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Chapter 75

Demon King, Start

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


One afternoon, on the way home from the brothel of Orthia.

I was wandering the streets of Pindos at random when I saw a person.


Instantly, a chill runs down my spine.

The next thing I knew I had my sword drawn. Victory goes to the one who makes the first move.

I knew that if I didn’t do it, I would be the one to get hit.


I pulled out my sword, jumped, and slashed at the child.




A metallic sound echoed, and sparks flew out.

My slash was guarded haphazardly by the arm she raised casually.


“What the hell is it, you’re suddenly being rude”


The young girl caught my blow and was indignant.

She is even younger than Midea, and her long, thin twin-tails of hair tied on either side add to her young appearance.

Furthermore, the child is in a sweet shop, with a pile of containers around her like a mountain indicating the amount of food she has eaten.


I was not fooled by those looks.


It was because of the warning sound that echoed in my brain from the moment I saw her, and the force that stopped my full force blow as if nothing had happened.

She isn’t simply a human, she is definitely the strongest human being I have ever met.

She is several shots better than the Dragon King’s shadow.


“What are you What are you doing in this place”

“I don’t have to answer that.

It was a good blow, so I’ll let it slide.”


Responding, I shake off my sword without hesitation,


“I don’t think so.

I’m the lord of this city.

I can’t leave a dangerous existence like you alone.”



The girl who returned to her pastries stopped her hand and stared at me, as she was thinking about my words.


Meanwhile, the people around me started buzzing.

The lord with his sword drawn and unleashed, and the girl he is glaring at.

The number of onlookers gradually began to increase, which was no doubt because of the unusual appearance.


If it stays like this, they’ll get involved, so we have to scatter――.


“I see, so you’re a Canoe man”


“Yup, yup, I know I’ve seen you before.

I see, I see, you have good prospects than the previous guy, Miros.”

“Miros-niisan …… you know him, huh.

Who the hell are you”

“What you’re calling me is rude, you know.

Call me Kaori, I’m properly your auntie.”



It was the first time I’d heard that name, and I think it was a type of name I wasn’t familiar with.




The owner of the sweet shop, and the onlookers around me, became even more boisterous.

What does this mean


“Ka,Kaori-sama…… the Demon King-sama, right”

“Muh…… that’s right ……”


Excuse me for not knowing that.

I’ll bring you a replacement right away, so please wait.”


The shopkeeper hurriedly retreated into the store, and the surroundings got even more buzzing.

……Demon King


Kaori, whom my surroundings are very afraid of, was glaring at me.


“You exposed me, so you must take some responsibility.”



What the hell is going on



In the living room of the mansion.

Kaori ordered me to leave the sweet shop and take her to my mansion instead, because she was getting too much attention after that and couldn’t eat quietly.


She had no right to order me to do so, but I knew better than to let her go on a rampage, so I brought her back to the mansion obediently.


“Err, so…… Can you explain it a little more clearly What’s a Demon king”

“Don’t you know I am the head of Comotria, the second Demon King, Kaori.”

“……the king of Comotria, what does it mean”

“Exactly what it sounds”

“Even if you say that it’s exactly what it sounds, what is a Demon King in the first place ――”


As I was about to ask further, the living room door was opened without knocking.

Midea appeared and she looked at me.


“I finally found you, Master.

You promised to give me practice today, right, where have you been”


As it was, she walked briskly into the living room.


“Wait a minute, I’m with someone right now”

“What is this child, this kid has an appointment with you before me”

“This child”


Kaori’s eyebrows jumped.

Dangerous ―― that’s what I thought, but I couldn’t make it in time.


“Oy, you”

“What the――”



Something staggering grazed Midea’s cheek and blew half the wall behind her ―― or rather the mansion.



“You’re lucky.

If it weren’t for my mother’s advice, you’d be in cinders by now.”



Fuhn, Kaori sniffs.

Midea, on the other hand, was absentminded.


“Oy! You okay, Midea”

“Shishou ……”

“What’s wrong, were you hit somewhere”

“I…… have experienced things all over again from the time I was born until today.”

“Your memories were flashing before your eyes!”

“Ah, I see.

This is a phenomenon in which time is condensed in the presence of a fellow master.


