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Chapter 74

Official Harem

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


One afternoon, as I was walking down the corridor of the mansion, I heard some voices, as if they were arguing about something.

As I approach the voice to see what’s going on, I hear it coming from inside the living room that my sister usually uses.


Moreover, the voice I can hear.


“Why am I not good!”



Her voice is still young, but it has a strong core.

She is the granddaughter of Perseus, the Sword Saint, and my gatecrasher apprentice, Midea.


I can also hear a voice saying something to that Midea, but this is my sister’s voice.

I can tell it’s my sister, but unlike Midea, I can’t understand the contents through the door.


“I can’t agree with that!”


Again, I clearly heard Midea’s voice through the door.

Curious as to what it was about, I knocked on the door.


“Who is it”

“It’s me, nee-san”

“Hermes Come in”


I open the door and go inside.

In the room, which was arranged with the assumption that the furnishings were comfortable, I saw two people: my sister sitting down and Midea standing up and drawing closer to my sister.


“What’s wrong, Hermes”

“That;s my line.

I could hear you arguing all the way down the hall.

What’s going on”

“I won’t listen to this girl asking to be in the 『Team Beauty』.”

“Team Beauty What’s that, I’ve never heard that term before.”

“It’s one of the distinctions between HHM48.”

“That story is still alive! Or rather, aren’t you being more specific!”


I retorted with such a momentum that my voice seemed to turn inside out.


Immediately after I met the Phantom Troupe, I asked her to look into them, and she misunderstood me as being that type and said she was going to build my harem to get me back on the right track.


That is the HHM48―― Hermes Harem.


To be honest, I assumed it was an ad hoc* story, a joke. (TN: Created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.)


“Midea, I’ve said it many times, you are in the best position to be in the 『Team Truth』.

Forcing yourself to join Team Beauty will only bury your goodness.”

“But, uhh……”


Midea moans and groans.

Her childish face turned red and her cheeks puffed out.

She looks quite frustrated.


“Or rather, I didn’t even know that there is such a thing as Team Truth.

How much concrete progress have you made, nee-san”

“The team is only composed of three.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Only these three.”

“It’s not just about that, though.

What does that division mean”


I glance at Midea as I say this.

Since she doesn’t want to be on Team Truth, she strongly appeals directly to nee-san to join Team Beauty; the classification must have a proper meaning, a meaning that Midea cares enough about.



Truth is ability.

It can be knowledge or martial arts.

The girls on this team are chosen for their ability, to stay close to Hermes, and being worthy to be his company.”

“I see.

Midea’s swordsmanship is outstanding.”

“Yes, so I told her to stay in the Truth, but she insisted on joining Beauty and wouldn’t listen.”

“By the way, beauty is ―― as the word says”



Nee-san nodded. Out of nowhere, she retrieved photos of women she had taken out magically.

All of them look like first-class beauties.


“This is beauty.

Dare I say it badly, they’re flower vase” (TN: I have no idea what he means)

“That’s a really bad way to put it.”


I involuntarily smile and giggle.

They’re probably the opposite of Truth. I guess they have been chosen just for their beauty and appearance.

That is why I called them “flower vase”.


“…… Destroy big breasts”


Midea blurted out something.

It was in my ears, but my brain’s automatic defense, made me not understand it.


“S,striking while the iron is hot”


To divert the conversation, I ask my sister further.


“Un, for example, this child.”


Nee-san takes out another photo.


“Isn’t this…… a kid”

“It’s the ace of team Goodness.

A child to heal Hermes with strong motherhood and high receptivity.

That is goodness.”

“How can such a young child be maternal!”


I did the best quip of the day. My voice clearly turned inside out.

To be frank, she is even younger than Midea, you could even call her a child.


You’re saying…… motherhood


“You can be spoiled by this girl by calling her 『mama …… 』.”

“I won’t! I won’t call such a little girl mama.”

“You’re simply saying that now”


My sister chuckled with hidden meaning.


Eh, what Is she really maternal Am I destined to call this little girl “mama ……”


A shiver ran down my spine, and I hurriedly deflected the topic for the second time today.


“Even so, you really recommended her.

And you must have picked her out of quite a few people to be able to classify them that way, right”


I have been getting more and more candidates lately, so I’m sifting through them and scooping out the clear top.”

“It’s increasing more and more recently Why”

“Did you know that the Phantom troupe and another mysterious band of righteous thieves have been active in the dark these days”


Well, if it’s just the story.”


I responded in iridescence.

Aside from the Phantom troupe, the other one ―― the Guardian Chivalrous Thieves army that is working with His Majesty the King, must not be discovered by nee-san either.


“Therefore, the lives of the common people, especially the peasants, improved, and more and more places began to release their surplus labor.”

“I was caught in my own trap!!!”


I didn’t think I was the cause of my own problem.


Unbeknownst to me, it appears that I have been involved in my sister’s HHM48.



“What’s the matter, Sensei, you’re looking absentminded.”


At Retim’s palace, in the courtyard.

Once a week, I come to practice with His Majesty the King, and during this time’s practice, His Majesty asked me curiously.


“Eh Ah sorry”

“What’s troubling you If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll take it away.”


“Isn’t it the relationship between me and sensei”

“Your majesty……”


The king looked at me and smiled.

That’s right, I have heard that it is disrespectful to have more concubines than the king.

It is not stipulated by law, but for some reason, the nobility tends to be more self-restrained.


Then …… let’s talk to him and ask His Majesty to give a command to my sister to stop her.


With that in mind, I told His Majesty about HHM48.

My harem, which was created under my sister’s initiative, is already nearly 300 in number, and it is organized into teams of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

When I heard that from my sister, I confessed that it was bothering me.


I didn’t forget to add nuances that it was causing me trouble here and there.


His Majesty heard it all the way through without saying a word.


“I see.

So that’s what happened.”

“Yes, that’s why ――”

“All right, I’ll send one of my people to that.”

“――What is this to you, your Majesty!”


The conversation, once again, went off in the other direction.


“Wha,what do you mean by sending your people”

“What’s with that wondering face.

It’s just the story of a king giving a queen to his vassals, isn’t it”

“Eh No well…… that’s, true, but……”


Certainly, it’s on the level of “that’s true”.


A king sometimes bestows a queen from his inner palace on his vassals ―― a so-called present.

In the Kingdom of Aegina, it is so commonplace that you would expect that to be the first thing that happens when you make a war achievement or something like that.


It is an honorable story.


“It’s a great way to show the world the connection between me and sensei, killing two birds with one stone.”


As His Majesty said, it is a variant of a political marriage, so to speak, which strengthens the closeness and ties between the king and his subjects.

This is all too common in the aristocracy.


It is but…….

I didn’t expect I’ll meet this trend.


“Ah, rest assured, it’s fine, sensei.”


“I won’t give a bad woman.

Candidate I will give you a child who can rise to the top with her own talents.”

“It’s an even more amazing story!”

“I’ll have to make a selection as soon as possible.

Fufu, I have a biased taste, so there are a lot of untouched women in the inner palace.”


It’s worth choosing.

His Majesty the King said so and left in a good mood.


To say that the King will personally bestow one person to HHM48, would mean that HHM48 will be officially recognized.


……what the hell.


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