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Hermes’ Cold Reception

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Next, I have to get approval from the Head with this, but”



My sluggish consciousness was jolted back to life.

At the audience hall, the daily work with all the vassals were lined up.


Rarely, Mimis prefaced the question with the need for an answer.


“What was that”

“Tadias has requested an audience with the Head.”

“Tadias …… is he the aforementioned merchant”



Mimis nodded.


Tadias is the name of the merchant who the previous head borrowed money from to reclaim the Trikala Mine before I became the head.

By the way, the money that was borrowed at that time was 50,000 gold coins, but it has already been paid off on revenue from the conversion of the Trikala mine into a silver mine.


In other words, I shouldn’t be involved with him anymore.


“Is it the aforementioned debt”

“I’m sure that it’s all taken care of, including the interest.”


Mimis replied with a grimace.

Our perception is the same, and Mimis can’t read the purpose of the other party.




“What would you like to do”

“……I’ll meet him.”


I was worried about the purpose of the other party, so I decided to meet him for the time being.



I entered the reception room of the mansion.

A middle-aged man was waiting inside.


With a fatty figure, he has a very merchant-like look, wearing a lot of rings, jewelry and so on, but the occasional glint in his eyes were sharp, indicating that he was a tricky opponent.


The man stood up as soon as I entered the room, and bowed with reverent.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hermes-sama.

My name is Tadias Salamas, please to make your acquaintance.”

“Ah, nice to meet you.”


Tadias remained standing for a long time before I moved across from him and sat down in a chair.

He waited for me to sit down, and then he finally got to his seat.


“So, what business do you have today”


I asked straight to the point.


“Haha, I would like to present these things to Hermes today――”


Tadias clapped his hands, while saying that reverently.

Then the door of the drawing room was opened, and a number of servant-like men came in carrying boxes.


Decorated boxes ——treasure chests.


After laying it out in a row, Tadias gives a signal by jerking his chin.

When the servants opened the box—— a golden radiant assaulted me.


I squinted my eyes, and put my hand up to see what was inside.


It was a gold coin.


Every box, was packed with gold coins.


“What is that”

“It’s just a small token of my appreciation to you”

“Just a small token……”


I’ll roughly count it by visual measurement.

I assume the size of the gold coin, the number of boxes, and the state of it being packed normally without bulking up.


Roughly, there are about 50,000 pieces.

Wait, 50,000


I have some knowledge about that number.

It’s the same amount that the Canoe family borrowed from this guy for the Trikala mine.


“Are you forcing favors with the debt”

“No, no, it’s merely just my feelings for you.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.

You’re giving it to me”

“I would appreciate it if you could receive it.”



I really don’t understand what he means.

Tadias is being humble.

When I look at him, it looks like he really wants me to accept it.


I could see it, but that’s impossible.

Even a three-year-old knows that nothing is more expensive than free.


When I was hesitating while thinking about that.


“I happened to overhear it with my ear, but I have heard that Hermes has received two Xiphos Cross medals.”

“Nn Ah, I received it”

“If so, it’s only a matter of time before you become a Viscount.”

“A Viscount You mean I’m going to be promoted one rank higher than my current Baron”

“Once again, no, I can understand the position of Hermes-sama who can’t speak it until the official order is given.”



Somehow …… I could see it.

Let’s try to answer him a little.


I speak to Tadias, looking at the box filled with gold coins.


“A merchant, is a creature with a keen sense of information and the way things are going.”

“I’m grateful with your words”


Though he was being underhanded, Tadias made a satisfied look.


I see, that’s what it was.

This is, that is to say, a bribe.

The two unprecedented cross medals.

Moreover, the two were both awarded for defeating the Slime Lord.

If I do have a certain amount of connections, it would be easy to see that Lina, Shou, and the royal family recommended it.


Even though my achievements weren’t that great, I was nominated by two members of the royal family to receive two medals.

Seeing that I was favored by the royal family, he came to try and get on the good side of me.


Understanding most of things, I was relieved.

And considering that, what to do with this.

Let’s play a no-good lord here to some extent, and take the bribe.

No, let’s request a little more from him.


A man blinded by money stands out the most.

All right, a little more——



“Is there something wrong”

“It’s nothing…….

I’ll receive this, I appreciate your efforts”

“Is there something incompetent with this one”

“Rest assured, there’s no such thing.”


Saying that, I left the audience room before the affair is over.

My intuition kicked in in an instant.

If I had demanded it there, the wind would blow and my reputation would rise up again like a bucketmaker*. (TN: A guy who consistently closes a deal)


I’m sure it will be, it has been so since I became a Lord.

That’s what happens whenever I try to do something bad.


That’s why, I didn’t demand it.

I didn’t even turn back.


I’m not that stupid.

I know that if I turn around, I’ll get a legitimate evaluation, on the positive side.


I won’t do that kind of blunder.

If he will give it to me, I’ll take it.

But on the other hand, I end the conversation with a flat expression, neither pleased nor displeased.

This is the safest way to do it.


“Just as I expected of Hermes”


On my way back to my room, I was grabbed by my sister in a dress.

Nee-san has a face which looked impressed.


“You saw it huh.”


“I see.

No, but it’s not as good as it sounds.

Since the other side have brought it without my knowledge.”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about.”



Then, what do you mean I tilted my head as I look at nee-san.


“Just now, you’ve done a wonderful cold reception.”

“Cold reception…… Ah, that’s what occurred.”

“It’s a common practice to demand for an increase of money when it comes to bribes, but there are more subtle and higher techniques for it.”

“Higher ……”


This is dangerous, it feels like something bad has happened.


“You weren’t satisfied, that was it.

When it comes from the other side, that alone will make them guess that.

Moreover, even if someone pokes at you, you can escape by saying that you didn’t say anything.”


“As expected of Hermes, your response on the bribe is also perfect.”

“No no, eh……”


I didn’t think so, I thought that there would be no such stupid story.

After all, I didn’t say anything.

I just didn’t say something, right


So, they’re going to increase the amount even more


No, that’s stupid ――


Or so was I thinking, but.

On the evening of that day, 50,000 more gold coins were sent anonymously to me.


I was stunned in front of the gold coins that has become 100,000 pieces in total.

And, at the satisfied nee-san.


“He moves fast, as expected of a merchant.”

“No, no, no, after all, this is …… wouldn’t it be better to send it back”

“Send back Where”


“Where do you supposed to send something back that was sent to you anonymously”


“In addition,”

“I,in addition”

“If you send it back, it will increase further.”



I understand what she means.

I understand it, but……


“As expected of Hermes, you can earn fifty thousand gold coins with a single look.”


Due to the unexpected outcome, it was me who became speechless.


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