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Chapter 69

Done It with a Sense of Paralysis, Now I Regret It

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


At the familiar brothel in the city of Pindus.

Inside Orthia’s room, I am facing Kyorus.

Orthia, the owner of the room, watched our conversation from a distance, as if she were a chaste wife.


“So that’s what that was all about.

…… As expected of Aniki”


When I returned to Pindos, after the whole Guardian Chivalrous Thieves thing was over, I called up Kyorus and explained what had happened that night.


“You were very helpful at that time, to get us on the same page.”

“I was very surprised, but I knew there must be a reason for Aniki to wear a disguise.”

“Hence, that happened but……”

“I discussed it with everyone and decided that when Aniki shows up, we will treat you with respect.”

“Is that okay It’ll lower the stock of the Phantom Troupe.”

“It’s no problem”


Kyorus was smirking.


“Aniki…… Ah, it’s the policy of our old Aniki, but we don’t care about the name or stock of the Phantom troupe.

Because a thief is a thief no matter where he goes.”

“I see”

“Besides, from what Aniki told me, the other side is a righteous bandit too, so the poor fellows will get it anyway.

If so, there’s no problem at all.”


Kyorus is able to say that as if it were a matter of course.

He’s a pretty amazing guy, I thought.



After Kyorus left, it was just me and Orthia in the room.


“Thank you for your hard work”


Orthia produced a moderately squeezed hot hand towel.

So I wipe my face with it and take a breath.


“Thank you”

“You’re welcome.



“I’m glad you did such a grand thing at my place.

You’re talking about a story that involves the king, right Wouldn’t it be bad if I knew about it”

“You don’t blabber on about an important client business, do you”


As I think about what she was going to say.



“Hmm What’s wrong Your face is red.”

“Eh Ah……Err, yeah! I just got my heart a little tightened.”


“Hermes-chan believed in me so much, and it was really cool that you said it so simply, making my heart go kyuhn.”

“Yes, yes”


It looks like I somehow deceived her, but if I deceive her in this groove, it won’t be a big deal.


“Fuh…… I was really surprised at how cool you were……”


Evidently, she was mumbling something while stroking her chest.

I couldn’t hear the content, but I also ignore it.


“No more of that kind of thing, please, just do what you usually do.”

“The usual”

“Ah, the usual”



Orthia puts her fingers to her cheeks and thinks.

I rather like these charming gestures of hers.


“That’s right.

Hey, Hermes-chan, I have a request for a lifetime, though”

“It doesn’t have to be 『the usual』 to that sort of thing.”


I quickly pulled Orthia close to me and grind her forehead in a flowing motion.

Grindingly, I rubbed her temples from the top of her beautifully groomed hair.


“It hurts, it huuuuuurts”

“So, what is it What is your request of a lifetime this time”

“Ehehe, as expected of Hermes-chan, you understand the story.”

“Yes, yes”

“Wait for a minute.”


Orthia who said that then gently pulled my hand away, went to the door, caught a servant passing outside the room, and said something.

The booth attendant nodded, ran with a poof, and came back with a poof.


She hands one jewelry box to Orthia.

Orthia with it, closed the door and came back to me.


“I mean, this is it.”

“What is that”

“Jaja~n, it’s a necklace.

Isn’t it beautiful”



I look at the open jewelry box and the necklace inside it.

There’s a gem with a bright red jewel set in a fairly elaborate silverwork inside.


“That’s a pretty pricey stuff.”

“You understand But unfortunately, it is cheap.”

“Cheap, was it”

“Yeah, actually, it is under a curse.

A number of people have already been cursed to death with it.”


“Saying that, Hermes-chan, break the curse of this.”



I touch the necklace.

It’s the easiest way to break the curse.


I touch it with my hand and empty myself.

By creating a state of “susceptibility to curse”, it indirectly encourages the invocation of the curse.


Then something came out of the necklace.




With Orthia screaming, a powerful curse came out that even she can see.

I pulled out my sword and cut the curse in two.

Orthia has already seen it; it’s a pretty serious flash using a ragged sword.


The curse has been broken.


“Yes, it’s done”


“What happened, you’re blank again”

“Ah, no, you accomplish this after everyone has failed on it.”


“I’ve tried to hit Pindos, the other people around here who could break the curse, but everyone was no good, so we just gave up on it.”



Come to think of it, it was quite powerful.



“For Hermes-chan to do it easily …… it’s amazing.”

“Uh…… I’ve done it.”


The recent events, the scale of what His Majesty the King asked me to do, had paralyzed my senses.

I did it inadvertently, without thinking about it at all.



“This, would be our secret”

“Eh …… what should I do”


Grinningly, Orthia floats a mischievous smile.

Hah…… geez.


“Well, I believe in you.”


She won’t blabber on about her clients, Orthia that is.




Suddenly, Orthia became silent again for some reason.


“What’s wrong”

“I,it’s nothing!”


It’s the same reaction I saw earlier.

Orthia blushed profusely and turned away.


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