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While moving my pen in the study, my sister came into the room after knocking.



“What are you doing, Hermes A letter”


She slowly approaches my desk and peeks at my hand while maintaining her graceful posture.


“This is……”

“A letter of resignation.

To ask His Majesty to allow me to resign from being his instructor——”



Nee-san snatched the paper I was writing on, rolled it up with her hand in flowing motion, and tossed it out the window in a magnificent form.


“Ahh! What are you doing, nee-san”

“That’s my line! Has Hermes somehow lost his mind You can’t stop being the King’s swordsmanship instructor, you know”



I was about to say that “It’s Lina’s fault,” but I clammed up.


Lina is trying to find a master and bring him into a “battle of the masters”.

To avoid that, I thought I should stop being His Majesty the King’s instructor in swordsmanship.


There is a good chance of me winning here.


When men share secrets about “bad things”, they have a strange sense of solidarity.

Now that I’m in the Guardian Chivalrous Thieves army, there’s a very good chance that His Majesty the King will easily stop me from being his swordsmanship instructor.


So I tried to do that, but……


“Why is it no good, nee-san”

“It’s obvious.

What the heck do you think you are doing Please tell me properly why you are doing this.”


She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

I felt the spirit of “I’m not leaving this place until you tell it to me” in her.


“……Actually, it’s about Lina.”



Nee-san, who puts her hands down from her hips, wonders.


Since she knows that “I don’t want to get serious”, I thought that it was okay for me to talk about it, and so, I told her that Lina was trying to find a mentor to get me to get serious.


“Haa…… so that’s what happened again.”


Nee-san sighed and looked at me with amazed eyes.


“Because I don’t want to, you know, get serious.”

“That said, your resignation as the swordsmanship instructor would draw more attention.”


My sister, who also knows why I don’t want to get serious, came at me with one critical point.


“Wha,what do you mean”

“For you to quit after only a short time and without doing any mistakes is like saying, ‘Please confer to me a full course of rumors with too much exaggerations』.”

“Ugh…… Tha,that might be”


Nee-san is right, that might get more attention.

I was in too much of a hurry to imagine that.


“……Do you really want to avoid getting serious with the sword”


“All right, then, I’ll show you a better way.”



I bite at it.

Nee-san’s face was full of self-confidence.


This scheming nee-san, her confidence seemed so dependable.



In the Retim’s Palace, at the audience room.


His Majesty the King was sitting on his throne, while I was waiting at a little distance.

And Lina, was kneeling in front of His Majesty.


“Today, I’m the only one who summoned you.

Sensei told me that you were looking for a master of swordsmanship.”



Lina was on her knees, her head hanging down ―― while glaring at me with sideways glances.

While glaring at me, she responds to His Majesty the King.


“I’ve hit upon on some people right now.

So before long――”

“Sensei suggested that you join us.”



Lina looks up.

She looked at His Majesty the King with a vacant, scowling face.


“Here you have the best sensei in the kingdom, you don’t have to bother learning from others.”

“But Your Majesty”

“I am glad that you are willing to take up the sword again.”



Lina bowed her head again and glared at me sideways again.

I turned my face away and whistled soundlessly.


“I don’t think there’s a need for you to be reluctant.

You will be a good rival and a good stimulus for me.”


His Majesty the King took his time and drove Lina into a corner.


It was from the idea that nee-san taught me; that is to advise His Majesty to make Lina my disciple too.

If I offer her an apprenticeship to a swordsmanship instructor directly from His Majesty the King, Lina can’t refuse, and if she apprentices herself to me, she won’t be able to find another master.


I thought it was a good idea, so I immediately came to the Royal Capital and asked His Majesty for a favor.

When I asked His Majesty to keep the reason secret, he got very flippant and hurriedly summoned Lina, and here we are.


“I accept”

“Yes, thank goodness.”

“Indeed, I’m going to teach you, and you two are sibling apprentices from now on.

Don’t be shy when we practice, okay”

“Got it”


Lina reluctantly accepted it.

Meanwhile, His Majesty, in a good mood, turned to me.


“But how did Sensei know about it”


“About Lina’s qualities”



Is it that thing

I guess the reason why he made Lina my apprentice, was because “He doesn’t want to leave her to anyone else because of her talent” just like that. Is it about that


Err…… that’s…… hmm.


“It’s the way she carries herself, I guess.”


“I sensed such qualities in the way Lina-sama carried herself.

It’s unpolished, like a rough diamond.”


It was a complete random speech.

I have never felt such a thing from her.




“Umu, as expected of sensei.”



For some reason, His Majesty was in a very good mood.


“Lina, is as gifted as I am.”


“But it was kept secret.

No, she won’t even try to hold a sword.

Therefore, I am the only one who knows of her talent.”

“……Secret, is it”


Stunned, I look at Lina.

Lina is still a bit sulky.


“Really…… what is this”


She has no training, but she still has natural talent and a good eye.

That’s why I sent her on the inspection mission at the time with sensei.

I was wondering if Sensei really took down the Slime lord.”



Come to think of it, that happen.

I mean, that’s where she even found out that I wasn’t being serious.

Lina’s talent …… it seems that it’s true.




“Endeavor yourself in training, and together, you and I will show the whole world how good Sensei is at teaching.”

“Your will”


Before I knew it, Lina and His Majesty were getting excited, leaving me behind.


Perhaps …… perhaps …….

Have I dug my own grave again ……


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