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Peerless and Reason

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


In the late afternoon, I was in my study, reading a research paper.


I ordered Mimis to compile a detailed research report on the Dream troupe.


They have twelve members in all, and they are known working as bandits all over the continent.

The common people perceive them as chivalrous thieves, because they give the common people with what they stole.


There’s a side of them that’s hard to describe as total bandits, because the person who they steal from was only the “rich”.

The general idea of a “chivalrous thief” is to “steal from the wicked rich and give to the common people.”, but the dream troupe ignores “wicked” and is attacking the rich anyway.


This includes merchants who are doing legitimate business.


This is why they are well received by the common people, but from the perspective of the rulers, they are more of a headache than ordinary bandits.


“However, there’s a personal description for everyone …… ah, so this is their Aniki.”


After looking at all of their personal description, there was one guy I had never seen.

It was a man with his upper body completely exposed, flaunting his muscles.


“……Is this the guy they said that was similar to me”


I didn’t look like him one bit.

Like the photo book of the prostitutes, the magically transcribed personal descriptions are the same as the person themselves, but the guy was super macho, and the way he was posing, his pectoralis major muscle looked like they were about to start twitching.


I really disagree when Kyorus and the others talk about “how much I look like their Aniki”.




I took a breath, and regained my composure.


“There you are, Hermes.”


At that moment, nee-san came into the study.

She was in her usual dress, her back straight, and has an elegant appearance.


She came to my side, behaving like a noble lady herself.


“What’s the matter, Hermes, letting out such a sigh”

“Ah, it’s this”


I present to her the personal description.

Nee-san probably knew about the dream troupe because Mimis talked about it when she was in the office, and even if she doesn’t know about it now, it’s not something that needs to be hidden.

That’s why, I showed it to her normally――


“Thi,this is……”


Nee-san was astonished, and for some reason, her face paled.


“What’s the matter, do you know this guy”

“Naked Man…… Sigh…… sage time!”




Nee-san quickly took the personal description from my hand, opened the window and threw it out of the sky in a spectacular form.


“Wha,what’s wrong, nee-san”

“Hermes, that’s no good!”


“Don’t go down that path.

Still I, am glad that I was concerned with you ――but, that’s not normal!”

“What the hell are you talking about, nee-san”

“If this happens…… I have to rush the HHM48.”


Nee-san bites her thumbnail, and mumbles with a brooding look on her face.


“HHM48 What is that”

“It stands for Hermes Harem 48.

A project to gather girls of certain age from various parts of the territory, and add them to Hermes’ harem through various screening and training processes.” (TN: Dafuq)

“That’s overkill!”

“You’re the head of the Viscount family, you know I’m doing a strict screening process, including making sure that they would have easy childbirth.

Of course, all of them are virgins, although that goes without saying.” (TN: Hah)

“Ah, it’s a rather serious story huh.”


I don’t understand why it’s abbreviated or why it has the number 48, but whether she will have an easy delivery, or is a virgin, it’s a very important part as an aristocrat.


“Yes, look at this”


Nee-san pulled out a palm-sized crystal ball from under her sleeve.


“What is that”

“It’s my plot towards Hermes’ sex drive.

That will determine the number of HHM48* members.

I can gather up to 150 people in no time.” (TN: It sounded like a girls’ group to me)

“Where did 48 come from!” (TN: Yeah, I wonder where too)


I thought while retorting.

It’s a little bit like my sister’s way of saying you know what I mean, but this is a matter of course as a nobleman.

Rather, it might be a good idea to play the role of the prodigal head who indulges in wine and women.


In addition…… no, just in case.


“This only measures sexual drive, right”

“That’s right.”

“There’s no combat power, magic power, or anything else, is there”

“Why would I need to do that”


Rather puzzled, nee-san asked me back with such a feeling.

I see, so it’s really just sexual desire huh.

Then, it’s okay.


I took the crystal ball from nee-san and asked her how to use this kind of item――I gently squeeze it anxiously.


The next moment―― Parin!

The crystal ball shone with light, and shattered with such sound.


“Nah! I,it’s unmeasurable”



I’m that strong.

Well, but as a man, this just means that I have a high sex drive ――


“This, is something that can measure even a legendary sexual prodigy who can deal with up to 777 people a day, you know You have more libido than that…… Normally, you would have gone berserk and attacked indiscriminately ……”


Nee-san murmured, then she shuddered, “Hah!”, and she looked at me as if she was looking at something terribly scary.


“What’s the matter, nee-san”

“Orthia said that her prostitute’s pride was hurt……”

“She was leaking such a thing huh”


Good grief.



“As I said, what”

“A woman’s body is …… a good stuff, you know”

“……It’s differeeeeeeeeeeeeent!”


I grandly retorted, denying it with the momentum that turn over the heavy desk in the study.


“You’ve been misinterpreting me like that for a while now, but I’m not! I normally like girls!”


I stand up, and shift a part of the bookshelf to reveal a hidden bookshelf.

I pull out one of the books and hand it to nee-san.


The title of the book is 『Just Orthia』, a collection of photographs of the immensely beautiful women who was Orthia’s ancestors, the prostitutes who came to call themselves Orthia.


Nee-san took it and flipped through it.




Then, she threw it out the window in a spectacular form.


“You threw it after all!”

“If you’re that interested in girls, why don’t you show it”

“It’s reason, you know, reason”


I pointed it out.

It’s very obvious, there’s no need to hide it.


“I won’t say that I don’t have any sex drive, or that I’ve never wanted such a thing.

But usually, that’s something I can control with reason.”


“What’s with the monotone and the deathly surprised faces”

“Reason at the degree that it can suppress such a super sexual desire …… amazing! You’re like a saint”



How could this happen.

If this is so, I would have no choice but to exercise my sexual desire, to all of the HHM48 …… No, it’s not good.

(TN: Nice)


If I do that ——


『Superhuman sexual desire, hero class! 』


I can see nee-san making her eyes sparkling.


……Eh What’s this; is this situation possibly a dead end


“As I thought, Hermes, it’s not a girl ――”

“Master! Please give me another training today!”


Midea jumped in there.

When nee-san saw Midea, a quite young limbed girl who called herself my apprentice and hated big breast, she changed her look and became calm, and then, she gently put her hands on my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes.


“Hermes, I’m not complaining about this girl, but at least give her three more years.”



Do you want to make me a monkey that much, nee-san!


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