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Ward Penetration

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


TN: In celebration for being Christmas, I will be releasing double chapters of my works this week!!




When I heard the report of Mimis in the audience hall, the word that caught my attention came to my ears.

A servant was already standing by Mimis’ side, reverently holding a decorated tray.


On the tray are two miniature-sized swords, the size of paper knives.


I glanced at it and wondered if it had anything to do with the “ceremony”.


“Please explain in detail”


Did you know that the shortest day of the year will soon come”



The length of the daytime is long in summer, and short in winter.

There is a day that is the shortest in the winter.


By the way, it’s different every year, and the court astronomers of the kingdom calculate its occurrence meticulously every year.

Their pay is good and their status is similar to that of a nobleman, but I’ve heard that if they make a mistake in their calculations and go off a day, they will be severely punished.


…… Ah, so that’s why.


“We’re going to have a ceremony on that day huh”

“Indeed, it’s an indispensable ceremony for the kingdom, a tradition that aristocrats carry around every year.”



Then, it means that it is necessary to do it properly, huh.


“So, this is for that, right Then, what should I do with this.

The form somehow looks familiar, though”

“It’s a form familiar to Head.”



I tilted my head at Mimis’ words, and once again, the miniature sword —— it looked like it was a model.

I knew I’d seen the shape of these before, where was it …… ah.


No wonder I’ve seen it before.

It’s the Xiphos Cross Medal, and the Xiphos depicted on it.


“It’s the Xiphos”


“Why are there two identical ones”

“One is the Holy Sword of Country protection, Xiphos, and the other is the Magic Sword of disaster, Xiphos.

It imitates each of them”

“They have the same name, though.”

“Legend, has it that the original was one, but it was said that Queen Selene, the ancestor who rejuvenated the family, separated only its evil parts and purified the good parts, and wielded them.”

“That’s a common story.”


I smiled ironically.

It’s a really common story.


The original was one, then the good and evil were divided and good won.

There are many fairy tales and fables like that.


“Do you think it’s a lie”

“What, you’re saying it’s true”

“Since it was the first generation-sama of our Canoe family who was involved in it.

The series of achievements made the Canoe family an Aegina aristocrat.”



Was that so.

Then …… the credibility should jump up, I guess.


I felt as if the coin from the Cave of Trials that I have carried with me (to avoid any trouble) had started to casually assert its presence in my pocket.


The queen’s sword master, the first person to build the cave that have such gimmick trials.

Fairy tales and fables…… No, I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they’re actually doing something mythical-class.


“That’s fine, but what should I do with this”

“It’s simple.

According to tradition, the holy sword Xiphos will be used to smash the magic sword Xiphos.

That is all.”

“I see”


I got up and stood in front of the tray.

I observe them up close.


They are similar in form, but clearly one is good and the other is evil.

It’s made and colored in a way that even a child can understand it.


No, no, I’ve had painful experience in arbitrarily making decisions.

Let’s verify it.


“This one’s the holy sword, this one’s the magic sword, I believe”

“That is right”



I lifted the holy sword as if pinching it with three fingers.

This one felt like it was just a model.


With my other hand, I picked up the magic sword in the same way and lifted it.

The magic sword is filled with something magic-like in it.


“……Do I have to do it”

“There has never been anyone who refuses to do so.”


Mimis replied with a furrowed brow, and a slightly annoyed look.

Well, that’s true.


It’s a ceremony that takes place once a year, and the nobles take it in turns to perform it.

I don’t think there is anyone who would refuse it.


“Is that ceremony, or rites, something you do in public”

“No, after carrying it out on the appointed day, all we have to do is send the holy sword and the broken magic sword back to the royal capital.”

“So that’s it”


If that’s the case, why not do it now


I put the magic sword back on the tray, while still holding the holy sword.


“Hold it firmly”


Then, the servant says.




Leaving the astonished person behind, I swung the miniature holy sword down.




I swung it down with a good amount of force, but there was no response at all.

I see, so this is the magic-like power I felt.

A technique that absorbs so much shock that there is no response huh.


Then, I only have to exceed it.


I raise the holy sword again ―― and slash it down.




I tried to adjust it properly so that the tray wouldn’t be damaged.

Penetrating through the magic sword’s technique, I split it in half.


“Alright, this is fine.

Send it back, pleas……e”


Mimis turns his face, with a momentum that his chin might come off on the floor.


“…… Did I, do something again”


I have a bad feeling about this.

A very unpleasant feeling.


It was …… right on the mark.



It has a mechanism that won’t break no matter what until the day of the event…….”

“……It was such a technique huh”


Maybe something would happen on the day with the shortest day, and it was an absolute technique to match it, but …… I destroyed it.

Putting it impudently…… it seems like I’ve done it again.



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