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Prostitute’s Innocence

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Hermes-chan, I have a lifetime request!” (TN: Again)


Inside the familiar brothel, Orthia wished with both hands, and clung to me with gaze of upturned eyes.

Taking the opportunity, she’s quite requesting earnestly that she’s also sitting in seiza*. (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiza)


“How many times has it been in your lifetime”


For the time being, I did the usual tsukkomi. This is already a one-set.

For form’s sake, I’ll just quip, and talk to her.


“What is it this time, did some delicious sake come into Pindos again”

“Nuh uh, I’ll coax that generally afterwards”

“You’re doing it separately huh”


Well, that sake is not that expensive, so it’s fine.

Rather than that, it’s her “lifetime request”.


“Say uhmm, my Ane-sama* is coming to Pindos.” (TN: Formal word for ‘older sister’ in japanese)

“You have an older sister”

“It’s not like that, it’s someone like a prostitute senpai.”

“I see”


She told me so, and I was convinced.

Orthia isn’t the type of character who would call her real sister “Ane-sama”.


“What’s the matter with that Senpai”

“She’s a very popular prostitute.

Don’t you know the name Hestia Mercury”



I’ve never heard of that name.

I only know all the faces of “Orthia” in the world, though.


“Err, she’s a very popular prostitute.

Reservations, inquiries, etc.

She’s the kind of person who’s been buried with those for three years, you know, my Ane-sama.”

“She’s amazing”

“I know right, she wants to take a break for a while, so she’s going to escape at my place, but it has been leaked out, and this time, there was flood of stories.

That’s why, Hermes-chan! For ten days here, can Ane-sama be your guest.

Merely for form’s sake!”


Putting her hands together, Orthia bows her head again.

Her glance with upturned eyes, has a strong color of appeal.


“I see, it means don’t hog the designation and do nothing huh.

Some guys may try to screw in if she’s vacant*, but if there are other customers, it’s not going to be simple huh.” (TN: LOL, you know what it means heheh ( •̀ ω •́ ))

“Yeah! Instead, I’ll let you do anything after that.

So! It’s a lifetime request!”


The lifetime request came out again.

I really want to lend my power to that “Ane-sama” of hers.


“I don’t mind”


“You’re just designating me, I don’t have to do anything, right”

“Yeah! Ah, I’d be happy if you’ll stay with her in the same room in order to deceive the eyes of other people.”

“That’s true.


“Thank you!”


Orthia jumped at me, wrapped her arm around my neck and hugged me.

This carefree emotional expression, intimateness that is not just amorous and erotic.

I somehow thought that it was one of the reasons why Orthia was a popular prostitute.



A few days later, in the same brothel.

When I was waiting in the tatami room prepared in the form of a reservation, the sliding door was opened and a woman appeared.


It isn’t flashy, but she wore a dress that combines elegance and seductiveness.

Her gestures and demeanor are elegant but lovely, and it felt like she’s a very popular prostitute.


“This is my first time meeting you.

I’m Hestia.”


Hestia, who came into the room, respectfully bow to me quietly.


At that moment, her long hair droppingly spilled from her shoulder.

What I saw there was her long, pointed, distinctive ear.


Hee, a long-ear tribe(elf) huh.

It’s rare for an elf, who rarely comes to a village and is withdrawn in the forests around the world, to be a whore.


She may have some circumstances, but I won’t meddle in it.


“I’m Hermes, I think you’ve heard of me from Orthia.”

“I am filled with feelings of gratitude to Lord-sama.”

“Don’t worry.

I’m just going to relax here, so I would love it if you were too.

Is that fine”


“What, is that wide-eyed in shock face for”

“……Lord-sama, isn’t there anything wrong with your body”

“Body There’s nothing, though”



Hestia looked more and more surprised.

What the.

Is it no good if there’s no change


“I seem to give off a kind of scent from my body.”


Hestia suddenly began to speak.


“Scent Ah, don’t you smell good”

“……This scent, is what makes a man go insane.”


“My scent itself seems to have a strong stimulant, and aphrodisiac effect.”



That’s amazing.


“It’s convenient for work ―― ah, so it was the story of not resting”


Hestia nodded quietly.


I see.

Her body odor has an effect, and if the person herself can’t put it in and take it out (something called like that), it’s fine as a whore, but on the other hand, she has no time to rest.

If it is at a level of “drive a man crazy”, she will surely be troubled.


Well, that kind of thing doesn’t work on me.


“You can rest without worry.

If you want to order something, please decide in your own convenience.

I will charge Orthia later.

She said she’d do anything.”

“Thank you very much”


The story came to a close, then I looked out the window, looking away from Hestia.

I can see the prosperous Pindos cityscape outside the open windows.

