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I left the mansion, and walked around the city in a rough clothes.

When I say rough, it’s not just rough look.

It’s a young thug-like fashion, that makes the old people frown when they see it.

If this is it, old people who are fairly senior won’t think well of this, and they’ll think that I am a prodigal head.

However, it’s not necessary to be disliked even by the people in my territory, and if there is a rebellion or an uprising, it will be unnoticeable.

While being conscious of the balance, rather than the idea around that, I perform the role of a familiar prodigal head decently.

As I walked properly, a sweet scent suddenly tickled into my nose.

When I stopped and searched for the source of the scent, I found a fairly prosperous candy store.

I went to that store.

“Welcome, ah, if it isn’t Hermes-sama”

A physically fine obaa-san who knows my face turned a friendly smile to me.

“Please purchase something”

“Sun sun …… this is, the sweet scent.”

“Oh, as expected of Hermes-sama, your eyes are above average.

This is the popular sweet in these days called dorayaki*.” (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorayaki)


“It’s a strange phantom thing made by people of ancient times, but this thing that has always been a mystery other than using powder and azuki beans, a recipe was recently discovered in the ruins.

From there, it exploded into a trend.”

“Hee, it looks interesting.

Let me try one for the time being.”

“Yes, here you go.”

The obaa-san put the dorayaki thing in a piece of paper, and presented it to me.

I received it, and when I took a bite――.

“Sweet! Delicious!”

“Right, this is the most popular sweet nowadays.”

“It’s natural for this taste to become popular.

Wrap me up a few.”


The obaa-san took out a paper bag, and put the dorayaki in it.

Its deliciousness was real.

With trouble, I’ll buy it for nee-san.

I received the dorayaki from obaa-san, paid for it, and resumed wandering.

The city of Pindos as expected is quite prosperous.

Just by me not going out for a while, a lot of new things came out.

It was amusing, and I went around here and there.

“Oh, do you bastard know whose woman you put your hands on”

Suddenly, I for some reason encountered a scene where a dispute has occured.

There are two voices of men yelling wildly, and there are many curious onlookers surrounding them.

Looking over the curious onlookers, it appears that two men are fighting over one woman.

At first, one of them ―― probably the woman’s secret lover, was pushed.

“I don’t know! She said she wasn’t going out with anyone.”

As a result of losing his temper, he attacked.

“Don’t lie.”

“Want to know, ask the woman”

“Shut up!”

The man snapped, and pulled out a dagger.

It was then, a jeer rose from the spectators who had just screamed “Ohoh yareyare”.

They want to see a fight, but they forbear bloodshed.

You can understand the psychology of the onlookers.

Perhaps the other man also snaps, since even if he looks at the knife, he does not withdraw, and as a result of surveying around restlessly, he picked up a squared timber that had fallen around.

With a knife and squared timber, I felt sorry for the both of them if they talk with each other like that.

Yareyare, it can’t be helped.

While sighing, I bent lightly and picked up two pebbles from the ground.

After confirming that the curious onlookers are paying attention to them, I placed a pebble on my fingers, and point and whisk it like a finger flick to the forehead.

The two pebbles that rushed out wove between the onlookers, and it pinpoint hit the two men on the chin.

I have done it properly.

Its power is about a punch of an adult man.

Then the two who had their chin hit collapsed from their knees almost at the same time, dropping and fainting.

The surroundings become noisy.

After the pebble hit, I hurled it in a trajectory that would fly from a completely unrelated place at behind, so from the people around me, it should look like they suddenly fell down.

It’s natural that they’re noisy.

Both of them snapped, but by the time they’ll get up, they would be settled.

I thought so and tried to leave, but.


The moment I turn back my heel, I noticed a girl staring at me.

The girl who’s five or six years old, was staring at me with her face up.

“What’s wrong”

“That…… was amazing”

The girl imitated the finger flick.

And she also picked up a pebble, hooked it, and played with it, but the pebble rolled to the ground in a parabolic pattern.

“It’s difficult……”

Wait, did she see it just now.

I believe I checked the people in the surroundings properly, but I only checked at the same height of my line of sight.

I had no idea that such a little child was watching.

This is bad, I have to stop her.

I did it with a pebble because I don’t want to be seen, but on the contrary, if she saw it, then that was the ” amazing”.

I don’t want it to spread and become “as I thought you were amazing if you took it seriously”.

I thought a little, crouched down and adjusted to the height of her eyes, and I take out the paper bag.

“I’ll give you this, so be silent to the thing you just saw.”

“Wah…… it’s dorayaki”

“Do you like it”

“Yup! It’s very delicious! But you shouldn’t eat too much because mom said you will have cavities.”

“Is that so, then I’ll give all of this to you.

Just don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen.”


I handed the dorayaki to a girl with a full smile across my face, and quickly walked away from the place.

A few days later, I was relaxing in the garden of the mansion.

While feeding the dog that was kept in the mansion, I was relaxing in an easy chair, and was being a “Lazy head”.

Nee-san came from there.

“Yes, Hermes, I have come.”

My sister stood in front of me, and presented me an envelope.

“What’s that”

“It was rumored.”

Nee-san who talked so was smiling for some reason.


“You had stopped the entanglement of jealousy, right.”

“Why is that!”

Gah! I got up from the chair.

“The child of this letter said, that you just pipi your fingers and stopped it.”

“She spread it after all!”

“Rather, it’s inevitable, right.”


“This letter says: 『The dorayaki was delicious, thank you, Feudal lord-ojiichan』…… like that”

“A thank you letter”


If she wanted to send such letter, learn the characters or ask the feudal lord’s contact information, she will be asked for what reason by the adults around her.

That’s why she answered honestly, I guess.”


“Even without it, isn’t it impossible to stop a child who is proud to see something cool in the first place.”

“Oh no ……”

“Give up already, take it seriously and show it to the world.”

“I don’t wanna……”

While saying that, I was crestfallen.

Will that spread, it will spread …….

I have no choice but to pray that at least the grandiose delusions of a child can be seized.


“……Or rather”

“Or rather”

“In the first place, it’s even ojii-chan ……”

“Isn’t that fine, if you get serious, you’re a cool ojii-chan.”

“…… If I’m an ojii-chan, then nee-san is an obaa-chan, you know” (TN: Uncle and Aunt)


Nee-san tossed away the letter in a spectacular form.

The letter spins round and round like a disk ―― but.


The dog we have in the mansion instinctively chased after it, catching it in the air, and return the “Thank you ojii-san”.


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