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Smart Man

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


In the city of Pindos, at the familiar brothel.

I nominated Orthia as usual at the usual shop.


When I entered the room, Orthia hugged me.


“Thank you Hermes-chan.

For listening to my strange request.”

“It was really a strange request.”


It was Hestia’s case.

Perhaps it was an unprecedented strange story, for me to surround myself with other prostitutes for a while.


“Thank you so much”

“Don’t mind it.”

“Speaking of which, that Ane-sama has somehow decided to pay herself out of being a prostitute.”



Did Hestia pay over for herself


“I think Hermes-chan could understand it, but it’s a very unusual story for a prostitute to pay herself out of being one.

It’s the same with money, but a standard prostitute is in a weak position to do that unless they become old people in the shop, so there are many things that can’t be done with just money.”


“Especially if she was a popular figure.

But Ane-sama is doing that, and she’s being held back, but her intention seems to be very firm.”


“I wonder what drove ane-sama to that extent ―― ouch, ouch, ouch!”


I squeeze Orthia, who speaks as though she was a stranger, by her temples with both fists ―― I made her eat a salted plum. (TN: Salted plum has an extremely sour taste, so it means she has a sour face)

Orthia has a face, that literally looked like she has eaten a salted plum.


“What is it, Hermes-chan!”

“I’m taking out my anger on you”


Dohn! I said that with a momentum which I can hear such a sound effect.


“Taking out your anger! That’s terrible!”

“I had a terrible experience because of you —— I haven’t encountered her yet, but I might meet her.”

“What’s that! Fuhn, fine! My Ane-sama said that she’s going to live in this city after she paid herself out of being a prostitute, so I’ll let her comfort you —— It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”


I further grind her.

This city ―― she will live in Pindos.


It’s already confirmed, isn’t it

Haa, it can’t be helped.


I gave up and while embracing Orthia closely, I sat down.

Orthia is the cause of everything, but at such times, the softness and warmth of a girl has a healing effect.

I hugged her as if she was fitted completely inside my body.


“Hey, hey, let me change the story.”


“Will Hermes get married”

“Married Isn’t that out of the blue”

“My boy, everyone’s rumoring about you.

Why doesn’t Hermes get married, they said.

They wonder if he’s such a sad man who isn’t very popular because he goes to the brothel and doesn’t get married.”

“Fool, if I’m serious, I’ll be really popular.”

“There you go again―― ouch, ouch, ouch! There was an element of anger there just now!”


For the third time I grind her, Orthia protested with teary eyes.


“No, I became angry because I remembered that I got popular because of you.”

“I don’t get it!”


“It’s okay, as long as you understand me.

Or rather, I don’t want to go deeper anymore.”

“I really don’t know.

If you’re saying that much, Hermes, show me your seriousness.”




Orthia looked up at me, and winked.


“Your cool self, show it to me.”


Her wink with plenty of charm was cute, but.


“No, it’s a hassle”


“I’m in front of you, so there’s no point in trying to be cool now.”




I look at Orthia, wondering what’s going on.

She was speechless, and staring at me with a red face.


“What happened.

Did the grinding hurt”


I might have overdone it.

I took it easy on her, but still, girls are fragile.


“I.it’s nothing”



“I see.

If so, then service me.”


I didn’t want her to dig in too much, so I diverted the story.


“Orthia, I’ve heard your lifetime request, so I’m looking forward to your service.”

“……Nothing I can do a bout it”


Orthia returned to her usual tone, and smiled sweetly.

Yes, she looks good on this.


I got her service.

I didn’t do anything, but linger in the brothel.



After seeing off Hermes, Orthia returns to the brothel.

In front of Orthia, a prostitute appeared.

Her name ―― is also Orthia.


As a prostitute, she looks good as anyone.

She was given with the most common name for prostitutes, Orthia, and she’s trying to get the customers’ attention as much as possible.


“A’re Did Hermes-sama go home”


“Mou, senpai! I have asked you to introduce me to Hermes, but he went back again today.”

“I see, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”


Orthia seemed unconcern, and she put her hand on the prostitute and lowered her head.


“Mou, are you really going to introduce me It’s not just me, everyone is waiting for it.”

“Yeah, of course.

But why Hermes-chan”

“Isn’t Hermes-sama cool”



Orthia complicatedly smiled.


“He’s the Lord-sama, his appearance is good, but he’s not greedy.”

“Isn’t greedy”

“Look, the guys who come to this kind of place were burning with desires, aren’t they.

Hermes isn’t someone like that, and always behaves normally ―― no, he behaves like a gentleman.

Smart and really cool.”

“I see, that’s what it was.”

“That’s why, introduce me really! Please, senpai!”

“Yeah, sooner or later”


Orthia was smiling.

She turned around, and looked in the direction which Hermes had left.


A smart, ungreedy and cool lord-sama.


Hermes was popular, although he hasn’t taken it seriously, in ways he didn’t even know he was.


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