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Chapter 66

Because They Were Rascals

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


It’s been a few days since His Majesty the King launched a ridiculous matter.

I, came to the outskirts of the royal capital of Retim.


When I came to the designated place, I found a deserted teahouse there.

This teahouse used to be a business for travelers passing through the highway, but the doors were broken and the ceiling was half destroyed.

It’s not by no means awful, but it’s not ready for business.


Are they sure this is the place I wondered so, but since this was the designated place, I decided to go in anyway.


“Oh, you came huh”


In the teahouse with cobwebs everywhere, a man was sitting on one knee on a couch.

He is probably in the latter half of his thirties, and the man has a huge scar that crosses his face diagonally.


“Are you Viscount Canoe”

“Oh, and you are”

“I’m Emilios.

Nice to meet you.”


I shook back the hand that he offered to me.

I came close enough to him to shake his hand, and naturally, I saw the scar across Emilios’ face with my eyes.


Its color is dull, and it can be seen that it is quite old.


“Hmm Is this bothering you”

“A little”

“Well, I used to be a little of a rascal.

That’s when the King helped me.”

“So that’s it”


I don’t know what happened, but I guess it was around that much wound, and he saved many lives with that.


“So, is it just you”


I looked around the store.

I came here because I was commanded by His Majesty the King.


He has gathered the members here to form the Guardian Thieves Army, and I’ve been ordered to meet with them first.

Chivalrous thieves―― being a bandit, it probably become on the outskirts of the city, not in the Royal Capital.


“They’re coming―― oh, here he comes, Murato.”


Emilios calls out behind me.

I turned around, and saw a man wearing an eye patch and missing two ears at the entrance of the store.




He seems to be a quiet man.

Murato walked into the store, pulled out one of the couches lined up against the wall, and sat down.


“I’m sorry, he has always had a personality like that.

He used to be a bit more mischievous when he was a youngster.”

“Is that the result of him being a 『mischievous』”

“This guy has a medal.

he seems to have been hurt by protecting the King.

Neither he nor the King would give me any details, though.”


“Kukikyakyakya, you talking about mischievous Throw me in the mix as well.”


This time, while jumping, a man burst through the ceiling.

He has a strange voice, as well as a laugh.


The reason was―― I immediately found out.

The face of the guy who landed and stood up was―― half a man and half a woman.


He has a mysterious appearance, as if two people, a man and a woman, had been cut down the middle and then joined together.


“I’m Cosmas.

What, is this unusual Well, I was a bit of a rascal back in the day.”

“What kind of rascal!”


I quipped at him without a second thought.

I couldn’t imagine what happened to his rascal days or whatever it is which made him look that way.


“Guhehehe, you have to ask the king about it.

I don’t want to talk about it from my own mouth.”

“You too! I mean, what the hell happened with you and the King! Wasn’t he the one who was the most mischievous”


At that, Emilios, Murato, and Cosmas all laughed, their voices rising and the corners of their mouths distorting.


“So, is that guy in your mischievous circle, too”





The three are surprised.

On the other side of the store, although there was no one there before, suddenly, like a ghost, a person emerged from the darkness.

The last one was a young, bewitching-looking, woman-like guy.


“As expected of the man the King calls sensei.

I’ve completely turned off my presence, but you understood it well.”



I’ve done it……

I was so vigorous about the quip that I couldn’t help but point that out.


“Well, that’s because the King has a good eye for people.”

“……praising your own wares, huh”

“Kukekekeke, fact, fact”

“Well, he’s not afraid to admit it.”


The four of us exchanged words in our own languages, each with a sense of harmony.

Despite his short words, it’s clear that he yearns for King ―― His Majesty the King.


“So, what’s your name”

“That’s right.

I’m Sofia, nice to meet you.”

“No, that’s not it, it’s about your real name.

No parent would name a man Sofia.”



When I pointed this out, for some reason, all four of them were surprised.


“Wha,what do you mean”

“A,a’re you saying you understood Of how is it that an old rascal like me, have her body became completely that of a female ……”

“As I said, what kind of a rascal you guys have been!”


I quipped grandly.

I wonder what really happened with you being a “rascal”, whose physical body becomes completely that of a female.


“Hey, how did you find out”



I sighed.

Because I did it carelessly, I gave up thinking that it was impossible to deceive them any longer.


“That sword hanging on your waist”

“Sword What’s wrong with this sword”

“A man and a woman have different centers of gravity, and what you have is a center of gravity which have been lowered by being a man for many years.

Since men and women have different things attached to them.” (TN: Well, you already know what’s hanging between your crotch)


More specifically, a person who routinely lowers their sword will have their body’s center of gravity lean slightly toward the side where they lower their sword, compared to a person who does not.


“Heh, so that explains it.”

“Hey, Dinos, I told you before that you’ve gotten really bad at cutting off your presence.”

“Don’t say bad! It just got a little harder!”

“Isn’t that because your body’s balance and your center of gravity, is different than it was before”



The transsexual woman―― Dinos huffed, holding her mouth.

That guy became relaxed and, with a natural posture on the spot, took a deep breath.


Immediately after ――his presence diminished even though he was right in front of me.


If you don’t look at him all the time, you will lose sight of him if you look away from him even once as it is.


If he had been hiding in the corner of the store with this from the beginning, I might not have even noticed him either.


“Ooh, amazing”

“……That’s nostalgic”

“Ghiyahyahyahya, I’m back, I’m back to my prime.”


The three people, apparently old friends, laughed and reminisced together.


Immediately after, Dinos, who had returned to his presence, turned straight at me.


“Thank you! Thanks to you, I feel like I was able to regain my old self.

I see, it was my body’s center of gravity.”


“As expected of the master recognized by King.

It’s amazing that you could see through it with one shot.”

“Well, otherwise that King wouldn’t call him his sensei.”


“Gehehehehe, I was going to give you a test, but now I don’t need it.”


It seems that the four of them recognized me, easily, because I had quipped about it unintentionally.


……I tried not to think of it as being more in-depth.



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