Without doing anything in particular, I looked at it.


Orthia asked me, to fill Hestia’s schedule as her customer, and become a protective barrier from the other customers.


In other words, I ca n achieve it just by saying that I’m a slacker here.

I’m good at slacking.

I’m really used to it.


So as not to make any mistakes in various ways, I decided not to drink alcohol this time.


Fuh…… this is perfect.


After being like that for a while, I felt the sign of Hestia became quieter.


I turned around, and Hestia who was sitting down in the tatami room, is dozing off.


I don’t particularly mind about her dozing off, but as soon as I turned around, the wind blew in through the window, and Hestia, who was asleep, shuddered.


“If she catches a cold, I may be resented by Orthia.”


While muttering so, I close the window, approach Hestia, and gently hung my jacket on her.




I intended to do it carefully, but I woke Hestia up.

When she sees me at close distance, she knits her eyebrows.


“If you’re tired, you can lie down.”


After saying so, I went back to the window.


Hestia is surprised, and soon notices the jacket which I put on her.


“……Thank you”


With her head hung, she gently touched one shoulder of the jacket.

Her face was slightly red.


I wonder if I got a little favorable impression, well it’s just this much.


I hung my coat on a shivering woman.

Even if this act is likely to be revealed to someone, it’s completely okay.

It has nothing to do with one’s ability, it’s something that anyone will do if they have normal nerves in terms of character.


It was often leaked out why I do what I do, but it’s okay if this is revealed.

I, just like a gentleman to the bitter end, spent time with Hestia.



For a while after that, I went to the Brothel every day.

According to Orthia’s “Lifetime request”, I went to the Brothel every day, and became a bulwark for Hestia.


I didn’t do anything in particular.

Hestia’s indication didn’t wish for “something” to happen, and I thought it would be dangerous to put my hands on her.


There is an aphrodisiac pheromone being released from Hestia’s body.

It doesn’t work on me, so I’m not doing anything.


In such a case, if I do something good to her which it doesn’t work, I’ll get stuck in a trap.

It was happening so until now.

Hence, I’ll do nothing.


We had conversations once in a while.


“Does Lord-sama often come to the Brothel”

“Now and then”

“Your wife doesn’t say anything”

“I don’t have one yet”


It was a conversation that doesn’t make sense.

I felt that the distance between our hearts was shortening, though.



I was a little cautious on the first day, but it disappeared completely from the middle.

I may have liked her a little.


And then, ten days have passed since I continued to go to the brothel.

Nothing happened with Hestia, but she opened her heart a little.


The promised ten days have passed.




Good morning dasu”


When I finished my work and tried to go out to the city, I was caught by Nassos in the garden.


Nassos, is a former debt collector who I scouted before.

Apparently, he has a talent in collecting taxes, and he has been using it at the Canoe family since then.



“By the way, Lord-sama, have you heard of that rumor dasu”


“There’s a terrific prostitute, who came from the capital”

“Nn Ah, roughly”


I tried to blur my reply, and make it vague.


“Rumor has it that it’s an amazing beautiful woman dasu”

“Is that so”

“Yes dasu.

But she had hardly appeared since she came to Pindos dasu.

Rumor has it that she has been with the same man all the time.”



I exerted myself, and threw an interjection normally.

I expected this much.


The allegedly super-famous prostitute, who has been taking the same customer all the time, was a rumor I normally expected.

That’s why, I also stopped talking to Orthia and the Brothel.


“Where the hell is that lucky fellow dasu ……”


Nassos twists his head curiously, yet enviously.

The rumors don’t seem to reveal my identity.

Apparently, it was kept a secret.


“Everyone’s rumoring about it dasu, that he’s surely a very rich, and a terrifyingly good man dasu, like that”


Geh, there’s such a rumor hah.


……Oh well, that’s about it, this is not enough for me to panic yet.


I’ve been continuously asking for a super-high-class prostitute, so no matter how much I forbid them from talking about being rich, they can speculate on their own.


However, there’s no problem.

Hestia will be back after her tenth day off already ――.


“A good prostitute for a good man.

Hestia will seem to be in Pindos for a long time to come, so I want to see both of their faces for at least once.”



Just now, what was that


“For a long time, who”

“Hestia dasu”

“To this Pindos”

“Yes dasu”


“It was just a rumor dasu, but she fell in love with the man, so she’s going to stay here forever dasu“




Fell in love, no way.

I was able to open her heart, but she didn’t fall in love with me.


No, no, it’s different, the problem isn’t there.

The problem is ――


“Her reservations for three years, she has cancelled it including that of the Royal family etc. dasu. A man who makes her do that much …… what a great man that was dasu ……”


Hestia’s reputation and popularity, skidded as it was, and became my evaluation.


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