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The Most Famous on the Continent

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


While the men were surprised, the ogre’s corpse gradually disappeared.

Normally it wouldn’t disappear, but the corpse in front of me crumbles like something made of sand.


I immediately understood the reason.


Even as the ogre’s corpse disappears, there is still something that remains.

Like a huge ruby, there’s a terrific red drop.

Its shape looks like blood in the process of dripping.


And then, I feel its magic power.

The magic power is being oriented, and it’s directed at the men nearby.


Compulsive force…… Ah, I see, older brother and younger brother, a cup of oath or something like that, was being done magically huh.


The Ogre killed the men’s “big brother”, which was probably the one who has it at that time.

Judging from the strength and directivity of the magic power, if they have this, they can make the men do whatever they want.

I guess this is the reason the Aniki of these guys were letting us escape.


It only took me a second to understand that, and while I’m helping them, let’s destroy this thing―― that’s what I thought, then I stopped.


It felt like fresh blood or a ruby, but it had another characteristic.


Unbreakable―― In magic terms, there is a word for this, which is “indestructible by a third party”.

However―― normally, it is.


If I want to do it, I can break it, but if I did break it, I can see that it would become “It’s amazing that you could break it!”.

I could predict what would happen with what I’ve seen so far.

I’m not that careless, breaking it is out of the question.


I picked it up like a jewel, and gave it to the man who looked like the deputy leader who had given me the horse.


“Look, take it with you.

It’s not something you’ll want in someone else’s hands.”



When I said that and handed it to him, all the men were surprised to the point that they changed their complexions all at once.

What’s this This reaction.


“……Why, do you know that”


“This stuff is top secret.

Our Blood Oath, the Orcos Oath.

It’s a spell that Aniki found in an ancient ruin, so no one else in the world should know about it.”



So that’s what it was.


“Tha,that’s…… since I overheard you talking about it earlier after I got the horse……”



The deputy leader said firmly, and the other men had the same look on their faces as him.


“This is our secret.

What you gave us can command us in every way, and we can’t disobey it.

That’s why, we ran from the Ogre ―― There’s no way anyone would let it slip by mistake.”

“Kuh, that was stupid of me!”


I had no idea it was such a big deal.

It was good until I realized that I shouldn’t destroy it by seeing its nature, but I didn’t know how it happened.

It can’t be helped that I didn’t know it.


I let out a sigh.


“I simply felt those traits.

That’s all.”

“You simply felt those traits…… is it That kind of thing……”


The men were astonished, and they all looked at each other in disbelief.


“It doesn’t matter, right.

Quicker than that, destroy that thing, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble if it gets in someone else’s hands, isn’t it”


Oy, is there a cave or something near here”


The deputy leader calls, and one of his subordinates points to the other side.


“It’s not a cave, but there’s a valley ahead.

It’s a place that even locals rarely go to.”

“Alright, let’s go there”

“Wait a minute, why are you going to such a place”


The deputy leader, who had stopped, turned to me again and answered with a straight face.


“It’s going to take a month to break this thing.

Because it’s the strength of our bond.”

“……I see.”


I nodded.

Anyway, it is already “Amazing”.


I reached out and gently touched the red thing I had handed over.


“What are you doing”

“Just in case, what’s the harm with breaking it here”

“Here, you said …… that’s impossible――”

“That reaction, means there’s no inconvenience”


I, as it is, guh! Then, I tightened my grip with all my strength.




With a dry, clear sound, it shattered into pieces.



“Are you kidding me……”

“In an instant Aniki said that it’s unbreakable…….”


The men were noisy, surprised, and confused.


Anyway, it’s already like this, and I’m aboard the ship.

Then, I thought it would be better to break this for them first, so I did that.


“You…… who the hell……”

“But more importantly, forget about today.

If you can’t, at least don’t tell anyone.”



The men looked at each other in surprise.

Eventually, they nodded at each other, and then.


“I’m sorry, but we will not hear that.”

“Muh, how can I make you hear that”

“We don’t take orders from anyone.

We will not intentionally spread it, but we also don’t need to be told not to talk about it.”



That reply is like practically saying, “I won’t tell anyone”, but that makes me a little worried.

For my part, I’d like them to make it clear that they’ll never say it.


“How can I get you to keep your mouth shut”

“I told you, we don’t take orders from anyone else ―― there’s only one in the world.”

“Only one”

“It’s Aniki”


The deputy leader said, and the remaining men all nodded clearly.


“Even if he’s gone huh”


“I see”


They must’ve really adored their Aniki, I guess.


That Aniki, however, is now dead.

In effect, it means that this story is meaningless.


“But, what if”


“If you can become our Aniki”


Everyone stared at me with all their eyes as if saying that they would listen to anything I say.



“Yeah, you’re a lot like Aniki, and you say a lot of the same things he does.”

“No, wait, I’m nothing ――”

“It was aniki’s last moments”


“Everyone run away, and I would somehow break the Orcos, is what he said.

And you did it for him.”


“It felt like I was looking at Aniki.”

“It looks like he has possessed him”

“He’s just like the only Aniki I’d ever give my life for.”


The other men were speaking so.




I’m stuck.

Even if they suddenly call me their Aniki ……


Accepting it means becoming the boss of thieves.

That …… may not be bad.

If it comes with the proviso that I can control them, it may be possible to create a delightful prodigal head to lead the decent outlaws.


I thought for a while.

Yeah, it could be, if they’ll do what I say.


“I have one condition.”


“Don’t attack people unnecessarily, or do bad things.”


As you can imagine, if they do too many bad things, the Canoe family could take them down.

To the last, it must be kept within the realm of puns.


“It’s alright then”


“We are originally doing things like that of a chivalrous thief.

It’s my Aniki’s policy.”

“I see.”


That might be a good idea.


“I understand.

I’ll become your leader”

“Thank you!”


The man was overjoyed, and fell to his knees.

The other henchmen also dropped to their knees, and looked up at me.



“We, the Dream troupe, belongs to you now, our Aniki.

Please order us anything.”

“Ah, I under ――”

“Dream Troupe!”


It was Orthia who heard the words of the Deputy leader.

Orthia, who had been silently watching what was going on behind me, shouted in surprise.


“What’s wrong, Orthia …… Don’t tell me they’re actually a bunch of bad guys”

“No, that’s not the case.

Dream Troupe, even I know them”


“It’s the most famous bandit group on the continent.”

“Most famous!”

“In terms of famousness, they are more famous than any noble.”



As I look at the men, they are kneeling, and are looking up at me with glittering eyes.


Even though they were chivalrous thieves, it seems that they were not petty thieves but at a level of grand thieves.


……Or rather, I just became the boss of such a troupe……


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