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You Are Me, and I Am You

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


When I woke up in the morning, I left my bedroom and walked down the hallway.

In this mansion, the number of maids and servants is kept as small as possible.


Especially in the mornings, the maids that we hired also commute from the maid dormitories on the premises according to their working hours.


The reason for that is simple: I don’t know what will trigger my ability and get discovered by them.

It’s more likely to happen in the morning, or at night, or when I was sleepwalking, so I keep the number of people in the mansion as small as possible.


That’s why, it happened.

A blessing―― ahem, an unfortunate accident occurred.




“Fuah…… Good morning nee-san ……”


I opened the door and walked into the changing room, where I greeted the person I knew so well.

I did so because I was walking half-asleep.





Both of us solidified because nee-san was almost completely naked.


Nee-san, who seemed to have just finished taking a bath, was several times more captivating than usual ――or rather.





Her shriek that could rip through the silk was deafening.

My sleepiness was blown away at once.


“I’m sorry, nee-san! I didn’t do it on purpose.”


I hurriedly apologized, but nee-san panicked halfway and won’t listen to me.

She threw things at me at random.


Baskets, towels, and――


“Kyaaaaahh! Don’t touch that!”


――Nee-san’s underwear.


The pure white underwear thrown at me by my sister’s powerful arms was a perfect fit for my face.

Seen from the side, it’s a mask of pants, the ultimate pervert.


“Don’t wear it! Give it back!”


She threw it herself, but the panicked nee-san came at me naked, trying to get it back.

I blushed and looked away at the sexy nudeness of the entanglement of nee-san and me, even though she was my sister and daughter.


I don’t know what to do.

Then, which makes things even worse.


Nee-san leans in close to retrieve her underwear from my face as I turn away.




I heard an ominous sound.

Nee-san slipped on the wet floor in the middle of our entanglement.

We fell backwards with tremendous force.




I quickly grabbed my sister’s arm and pulled her close.




I put too much effort into it.

The moment I pulled nee-san back and hugged her, we fell down to my side this time.


When the sudden succession of events slowed my reaction, the two of us collapsed while being entangled.


My head hit the ground with a thud.


“Ouch, ouch, ouch……”


I held my forehead where it had collided with the ground and raised myself up.

I immediately huffed.


“Are you okay, neesan …… Eh”


Kyoton, it sounded so.

I couldn’t understand the scene in front of me.


The other party who is looking down while we are in a horseback state is ―― me.


I was holding down my forehead where I was being bumped under.


“Ouch, ouch…… mou, how can this happen”


“Hermes, it’s bad, you know Coming in so su,dden,ly”


Nee-san seems to have recognized the situation.

She looks at me, who’s holding his bumped head, as I was riding her like a horse.





I look at my body in response to nee-san’s words.


It was a nude body without a stitch of clothing, rich bulging, and two cherries that color the white porcelain skin.

Is this…… nee-san


The one below is my body, and its content is nee-san.

The one on top is my sister’s body, and its content is me.


“Di,did we switch”

“What’s going on”

“……Probably because we just bumped our heads.”

“Is that supposed to switch the two of us”

“I’ve read about it in an old book.

It was said that if you get into a tangle and bump your head, you can temporarily switch bodies.”

“Such…… wait, did you just say temporary”



Nee-san=me, who was looking down at me, and almost panicked a moment ago, became calm with tremendous momentum and was thinking about something.


“Nee-san, are you thinking of doing something bad”



Nee-san got up suddenly, grabbed me = her body, and with a splendid form, threw me towards the bathroom.

I made a soft landing in the bathtub with control like threading a needle.


“Puha! Wha,what are you doing, nee-san!”

“This is good, it’s Hermes’ body, and it seems to be full of power.

I’ll use this body to show off his strength.”

“――Stop it, nee-san!”



Nee-san jumped out of the dressing room with a loud laugh.

Just like the wind, her figure disappeared in an instant.




I jumped out of the bathtub, changed into my sister’s clothes, and followed her.


“Kuh! A woman’s body is hard to run with!”


It may be my nee-san’s specialty, but it was hard to run with her boobs swaying so much.


I still chased after her.


Her body was too slow to run in the first place, though, and she couldn’t read the signs.


“Dear me, Sora-sama, what the hell are you wearing――”

“Where’s Nee-san!”



Mimis, whom I met in the hallway, frowned.


“No! I—— where did Hermes, not me, gone off to”

“If it’s the head, he just passed by at the main gate, and left towards the west.”

“So, it’s west!”


I ran out of the mansion, out the main gate, and headed west.


Found her.

From a distance, I spotted nee-san in my figure.


Nee-san got involved in the early morning drunks who were tangling with a girl.




Before I had the time to stop her, nee-san waved her arm lightly, and the drunkard did five vertical turns and plunged into the trash.


“It’s alright now”

“Ye,yes…… Thank you very much.”

“I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.

Well then”


What kind of a pompous asshole are you! Nee-san told the girl in a very pompous manner that I wanted to tsukkomi, and then she went away like the wind again.


She noticed me on her way out, though, and our eyes met.




Then, she laughed enough to be heard in the end.


“Cool…… the lord-sama, was so cool …….”



The girl’s reaction and nee-san’s smile, made me completely understand what she was planning.


She heard that we were switched by happenstance, though it would only be temporary and we would turn back soon.

Then, in the mean of this, she would use my body to show the people what I’m capable of.



Nee-san was trying to do what she always wants me to do, here and in this place.




The other side is being lively with my body, but this is nee-san’s body.

Halfway through it, I got out of breath and completely lost her sign.


In the end, after about half a day, we turn back as if nothing had happened.

In that half day, about six fights, three robberies, seven thefts, and one rampaging monster were solved by me.


Nee-san was resolved to do whatever she wanted with my body, and my fame rose again.


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