go to Orthia and drink it.

It’s a waste of money, and that’s what I need now.

I got out of bed thinking so, and left the room, trying to head to the bathroom to flush the remaining liquor.

“Good morning, as one would expect of Hermes”

As soon as I left the room, I came across nee-san.

Unlike this way, she is dressed in her usual dress.

That’s fine, but,

“What suddenly happened, nee-san.

It’s scary if you send me a praise first thing.”

Yesterday, Orthia was good because it was a materialistic request, but in the case of nee-san, I have a really bad feeling when she praises me.

Moreover, it’s payment in advance. (TN: Means that he already did what she was saying)

Let’s not ride no matter what she said, that’s what I decided, but.

“I heard it you know, that you climbed Mount Kerins overnight and picked up a Snow dragon fruit.”


What’s that.

“Ara, perhaps you don’t remember”

“…… Did I, do something”

I have a bad hunch.

Actually, I don’t remember much after drinking with Orthia, so because of that, I had a bad feeling.

“His Majesty the King ordered that he wants a Snow dragon fruit, so Hermes quickly picked it up.”


Did I do that.

Did I do such a thing.

Have I done such a thing!!!

“Mimis was surprised, you know, even if you were drunk, you climbed the Kerins mountain and came back that evening.”


“As expected of Hermes”

“I did it …… that’s right! The Snow dragon fruit!”

That’s the problem.

Mimis is good, it can’t be helped now, and since he’s my vassal, I can deceive him afterwards.

The problem is the royal command.

“It was taken to the royal capital right away.

The matter that you got it overnight, I wonder if it’s already in His Majesty’s ears.”

“……what the hell”

It’s the getting drunk momentum …… it’s really “what the hell”……


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