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“There’s something I would like to say”

At the audience hall, Mimis came over today, and hanged his head with that preface.

The face that he raised was proud, no, it feels nasty.

It’s kinda like that.


“I would like Hermes-sama, to carry out the conventional practice of this house.”

“Conventional practice”

“Yes, as you know, the first head of the Canoe family, was the strongest female swordsman in the world.”


Of course I knew it, but I was playing dumb.

It’s also mentioned in the history books, even though she was a woman, she has led a uniform 200 warriors and has never lost while participating in countless battlefields around the world.

Well, history books are the winner’s gilt, so 50% ―― No, I think necessary to listen to it about 30 percent.

“Following the great first generation, I would like you to perform the ritual of the first battle, which has been passed down from generation to generation from the third generation.”

“Ritual of the first battle”


“It’s a hassle.

What if I don’t do it”

“Ha No one declined because it was an uncomplicated ceremony.

However, in one theory, the spirit of the first generation-sama will appear, re-beating one’s nature.”

“Muu ……”

It smells trouble.

The spirit of the first generation, you said, that doesn’t sound like a joke.

It is common for talented people or individuals who have achievements to leave their souls in the world with some magic or curse.

A woman who had run around the world with 200 people, even if it was 30% credible, it is in the range where she could’ve done it.

And that would become a terribly annoying thing.

“…… The ritual thing, is it.”


“I got it”

I sighed deeply.

The next day, I left the mansion with 100 of the Canoe family’s soldiers and got out the city, heading to the suburbs.

In addition to the hundred soldiers, Mimis and the other vassals were following.

That’s fine, but ……

“Why are you even coming nee-san”

She was wearing her trademark dress, and with a laced parasol.

No matter where I look, nee-san who is dressed in princess-like disguise, was marching mixed in with the soldiers.

Moreover, with a considerably refreshing face.

“What are you saying, am I not your daughter.”

“Why are you coming with us Sora-san”

I enquired again with honorifics and a sigh.

“Of course, to see Hermes’ cool side, you know.”

“I won’t show you ―― none, because, there is no such thing.”

“Moreover perhaps, some people may start to say that they’re having a hard time and don’t accept that you are the head of the family.”

“…… I see.”

This is her real intention hah.

For nee-san who wanted to make me the head, the vassals who don’t want to accept it is recognized as enemies, I guess.

In order to prevent the pointless argument of whether I have done it or not, she bought herself of high opinion to be a witness.

“Good luck, Hermes.”

“Yes yes”

While handling my nee-san appropriately, I proceed in a form protected by soldiers.

After walking for about an hour, we came to the front of a cave.

At the Mimis’ command, the soldiers scattered, and became a form which surrounded the entrance of the cave.

“An imitation of encirclement, it’s really a ritual.”

“When you enter inside, please pick up the gold coin named after the first head of the family.”

“Is it fine to get the gold coin”

“That should be.”


I went into the cave.

This cave feels like it has been remodeled from a natural thing with the hands of fairly well humans.

There’s no sign of monsters, no sign of evil things.

Is this really just a ritual

After walking for a while, there was a rock shaped like a pedestal, and a medal is stuck inside the hollow of such a rock.

I approach, remove it from the rock, and try to lift it.

I observed it on the front and back.

The front is carved with the profile of a woman with long hair, I see, perhaps this is the first-generation head.

And there is a star mark on the back.

Should I bring this back, well, but there is still some inner part, right

I looked at the back.

Hyuuuuuu …… The wind blew from the back.

It seems that it is still deep, and it appears to continue further to the back.

“Why don’t we go a little more.”

With the gold coin in my pocket, I go further.

Walking for about three minutes, I found the same rock pedestal as before, and the gold coin.

I approach, and take the gold coin in the same manner.

The front has the same face, and the back is ――


My eyebrows stirred with a start.

I take out the gold coin from before, and compare them side by side.

It was needless to compare, but this makes it clearer.

The first one has one star mark, and this time it has two.

And, the cave is still continuing on the inside.

“……by some chance”

I put the two gold coins in my pocket, and go further.

This time it’s a longer road than before, so it was troublesome to move forward meanderingly.

However, there was another rock pedestal ahead, and there was a gold coin.

Picking it up, this time there were three star marks.


I’ve read the outline of the story.

At the same time, I was wondering how far it will be, so I went on and on.

Proceeding, the gold coin I got has four stars.

Proceeding, the gold coin I got has five stars.

Proceeding, the gold coin I got has six stars ――.

“Coming to the end, that is to say, this place is the last huh”

I pick up the gold coin with the seven-star marks from the pedestal as I predicted.

I line up the seven gold coins in the palm of my hand.

Somehow, I found it out, the deeper, in other words, it’s better to have a gold coin with a lot of star marks.

In other words, the correct answer in this case would be ――

I returned the seven-star gold coin back on the pedestal.

I turned back to the road I came and returned the gold coins to their original pedestal, six, five, four in order.

And then, I left the cave with only the first one, the one-star gold coin.

The outside is still the same as when I entered the cave.

There is the vassal group in front, and nee-san is next to them.

The Soldiers surrounded the entire cave.

I came back in front of the vassals, in front of the representative Mimis.

“How was it”

“Is this it”

I took the gold coin out of my pocket, and put it on his palm.

Mimis says, “Excuse me” and turns over the gold coin.

Fuh, he sees the number of stars after all huh.

I came back with one star and it was right.


Mimis was astonished, the other vassals gasped, and started to get noisy.

What the What happened

“Th,the first-class trial that no one has ever cleared before.”

“Is it not a mistake”

“Someone take a look!”

When one of the vassals ordered, a decently dressed soldier ran into the cave, and returned immediately.

“I,it was the first class trial!”

The soldiers’ reports, made the vassals increasingly noisy.

“What does that mean”

“It’s the most difficult, you know, that”

The only one in the line, that wasn’t surprised at all, was my nee-san with a cool face who answered my question.

“The most difficult”

“Yeah, the first is the most difficult, and the deeper you go, the easier it is to take it.”

“Wha! What is such thing”

“It was said that the first head of the family has seen many people making efforts.

The closer you are to the entrance, the more talent you required, but even if you don’t have the talent, if you make an effort and go all the way, you can do something.

It’s a trial created to mimic such lesson.”


That was the exact opposite of what I thought.

The one closest to the entrance, Mimis said, “No one has ever cleared it”, and brought back this gold coin――

“That’s why I have told you, Hermes is amazing if he got serious.”

Nee-san just in this place, showed her proudness towards Mimis and the others.

“I was not serious about it”


Nee-san tilted her head slightly, and then smiled.

“You want to say that you were able to clear the first trial without even getting serious, right, you’re even more amazingly talented.”

The noise has even become louder.



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