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Oh no, oh no, oh no, I have to deceive him.

It is indeed unusual to win against the king with a sword, I can clearly see that, it’s not normal.

I have to cover it up somehow.

When I was mildly impatient, King made a small jump and pulled out his sword, which was stuck in the ceiling, and put it back in its sheath as he landed.

It was a series of smooth movements, movements that showed that he was quite an expert.

If I had known that he could do this much, I could have lost at him at a level that wasn’t unnatural.

In addition…… there was an uproar.

The brothel people and the guests who saw the match between me and King and the easy-to-understand situation of the sword stuck in the ceiling after the match, were buzzing.

They became onlookers, whispering something to each other.

It’s getting worse, I really have to do something about it.

“Don’t be anxious about it.”


King was looking at me with a radiant look on his face.

“I’ll do something about it”

“Something, is it”

When I asked him back, King smiled, showing his white teeth.

“You’re the benefactor who brought her to me.

I won’t make it worse.” (TN: Oh really)

He means Daphne huh.

King is deredere with Daphne, and even though he is the king, he keeps coming here.

Considering this current situation, the word “benefactor” is quite persuasive.

Anyway, I was the one who did it.


Since we were in public, I bowed lightly and decided to leave everything to King.

A few days later, early in the morning, I begin my duties in the audience hall.

Mimis came in with a big smile on his face, accompanied by the rest of the retainers.



Mimis spoke up, and the other vassals followed with their blessings.

It was so sudden; I didn’t even know what was going on.

“What happened, my birthday is still ahead, you know”

“Ah no, it’s not that, the head is also a bad person, if that was the case, you should have said so in advance”

“What are you talking about”

“Just now, I’ve received an imperial decree from His Majesty.”

Mimis said so, and brought out a tray made of red cloth.

There are two letters on the tray, sealed with the king’s seal.

…… I have a bad feeling about this, though.

“What’s that”

“This here is an official document, which appoints the head as his Majesty’s swordsmanship instructor.”


What’s that!

“A’re Didn’t you know According to this, when His Majesty saw the Head wielding a sword, he was so impressed with his skill that he ordered him to be his instructor ――so, it says though”


For the time being, that matter was turned upside down.

“What about the other one”

“I heard this one was addressed only to the Head.”

“Only for me”

I received the letter, cut the seal, took out the contents and read it.

『If you’re my master, you don’t have to worry about beating me too much.』



He was worried about the wrong thing!

Oh, I see! His Majesty does not know that I am living with my strength hidden.

The king didn’t know that, and he misunderstood that I was worried about my “disrespect” for easily beating him.

That’s why he gave me the title of swordsmanship instructor huh.

Haa…… well, it’s a fact that I have done it, and I should be happy that I got away with only this degree.

I was actually relieved that this was the extent of it, since I imagined that I would get another cross medal and would rise from a viscount to an earl.

“No, well, you’ve finally come this far.”

“Eh What”

Mimis was extremely pleased.

As I was being careless, he got more pleased than when I was raised from baron to viscount.


“You’ll become a swordsmanship instructor, you know.

Being His Majesty’s swordsmanship instructor, it’s an honor since the first head of the Canoe family.”

“……Ah, that’s right.”

That was the relationship between the founder queen of resurgence and the first-generation head.

“This is completely reminiscent of the first generation, and in the near future, everyone will be whispering about the 『Return of the Sword God』.”

“……Are you kidding me”

I was hanging my head, knowing that the bill for my mistake was going to be bigger than I thought.


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