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It's NG to do nothing

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


(TN: NG means no good)

I used my sword to chop up what I pulled out of Nex, and also crushed the remaining meteorite into pieces, sending it back to dust.


I looked around.

Both the meteorite itself and the dangerous one that came out of it.

I was able to erase everything.


The rest…… would be Nex huh……


Zah, zah, zah.


The sound of footsteps echoed in the quiet but unpopulated open area.


When I turned around, Shou and other two people―― men who looked like his aides came over.


“As expected, you already took care of it”

“Well, that’s about it.

Can I leave the rest to you …… This one included.”


As I said so, I pointed to Nex lying down at my feet.

He has no external injuries, and he’s probably fine.


“All right.

I’ll take care of the rest.”



I walked briskly up to Shou and came close enough to put my face to his.

Shou was suddenly overawed, and his upper body slightly bent backward.


“Wha,what is it”

“As promised, this should become the achievement of His Highness.”

“Ah, of course.”

“Don’t do anything to me.

No cross medals either.”


Partly because of what had happened before, I made sure to emphasize that.


“Please don’t do anything to me about this.


“All right, I understand.

You’re a really mysterious person, you know that I honestly struggle to understand why you hide it so much.”

“Everyone’s different.”

“I guess that’s true.

I’ll respect that, I was the one who asked you to do it.”


Shou nodded and looked at me with a straight face.


“In the name of Show Za Aegina, I swear it.

I’m not going to do anything that includes your involvement in this case.”

“Thank you very much.”


I said and bowed my head.

If he said that much …… then it’ll be fine.


The oath taken by royalty with their full name is a heavy one.

It was good to get his assurance that nothing would be done to me.



Shou kept his word.

Far from me, there was no talk of Shou himself doing something.

In the first place, there were no rumors of a meteorite having fallen, making this incident buried in the dark.


While I’m still a little wary about everything, the Kicking Princess Festival is over, and I’m riding in the carriage with nee-san back to my estate, Pindos.



“What’s wrong, nee-san, you’re in a good mood.”

“Fufu, Hermes was being very active at the festival.

I’ll have to tell Mimis about it when I get back to Pindos and make sure the word was spread properly.”


I smiled bitterly.

I just had to do that.

I was so pissed off at Nex, that I was determined to embarrass that guy, so I just did it.


Thinking about it now, I think there was something else I could’ve done.


However, it can’t be helped what I’ve done.

I thought about it for a minute.


“It’s the traditional Kicking Princess Festival, so I gave it my all.”


I said so.

The result was a tie for first place.

If I tell people that I did my best, I can fool them to a certain extent.


Besides, this is “normal”.

At that Kicking Princess Festival, all the nobles who participated gave their all for the sake of honor.

It’s rather normal to claim that I’ve done my best too.


That’s why I said that and tried to guide the content that nee-san was trying to spread.




My sister was surprised, and immediately after, her eyes began to moisten with emotion.


“Finally, you understand it, Hermes, right”

“Well, occasionally.”

“Yes, occasionally is fine.

Please continue to show your seriousness to the world.”

“If I feel like it”


At the end, I closed it that way, but nee-san still seemed satisfied and continued to hum in a good mood.

Are you really that pleased about it It’s not like I’ve taken it seriously and was recognized by the world.

Well, that doesn’t mean I’d dare to do it.


Because it’s a pain in the ass.


But I’m glad, it was good.


Shou will be doing nothing for me about the meteorite, and nee-san will keep the festival in spreading the usual way as a noble.

Things have been going well, which is rare these days.


If it’s this ――


“By the way…… what about that matter”

“That matter”

“You don’t have to hide it, you know, it’s about the meteorite.”



A strange voice came out of me.

Why did nee-san talk about a meteorite


“It was rumored, you know That there was a meteorite that fell around the Royal Capital, and His Highness Shou eliminated it, but it was actually Hermes who did it with his underhanded methods…… Or so the rumor goes.”

“Whe,where’s that rumor came from”

“It’s what Baron Nex is talking about here and there, though”

“That guy!”

“The Baron says that Hermes had played dirty tricks, but he can’t say what exactly is that dirty.”


That’s no surprise.

Since I didn’t use any of my dirty tricks.


“It’s just that word got out, and then various people checked it out.

There was indeed a meteorite, and it was treated in secret.

And it seems that it was His Highness Shou who did it…… but, the traces are yours, Hermes.”




They’ve checked the traces huh.

Oh, God, it’s the Nex guy.

If he hadn’t started talking about it, no one would have gone to check for the traces.


“But His Highness Shou has been completely silent on this matter, refusing to say anything to anyone who asks him.”



I was a little impressed.

Shou, you kept your promise with me.


“Since His Highness hasn’t said anything, rumors have been flying around.

The most recent one is”

“What’s the most recent one”

“His Highness is in the middle of a festival, so he tried to deal with it in secret, but he wasn’t up to the task and got in trouble.

In there, Hermes gallantly saved him.”


“The latest theory is that His Highness, who was rescued after a failed attempt to settle the matter in secret, is too embarrassed to talk about it.

Perhaps Hermes, who helped His Royal Highness who had his hands full, is actually amazing”


“Ah, Baron Nex still calls it 『dirty tricks』 up to now, but there’s only a theory that he was embarrassed at the festival and wanted to make up for it.”

“Ah, I don’t care about that.”


Seriously, I didn’t care about it.


I mean……there’s such a rumor huh.


“The longer His Highness remains silent, the more credible the rumors become.”



What the hell!


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