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Chapter 63

It's Almost All My Ancestor's Fault

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


At a familiar brothel in the streets of Pindos.

In Orthia’s room, the two of us were relaxing alone.


“Heh, so that’s the sword the King gave you.”


When I mentioned in the course of our small talk that I had been given my ancestor’s sword, Orthia’s eyes suddenly lit up.


“Ah, it’s kind of like a medal, so it’s somehow rude not to wear it all the time.”

“Hey, hey, can I touch it for a moment”

“No, please forgive me for this.”

“Isn’t it fine, hey, it’s a lifetime request”

“You have many requests for your lifetime”


I gave Orthia a light umeboshi*. (TN: Head grinding)


“It’s not like it’s because it’s a gift from His Majesty, it’s nothing like that.”

“Eh Then, what do you mean”

“I said that earlier, right This was used by my ancestor in their later years, the time they became a tremendous swordsman, and it was the strongest sword around ―― it was this sword that they used.

To tell the truth, it looks super cheap”


“So, then.

My ancestor is a human from hundreds of years ago.

In other words, this sword is also an antique from hundreds of years ago.

It’s cheap and an antique, so now it’s very fragile.”

“Is that so”

“Ah, it’s crumbling”


While nodding, I stroke the sword while lowering it to my waist as I sit down.


“Geez, I should have gotten the great one.

That way, when I have to use it, I can get away with it properly.”

“What do you mean”

“If I use this thing, I have to be serious to some extent.”



Orthia tilted her head, her face telling me that she doesn’t understand.


“That’s right ……”


I look around the room.

There was a table in the middle and a wooden spoon used for a set of tea cakes, so I grabbed it.


“Orthia, do you have any paper Anything is fine.”

“Is this all right”


Orthia picked up a notepaper and handed it to me.


“This paper, is thin, right”


“Then fold this in half…….here”

I returned the folded letter paper to Orthia.

Orthia, took it, but she kept her head bent.


“Toward this spoon, swing it down as hard as you can at the peak part of the fold.”

“Yeah…… ey!”


Orthia did as she was told, and with an undeterred hand, she swung the paper down as hard as she could.


The wooden spoon, broke with a cracking sound.


“Eeh! You’re kidding! It snapped with paper!”

“If you stand upright like this and swing it out as hard as you can, even paper can break something the size of a wooden spoon.

This sword is the same.

It’s battered, but it won’t break if you swing it properly to some extent, and――”


While saying that, I slowly pushed the notepaper onto the broken spoon.

Naturally, the notepaper bends more and more.


“――if you do it halfway, it will break.”

“Hohee, I see, I see.

As expected, you’re amazing Hermes-chan, you know all that stuff.”

“It’s just a little trivia.”

“Hey, hey, do you have any other trivia”



Orthia is a good woman after all.

She knows when to push and when to pull back.


When she found out that what the king had given me was something fragile, she diverted the conversation in a natural way, without saying anything selfish.


I guess this ability to read the air and her carefree nature is what makes her a popular prostitute.


I went along with the flow and the begging, and presented some random trivia that was neither medicinal nor poisonous.

Orthia complimented me on it, and lifted me up.


We had a pleasant time from there.




『Kyaaaaah! 』

『Wa,wait, this is different!』


Suddenly, I heard the sound of things cracking and screams coming from outside the room.


“What the hell’s going on”

“I’ll go check it out a little.”


Orthia opened the door and stepped outside.

I heard screams and loud noises, so I followed behind her in case of an emergency.


“What’s happening”

“It’s no good, it’s number 1-san, you know”


A servant of the brothel, who was among the onlookers, answered Orthia’s question.


“Oh no, well, I guess it can’t be helped.”

“What’s that Number 1”

“Yeah, it means the customer’s wife.

Sometimes they’re there, witnessing their husband’s affair! That’s why she was yelling.”

“I see”


I was quickly convinced by Orthia.

In spite of the noise, I somehow thought they were calm.

I guess jealousy is an everyday occurrence in the business of a brothel.


“What is it like now”


Orthia left the room and turned her attention to the commotion.

Following her out, I stood beside Orthia.


From another room, cups, pillows, and other furnishings were thrown one after another.


After a while, a man in just his underwear came running out with his head in his hands.


“Ple,please forgive me!”


The man let out a pathetic sound and ran over this way.

There were a few onlookers there, but when the man came running, they all gave way at once.


“If you’re a man, don’t run away!”


A middle-aged woman with a barrel-like figure came out chasing after the man.

She seemed to be quite strong, befitting her size, and she came out dragging a table and a chair respectively with both hands.


To my surprise, she threw it at the man.




The man held his head and dodged by squatting on the spot.


The table and chairs thrown by the woman passed over the man’s head and flew over here.

Geez, I became a victim of circumstance.


I reflexively pulled out an object at my waist to do something about the table and chair.





I noticed it with Orthia’s cry.

Bad, it’s my ancestor’s worn-out sword that I pulled out.

But it’s too late, the tip of the blade is already touching the table.




I had to swing out as hard as I could.

I couldn’t help but raise my power to about 30 percent to try to cut it off suitably.


I swung out the sword.

The table and chair flew behind me and Orthia as if they had slipped past us.


“What was that just now”

“Did they just slip through”

“No, he swung his sword, you know Didn’t he cut it”

“No, he didn’t.

The table and chairs are still intact.”


The people who had been watching the fight between the husband and wife gathered all of their interest in me.


One of them approached the table and chair, and touched them.


“Look! It’s cut!”

“It’s true! Uwa, what’s this slash, it’s so smooth that it looks like it’s been sanded.”

“More importantly, if you put them together, the break disappears.”


“Uh oh ……”


I knew there would be an uproar.


30% slash.

The slash to protect the ragged sword has created an unusual cut on the table.

In human terms, it’s the kind of sharp cut that would cause blood to spurt out a few seconds after the cut.


“What an amazing swordsman.”

“Who is he”

“Look, he’s the lord who recently became the king’s instructor”



…… Oh, I’ve done it again huh.



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