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Inadvertently Becoming a Hero

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“I’d like to give you one piece of advice.”


The next day, Lina came to visit me at the mansion and cut that out with a straight face.

She looks quite serious as she faces me in the drawing room.


Shou was satisfied, and Sakos looked terribly mortified.

After they left the territory of the Canoe family, respectively, Lina stayed behind to visit me by herself.


Lina had such a serious look on her face, so I had a slight hunch about this.




While being wary that I might get caught up in something again, I ask Lina back.


“This time, it’s really just an advice.”


With that preface, Lina continued.


“You rejected Sacos’s demand, but you did it unharmed.

Some people have taken an interest in you.”


“Nero Kaslevtis.

You know him”



It’s the first time I’ve heard that name.

I honestly answered that I don’t know him.


“I suppose I should say he’s the wise man in the field, he’s got the best eye in the world for people.”

“Eye for people……”

“Sacos is famous for that, in a bad way, of course.

He became interested in the new head of the Canoe family, who lightly treated Sakos.

I got such information this morning.”


“He’s definitely coming to see you.

To get a glimpse of what kind of person you are.

You still don’t want people to know what you’re capable of, I presume.”


After saying that, Lina sighs.

That was I don’t like it, but it can’t be helped kind of face.


“You should just expose yourself quickly, is what I think, but if that’s what you want to do, so be it.

At best, think about your countermeasures.”


After leaving those words, Lina left the mansion.

The wise man of the field with an eye for people, Nero.


It’s going to be another troublesome thing again, hah……



The trouble didn’t give me time to prepare.

In that afternoon, when I was looking at the Great Orthia Complete Collection in my study, a maid came.


“You have a visitor, master.”


“He calls himself Nero Kaslevtis.

He’s about sixty years old.”


“……He’s early”


I wanted to hold my head.


It was only this morning that Lina have warned me.

No, I think it was only yesterday that I forced Sacos to yield in the first place, wasn’t it.


Why did he come here so early, just how goddamn fast can he be


“What would you like to do”



I’m troubled.

First of all, will I meet him or not.


Pretending I don’t know anything about Nero, I also have the option of not meeting him since he came to a Viscount’s mansion without an appointment.


“Since he’s the Wise man-sama, the other maids were entertaining him properly for starters.”

“How do you know that”

“Lina-sama have taught me.

She said that this kind of person would be coming soon, so I have to make no careless mistakes.”

“That girl!!”


She got me, I thought.

No, nothing has been done yet.


Lina’s actions are only natural.

She advised me, and guided the maids not to do any careless mistakes.

I have nothing to complain to her about as far as her action goes.


However, because of that, I had no choice but to meet him.


Knowing but not seeing him (and the maids understand the situation) is likely to backfire me in a big way.

Or rather, since I became the Head in here, I feel that there are a lot of such patterns that backfire.


It can’t be helped……


“……Got it, I’ll see him.

Guide me.”

“I understand.”


I left the study with the maid, and followed her out into the hallway.

Feeling heavy hearted, I didn’t have time to prepare anything.


Is there any way for me deceive him


I thought.

Nero came, because I rejected giving a bribe to Sacos.


There are two possibilities for the person who’s going to do it.

Be damn serious, or a naive idiot.

It’s one or the other.


I wonder which one to choose.

Playing a fool more than necessary, will surely backfire.

If I’m damn serious, there’ll likely be pros and cons.


Alright, let’s go with damn serious.


While I was thinking that, I came in front of the drawing room.

Oh, yeah, let’s put this on, too.


I took a ring out of my pocket and put it on.


It’s the ring that suppresses my power which I used before.

If I’m going to play the damn serious guy, I’ll suppress my power down and just let him see my personality.


With that thought in mind, I suppressed my strength before entering the room.


Then, there was an old man inside.

He has white hair, white beard, loose robes, and a cane that he holds on both hands even when he sits.


With such an appearance, he was an old man who feels like a wise man.


“Hermes Canoe.

You must be the wise man Nero.”

“You know who I am”


Nero asked in return.

I approached him like that and sat across from him.

I’m not going to deceive him here, and I’m not going to fall to what Lina “taught” me which is some kind of a trap.


I’ve decided not to hide what I know.


“I heard of you from Lina-sama”

“I see.

That person’s sharp ears are still the same.”

“Sharp ears”


So that’s Nero’s character assessment of Lina huh.

I wonder what it’ll be like for me.


“So, what do you want from me”

“I’m already done with that.”


“It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone who’s far above than the rumors.

In this day and age, I was fed up with so many things that are nothing more than just titles.”

“Wait, what’s far above than the rumors about me ――”

“Supposing, if you suppress your power.”



I was at a loss for words.

Eh, how did he know that


“You should have done so from the beginning, or on a regular basis.

If the presence of a strong human suddenly disappears behind the door, even I, who is dull, will notice it.”



Tha,that’s certainly true.

It’s natural to think that something is wrong when a strong one suddenly becomes weak or loses its presence in such close proximity.


Oh no, I’ve done it again.

I had to follow up —— that’s what I thought.


Nero already had such a look on his face as if saying that he’s already made a complete and firm assessment.


“Even though he was an aristocrat, he was against with Sakos’ bribe offense, and he didn’t show off his power.

These types, have a 99% chance of becoming a specific person.

“Wha,what type”

“King’s vessel”


Geh, I’m somehow getting a staggering evaluation.

Not good, not good, I have to do something, or else it might have an opposite effect on me.


That’s it! More than that ――


“What about the other one percent”


I have no other choice but to put my faith into that possibility ―― but.



“Both are terrible!”


As a result of inadvertently making a careless mistake, Nero has given me a tremendous evaluation.


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