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Salt Refining


Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Hey, hey, how strong is Hermes-chan after all”


In my favorite brothel, I was with Orthia, a prostitute I’m familiar with.

As she had put me in her lap pillow and let me eat grapes one by one, which was carefully peeled ―― she suddenly asked me this kind of question when I was receiving such a service.


“Why ask me that without any connection”

“You’re actually strong, aren’t you, Hermes-chan”

“…… I guess so”


I was thinking that there was no point in hiding the fact if I am dealing with Orthia, but I decided to deceive her somehow.


“Mou~, despite being strong.

I won’t tell anyone, so tell me how strong you are.”


“It’s a pain in the ass.”

“It’s a request for a lifetime, please! I will also provide you a service.”


Orthia said so, and hit her boobs at me.


Her thighs from the bottom, boobs from above.

Sadly, I’m a healthy boy.

I have no way to resist this ultimate sandwich.


“It can’t be helped.

Really, don’t tell anyone.”

“Yup! I won’t tell anyone!”


Orthia has a full but carefree smile.

I decided to make her believe that it was inadvertent, but not with intention.


And so, I think.

It’s surprisingly difficult to evaluate myself again; it’s quite an awkward thing.


“I’m good with swords.

Perhaps …… I’ll be on the five fingers in the world.”

“Amazing! Is that true!”

“I heard that my ancestor-sama was the best in the world without question.

Well, it’s genetic.”


The first head of the Canoe family, the strongest swordfighter in history who wields the Sword of Light.

I often think that it’s definitely her blood that made me strong.


“I’ve read every book that’s been passed down from generation to generation, so I have a fair amount of knowledge with swords.”

“What about magic”

“I’m normal with that.

I have almost no knowledge about it, but I do have magic power, so I tend to just release it strongly with all my might.”

“Is that right That’s surprisi~ing”


If she knew me well enough, she would know that that’s not true.



It was the same with the silver immediately after I became the head, and I didn’t know that the traces of defeating monsters by magic could be checked against the original proprietor.

Whenever I “ inadvertently ” screw something up, it’s usually with magic.


“But I see…… Hermes-chan is good at swordsmanship.”


“Hey, hey, show it to me next time, I’ve heard about it, but…… Sword dance Is that what it’s called”

“Sword Dance huh”

“That’s it.

Let me see that, it’s my lifetime request, please”

“As I said, how many times are you going to make a lifetime request”


Well, I don’t mind if it’s that many.


“If only you could provide me with more service”

“It’s no problem!”



Orthia said that, nibbling the grapes she peeled and feeding them to me by mouth.

Her red face after that, seems to be slightly ecstatic.


She has a carefree comfort and a sex appeal like dripping nectar that she radiates at the right moment.

If she does this, then it can’t be helped —— well, that’s the sad nature of a man.


“Ah, somehow, you’re being so cool.

What’s cool is that you’re doing it facing this way.”

“……Good grief, it can’t be helped.”



In the evening, I left the brothel and returned to the mansion.

As I passed through the main gate, I saw a number of wagons with large tubs on them parked in the yard.


There’s a man beside the wagon.


“Nassos, what’s wrong with this”


The man was my subordinate, Nassos, whom I entrusted with collecting taxes.



The face that turned to me when I called out looked unreliable as usual, as if he was about to start crying out in distress.


“He,Hermes-sama! Ni,nininininininice to see you!”

“You don’t have to force yourself to use unfamiliar words.

More importantly, what’s that”


While asking Nassos, I approached one of the wagons and touched the tub.

The moment I touched it, the center of gravity of the tub shook.


“Is it liquid”

“Co,correct dasu. It was sent from the town of Hals dasu.”

“Hals is in Canoe Territory huh”

“Yes dasu. It’s one of the towns where I collected taxes at the behest of Hermes-sama dasu.”

“Fumu, is this thing, sake You are, getting paid by bribe now, aren’t you”


I lift the corner of my mouth in a grin, and look at Nassos teasingly.



“Thathathathathathathathathathat ――”

“You’re in too much of a hurry”

“――kikikikikikikikikind of thingggggggggggg”

“As I said, you’re in too much of hurry, that you’re bugging.

It was that kind of thing isn’t true, I guess”

“Dasu dasu dasu dasu dasu dasu”


He shook his head vertically like a grasshopper with rice, so vigorously, that I feared he would tear his head off if he shook it like that.


“Since I was just messing with you.

And, more than that, what’s this”


Nassos, an honest man at heart, also feels indebted to me.

I stopped messing around because it made me feel sorry for him, so I went back to the story.


“Actually, they say it contains salt, dasu.”


“Salt There’s no see in Canoe’s territory, though”

“Yes dasu.

It’s from Lake water dasu.”

“Are you saying there’s salt in it”

“Correct dasu. If we can get salt from that place, then …… well, well ……”

“Ah, you mean that we’ll have to wait until they can pay the tax if we take it.”

“That’s right dasu!”


Nassos has first-rate collection skills, but his personality is difficult to deal with.


He gets particularly nervous in front of me, so it’s necessary for me to look ahead and guide him lightly when we have conversations.


“However, I see, salt huh”


Salt ―― Salt extraction is not only economically important, but also politically significant.

If we can really get it ――



“You will not.”


When I was thinking about it, Mimis interrupted me this time.

As the carriage was parked outside the mansion, Mimis jumped from there and approached me.

With the mansion in the evening, no doubt he had heard about this and came over.


“Why not”

“I know about the lake of Hals.

It contains some salt, but it has a lot of impurities, and it is extremely difficult to extract only the salt.

This is the previous generation―― No, it has been decided that it’s not worth it since the one before the last generation.”

“Is that so”

“……That’s correct dasu”


Nassos slumped, and looked downwards.


“Hmm, a lot of impurities huh”



I touched the tub I had touched a little while ago again.

Let’s take a look and see how much it has.


I pour magic power into the tub itself and pull out only the salt.


“Heh, there’s quite a bit of salt itself”


There was more salt than I could hold in one tub with both hands.

I think this is enough to make a decent amount of money.


“Uhhm, Mimis, this is―― wait, what’s wrong with your face”

“He,head-sama, what did you do just now……”

“What did I do, you said, I simply refined the salt.

Didn’t I do that with the silver”



I just did the exact same thing, though.

So why are you surprised


“Can it be used for anything other than just ore”

“Yup It can.

It’s a refinement that extracts only one type of thing from a mixture.”


I replied as if it were a matter of course, but Mimis and Nassos, were becoming more and more astonished.


“What the heck…… I didn’t know that that kind of application is possible …….”

“Hermes-sama’s way of thinking is amazing dasu …….”


The two people were at a loss for words.

I didn’t have much knowledge about magic, but I did it so naturally, though.


……Did I, do it again


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