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Making Things Worse like Taking a Breath

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr




In the study of the mansion, I sighed deeply when I saw the two cross medals lined up on my desk.

The two cross medals, were both titled to me after subduing the Slime Lord.


“I didn’t predict this …… or rather, these two are hands in gloves* ……” (TN: means working together)


Because of the unexpected development, my head hurts due to my stupidity.


“Master! If you’re free, then please look at my practice —— Oh!”


Midea came into the study.

She looked at the two cross medals on my desk, and shined her eyes.


“You got it this time desune.

As expected of master! You got two Xiphos Cross Medal in this short period of time! As I thought, master is an amazing person!”



I don’t even feel like retorting to her.

To the flatters of the innocent Midea, I wanted to sigh on the contrary.


Tap tap, when I heard a knocking sound and turned to it, Nee-san was there in front of the door, which was not close, where Midea had come in, and she expressly knocked on the open door.



“You were in a place like this heh.

Ah, this is your second cross medal ”


Nee-san who entered the study with the door closed behind her, was the same as Midea; she first noticed the cross medals.


“Master is amazing, right!”

“That’s natural.

By the way, Hermes”

“What’s wrong, Nee-san”

“Why did you get this”



As expected of nee-san, she doesn’t seem to believe the reason that I got it was for subduing the Slime Lord from the very beginning.

Of course, that’s correct.

Even the first one is doubtful in various ways, much less on the push of the second time.

There is no way that the wise nee-san can swallow it.


But, as expected, I can’t really say the reason. I have to deceive her.


“Well…… that is……”


However, I couldn’t think of anything.

I feel like it should be better not to say anything. If say something, I’ll dig my own grave.

No, but, if I don’t say anything, then it’s like I’m confirming it, so it feels like I’m absolutely digging my own grave.


A’re Am I somehow checkmated

What, am I worrying about.


“It’s the Dragon King’s shadow, I understand.”

“So you did know that, nee-san!”





For some reason, nee-san was surprised.

I was surprised as well at the reaction of such nee-san.


With Midea in between, I and nee-san stared at each other with dumbfounded faces.


“Since it’s been making frequent appearances these days, I thought I’d just say it as a suitable joke, but…… no way, you confronted it”



You were joking with me! And then I was caught!


What the hell …… no, wait.

I should think positively.


I’m glad that it was nee-san who I was exposed to.

Nee-san knows a lot about me, she has known me for a long time.


The problem ―― would be Midea listening to our talk!


“Uhmm, Master”

“What is it”

“Dragon King’s shadow, what’s that”

“…………You don’t know”

“Yes, is it something amazing”


Midea answers while looking blankly.

It’s a reaction which I could see that she really doesn’t know it.



Bad, this is very bad.


It’s very bad that she doesn’t know it.

If she doesn’t know the significance of the existence of the Dragon king’s shadow, she may innocently say that “My master has eradicated a strong monster, you know” with enthusiasm.


I have to forbid her from speaking with all my might.


“Midea, this thing is a secret”

“This thing”

“It’s the name of the monster I defeated.

Don’t tell anyone.”

“Eh, but I have to tell everyone what’s cool about my master――”

“If you say it, I’ll excommunicate you.”


When I told her as if intimidating her with a straight face, Midea was poof, she held her mouth down.



“I understand that you won’t say it, I guess You don’t have to hold your mouth, you can talk.”

“Yes! I’ll seriously take it to my grave!”


As expected of her grandchild, she said it in the same manner as that Jii-san.

Midea is an honest child, so there should be no problem, but let’s push her one more time just in case.


“Really If you say it, I’ll excommunicate you immediately, you know.”

“I won’t! Please believe me!”

“Got it”


Midea’s eyes were terribly serious, with also some fear.

If she’s this afraid of being excommunicated, she won’t say it.


It hurts my conscience a little to threaten her strongly, but it can’t be helped.


“I, am going to practice! I won’t listen to any more important discussions from master and the others!”


Midea said so, and went out of the study.

If she won’t listen, she won’t leak.

I was a little relieved to find out that Midea was going to keep her promise.


Midea went out into the corridor, and closed the door behind her.


“Ah, Midea-chan.

Hey, hey, can I ask you a little”


Immediately after, I heard a young woman’s voice through the wall.

It’s a young voice other than nee-san and Midea in this mansion, a maid.


The maid is with Midea,


“Master’s medal, haven’t you asked what was that for You’re his disciple, so you asked him, right”


Geh, she came without warning.

Well, Midea said that she wouldn’t say ――


“I,I don’t know! I don’t know at all that master has defeated something amazing!”

“Oh, as expected, he did something amazing.

Hey, well well, what was that”



“She’s poor at lying!”


With enough momentum to knock down the chair as I stand up, I rushed into her.


“She is, you know.”


Nee-san floats a bitter smile.


I chased after her on the outside, but Midea had already left somewhere to escape.

On this day, one after another, people who were trying to ask Midea about what occurred inside appeared, and the outcome was Midea continued to deny it in that tone.


Rumors of the two medals, have become increasingly stuck in quagmire.


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