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In the audience room, I sat in a posture where my limbs were thrown out.

There are two reasons for this.

Playing the unmotivated prodigal head, and the second is being seriously a little lazy.

The reason I’m being languid is the vassals in front of me.

They have brought various petitions and reports coming up from the territory to me, and were asking for approval.

Well, it’s normally my job.

At first, I listened to it properly, but I found out such a thing in midway.

As far as everyday life is concerned, the head does not do much.

The public officials and the people in the actual spot decided and came up with it, and it is only the head who will approve it with a feeling of “as you see fit”.

That was the majority.

For instance.

“This year’s War Princess Festival, donations from merchants have reached the prescribed amount, so I would like to receive approval to hold the event and permission for the awards.”

“I get it.”

Upon accepting the report, I grant permission at it, and one of my vassals moved to process it.

Most of them are like this.

So, at first, I listened to the story in my own way, and understood the content, but I gradually become languid and ignore it.

“Next, slime damage has occurred.”


I heard a phrase that seemed a little interesting, so I ask in return to Mimis who reported so with a bit of biting it.

“Is the slime you said, that slime”

“It’s that slime”

He nodded.

Speaking of slime, it is a monster famous for being weak, annoying, and sometimes erotic. (TN: Why erotic)

It is one of the weakest monsters, and it will not cause any human damage unless there is a great deal of trouble.

However, its regeneration ability is considerably strong, and it cannot be completely annihilated unless it is defeated in one go with a prepared equipment.

Although it is an omnivorous creature, probably, it may also be a vegetarian organism, as it sometimes catches a human woman and melts only her clothes to eat. (TN: Nice)

“What’s wrong with that slime”

“There was a petition for its subjugation since it was a group, and damages occurred.”

“Fumu Fumu”

Slime subjugation huh.

Slime…… The weakest monster.

Cool! Then, I opened my eyes.

This is it! I thought.

Christ, I’ll be a small fry specialist, who bites only at weak slimes.

Yeah, let’s go.

It’s exactly a good opponent to direct a no-good head.

“The reason why the slimes are swarming is ――”

“I’ll go”


It surprised Mimis.

I made an exaggerated smug face like from a play.

“I will annihilate the slime”

Thus, I declared.

About half a day to the south of Pindos by horse, in the land called Aege Meadow.

I who came by myself, was looking at it from the top of the horse.

There was a flock of slime at the end of my gaze.

As I heard, there are about 20 in a group.

That was moving in the grassland.

Potatoes and animal fats are piled up at the center of the slimes, and slimes are flocking there.

In fact, slime’s digestion is not so different from that of humans.

Therefore, in rural villages and small towns that don’t have enough force to subdue it, in this manner, food with poor digestion is often thrown out outdoors in order to confine such things.

Being able to deal with them like this, is one of the causes for the low human damage caused by slimes.

Nevertheless, monsters are monsters.

They have no hesitation when an attacking human being is in front of them.

Being attacked by that, you may be damaged and forced to instill trauma that will last for a lifetime.

If you can subdue it, you’d better do it.

I looked at the surroundings from the top of the horse.

I told Mimis and the other officials near me not to follow me, but I confirmed if they were exactly following me.

It’s not within my visible range, and I can’t feel any sign.

Alright, if this is the case.

I turned to the slimes.

There are twenty slimes, it’ll be a hassle if I kill each one.

Their weak point is fire ―― if so, let’s bake them all together.

“……It’s good isn’t

Finally, once again, I carefully make sure that no one is seeing just in case, and then I closed my eyes and focused my mind.

『Existing in ancient times, nurturing time, an immortal and ever-lasting existence.

Assemble at my will and burn down the uncleanliness! Genesis flame! 』


I open my eyes, then magic power is released out of my body all at once.

The magic power that has increased with the chant which turned it into a burning flame, swallowed the 20 slimes together.

The slimes, were grilled and melted.

Some individuals resisted with regeneration, but in the end, they couldn’t resist, they turned black and disappeared.

After the flames went out, I make sure that the slimes were wiped out.


And muttered.

Carefully and cautiously, I repeat, and check the surroundings again.

I was convinced that no one were able to see it.


Thus, I made a small guts pose.

In the evening, at Pindos House.

When I came back, I came across Mimis who was about to return.

“Head-sama! You have returned already”


Mimis is surprised to see me returning after defeating the slimes.

It’s just good, let’s do what we were trying to do tomorrow right now.

Now I’m the guy who beat the slimes.

The man who has defeated small fries, and grew impudent.

After solidifying the setting properly, I put together my line.

“Well, it wasn’t a big deal incident.”


“Eh wasn’t a big deal you said…… what do you……”

“I determined so since I have defeated it”


Mimis opens his eyes, and is astonished.

“Ha,have you really subdued them already”

“Of course, confirm that out.

Well, the reports on the actual spot will come up tomorrow.”

“Such …… no, no way ……”

Mimis knitted his eyebrows, with a I can’t believe it face.

He’s not believing it huh, then let’s do another push.

It’s the painful young lord getting cocky after defeating a slime-standard opponent, and is alive; thoroughly as a performance.

“There were twenty, but as such come into view, it was piece of cake for me with just one of my little finger.”


Open-mouthed, Mimis was mute in amazement.

Alright, it feels super good.

That’s feels good, but isn’t her too surprised

Was he looking down on me so much

Oh This is also good.

He was belittling me, yup, it appears that it will be useful for the production of an oppressive monarch.

He wants to say that ――

“I couldn’t weave my hands on them because there was a Slime Lord among them, but you seriously……”


I heard a strange word.

“Slime Lord”


The King of slime that will appear in decades.

Slime wanders in search of food with instinct, and because of the Slime Lord that they’re swarming.”

“…… You have said such a thing.”

I remembered Mimis saying that before I left.

“What kind of guy is that slime lord”

“It doesn’t look much different from slime.

However, its vitality, regenerative power, fertility, etc.

are orders of magnitude higher than other slimes, and if left untreated, it will produce enough slime to cover one city in a month.

“…… Come to think of it, there was one stubborn guy.”

I remember when I burned them in flames.

Yeah, there, was a tough one.

“……Are you sure of that That means it was really a slime lord If one of those things appears in the decade, and the response is delayed, it could be a natural disaster, I believe”


This is bad, is what I thought.

“Moreover …… with a margin ……”

“No no, it was no such thing, it was pretty strong, Slime Lord.

I had a hard fight.”


I desperately made an excuse to the stunned Mimis, but it didn’t make much sense.

It feels like my existence became “awesome” straight, and it slipped into Mimis’ head.

Furthermore, as if catching up to that.

The next day, a report from the person who investigated the traces of the site,

“It was a single blow”

Have arrived.

In fact, the suspicions of the head of the family, was terribly deepened more and more.


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