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Chapter 58

A Generous Head

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Are you listening”



I was so surprised to see Mimis suddenly close up in front of me that I flipped over.


We’re at the audience hall, in the middle of work.

Mimis, who had reported something vague just before, was suddenly right in front of me.


“Wha,what is it, Mimis”

“I hope you heard my report.”

“I heard, I heard it.”

“Then tell me what I have just told you.”

“Eh Let me see……”


I couldn’t answer.

To be frank, I wasn’t listening to him.


When I couldn’t answer, Mimis sighed.


“It can’t be helped.

It’s important, so I’ll say it again.

This is the estimated tax revenue for the salt lake, so please listen carefully.”

“No, I don’t understand the numbers you’re giving me, give me an analogy that I can understand.”


Let me give you an example, it’s roughly double.”


“The Canoe family’s tax revenue, it’ll double.”

“That much!”


I was indeed surprised.


“It’s that much”

“Heh, I’ve heard that salt tax is delicious, but I guess it’s true.”

“What are you talking about”


Mimis looked at me with frosty eyes, as if he was amazed.



“This high amount of money, was made possible by the efficiency of the refining method developed by the Head.

Recently, we have found a number of users of salt refining magic, and it is expected that efficiency and purity will still increase.”



After Mimis said so, he got an impressed look in his eyes.

The other vassals behind him also looked at me with the same respect.


It’s a godsend which doubled our tax revenue.


If I left it alone, it would become a troublesome topic again, so I decided to divert the conversation.


“The money reminds me of the Kicking Princess Festival, which was a lot of money.”

“Umu I guess so.

But it’s something we have to do every year for the prestige of the country.”

“Doesn’t that put a strain on the finances”

“Even if it is, it’s something they have to make do with somehow, and that’s what royalty is…… well, it’s like their job.”



It’s not easy being a royalty.


“Do aristocrats not have anything like that”

“They have something similar.”


“We have had something similar in the past in the Canoe family.

Every month, we would invite the children and serve them a feast.”


“It was recorded that the first generation head-sama was a great children lover.”



That’s unexpected.

Based on the story I’ve heard so far, the first generation was a sword-fighting idiot who was all about swords, but my image of her is about to change.


“Even so, children huh…… would you like to try that”

“I’m sorry”

“Isn’t that what the past head did”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“If so, I’ll do it too.

We’re treating the kids to a feast, right”


My boom is “normal”.

The Canoe family was a baron until I took over.

In other words, they are comparatively ordinary among the aristocrats.


Doing the same thing as those mediocre ancestors is the first step towards being “ordinary”.

In this case, normal is normal, but it is important to say that this is normal as a nobleman.


“Understood, leave it to me.”


Mimis greatly thumped his chest and replied with confidence.



A few days later, also in the audience hall, at the working hours.


“It’s about your order the other day, but”



I was half-listening to him as usual, but then I turned my attention back to Mimis.



“It’s about inviting the children.”

“Ah, that”

“About a thousand children were to be invited from the territory.

Here’s a list of what’s come up from all over the territory.”

“Is that so ―― a thousand people!”


I was about to take the list when my hand stopped in surprise.



“Why so”

“These were the names given on the actual activities of the past heads, but I made the villages in the territory recommend children who excel in studying, or purely good children.”



Well, that’s a natural condition.


“Then, so many of them came up.

The conditions are the conditions; if they are invited, it will be an honor for them to be recognized by the Head.”

“I see”

“That’s why, with great pains, I invited them all.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to show that the head is very generous.”

“I don’t like extra things, though.”

“By the way, as in the past, we’ve decided to use the head’s pocket money.”

“Pocket money”

“It’s a form of inviting children with your pocket money.

Since it started at the second generation, before you took over the house.”

“So it’s spending money huh”


I opened the list.


In addition to their names, the list included where they were from and a rough reason for them to be invited.

Most of them are common compliments for children, so I skimmed them appropriately.


“By doing this, we are all extolling the Head.”

“……Ha Why”

“It’s very generous of you to invite 1,000 children to treat them to a feast with your pocket money.

Moreover, it’s every month.”

“……No, no, it’s tradition, right There’s a precedent, right”

“But it’s been a long time since it was gone.

It is no longer an event of history, but for most of the people, it is an idea that was conceived by the head, honoring him.”



I wonder if that would happen…… haa.


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