“Wait a minute, that’s not quite right.

Come back to me, Midea.”



Midea walks out of the collapsed wall with a vacant look in her eyes.

I’m worried about her too, but right now, it’s this girl.


“Who the hell are you, really”

“You call me Obaa-chan(Auntie).

What generation of Canoe are you”

“Eh Err…… 10 …… maybe, I don’t know”


I don’t remember it subtly.


“I am your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather ―― in other words, I’m a half-sibling to the first generation.”


“In other words, grand, grand, grand―― aunt.

It’s hard to call it, so it’s okay for you to call me aunt”

“My grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather, you said …… how old are you ――”




Something invisible grazed my cheek.

Behind me, the half-destroyed mansion was blown away by another half.


The index finger was sticking out of Kaori’s hand.

Something that was released with her one finger blew up the mansion.


“It is impolite to ask a lady how old she is.”

“No, no, no”

“I don’t remember it after having a hundred”

“I’m sure that’s true!”


I look at Kaori again.

She has a young appearance and a thin body here and there.


My sister, or rather, if I, a nobleman, had married early in the political marriage route, she looks old enough to be my daughter.

She’s a …… big, big, big ―― aunt


But it does not appear to be a lie.

In the first place, that two super-attacks are inhuman.

It seems that, she is a long-lived species called “Demon King”.


I sighed.


“Okay, okay, well, um, Aunt(obaa-san) ―― ” (TN: Respectful way of saying aunt in japanese)


Chudo ―― gakiin!


The third super attack, this time I was able to react just in time.

I drew my sword and flicked the flying mass of power right above my head.


“Fuh…… if that hit, the mansion would have been completely destroyed.

What is it this time”

“Aunt(obaa-san) is no good.

Call me auntie(obaa-chan) properly” (TN: Maybe I should use obaa-chan from here on)

“I can’t tell the difference!”

“More than that, you repelled it……”


“You repelled my attack”

“Well, if you see the same thing three times, you can cope with it at one point at least ……”


Was that bad just now Have I done something wrong

Maybe the fact that I repelled it has touched her pride and made her upset


If that’s the case, this is bad, I thought so, as I braced myself with my sword in my hand.




“Alright, I’m going home for today.”



Against all expectations, Kaori was not upset.

Learn more



Rather, she made a smiley face.




And then, with a good-mood gait, she burst out through the wall on the other side, jumped out, and flew away in the sky.


“…… At least get out from the place you’ve broken.”


She appeared like a storm and left like a storm.

I had made the mistake of plunging into such Kaori.



A few days later, the audience hall was half-destroyed and was being rebuilt.


I was working with Mimis and my other vassals in my office properly.

I appropriately deceived them about the destruction of the mansion.

I felt that if I mentioned Kaori, it would become unnecessary trouble I’ll bring upon myself, so I had to resort to forceful techniques to cover it up.


Perhaps that is why the eyes of Mimis and the others seem colder than usual.



It’s from the neighboring country, but the Demon King of Comotoria has begun to move.”



A timely name came up.


“The Demon King of Comotoria”


Not that this is directly relevant, but just in case.”

“Please explain it in a more understandable way.

What the heck is the Demon King of Comotoria”

“It is a little-known fact that the Demon King of Comotoria does not move because of the previous Demon King’s will that she herself should not move until she finds an equal existence.

That’s why, the Demon King reigned for hundreds of years, but she retreated to Comotoria, and ended up in peace.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”


I asked about the Demon king of Comotoria, but Mimis explained about the demon king’s actions.


He didn’t answer my question, but on the contrary, I heard a number of dangerous words.

Perhaps, like that, a bad premonition crossed my mind.


“Ahaha, no way.”


So I thought.

Then a gatekeeper rushed in from the outside.


The gatekeeper whispered to Mimis, not directly to me.

Mimis’ complexion changed.



“Wha,what is it”


Gulped, I swallowed my saliva.


“It was from a messenger of His Majesty.

He was wondering, if the incident with the Demon King is true.”

“Oh no!”


It’s about me huh, as expected it’s about me!


“In other words …… the Demon King started to move …… because she saw the head as someone equal ……”

“Oh no ……”


I crestfallenly hung my head.


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