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The Price of Seeing Her Naked

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


Tempted by the sound of rain that continues to descend from the morning, I was getting dozy inside my room.


“Head-sama, excuse me”


Along with her knock, I heard the voice of a maid in the mansion.


“Fuwah …… what is it”


While yawning so much that tears ooze out, I enquired back.

The young maid who came into the room, reports.


“Her Highness Lina Mi Aegina is here.”

“Lina What is she here for”

“I don’t know…… I didn’t ……”


The maid knitted her eyebrows, and looked troubled.

Well, I wonder if one maid can’t ask a royalty “what did you come here for”.


Anyway Lina, what did you really come here for.

I’ve been drowsy for a while now, so my head is spinning.


Well it’s fine, let’s just ask the person in question.


“Where is she”

“Yes, for now, she’s in the guest room at the end of the corridor ―― ”

“Guest room, is it”


I who asked where she was, left the room through the side of the maid in front of the door.

Going out into the hallway, I head straight towards the guest room at the end, which she taught me.


Anyway…… why in the guest room

When a guest comes, they would be lead through the drawing room, right.

Can something like this happen


“Fuwah…… well, it’s fine”


As I stretched my body while walking, as I thought, my head isn’t quite working.

Even though the sound of rain is there, it feels like the world got quiet at the degree that it stopped moving.

Due to the special trait of rainy days, my head doesn’t function more and more.


I arrived at the guest room.

Putting my hand on the doorknob —— eh, it’s locked, isn’t it

Why is it locked Although it was just a guest


I don’t know, did she make a mistake

Oh well, this degree of lock is sloppy ――.


I twist the knob, force open the lock, and go inside.





My head which doesn’t turn, didn’t function well anymore, no, it freezes.


My head, and also my body have stiffened.

However, the other party was more solidified than I was.


Lina Mi Aegina.


She was for some reason, naked inside the room.

She had taken off her clothes, and was taking new ones.


A drop of water from her wet hair, drip, has fallen onto the ground.

The stopped time, starts to move.


A scream of ripping silk echoed throughout the mansion.



In the guest room, I and Lina are alone.

Lina who changed from her wet clothes to dry clothes, was sitting in a chair with an icy look.

I on the other hand, was guilty of seeing her naked while she was changing clothes, so I was sitting in seiza* on the floor a few meters away from her chair. (TN: In case you don’t know what seiza means, Seiza – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiza


“Did you see”

“Eh No, that was……”

“You saw it right, clearly.”



I dropped my shoulders, and got smaller.

I had firmly seen her private parts, and I also had my eyes, so I can’t make any excuses for not looking at it.




Lina terribly sighed.


“This is troubling.”


“Unmarried royalty, especially female royalty, values their ​​chastity.”




“We must not show our skin to anyone other than the man who will become our husband.

Even if it was our husband, we mustn’t unnecessarily show it except on our sleeping quarters.”

“Wha,what happens if you were seen”

“There’s no choice but to kill the other party”



Lina fixedly stared at me.

After making a face like she’s thinking about something, she continues.


“The problem starts here”

“Eh, there’s more”

“If the other party is a commoner, we can just rudely beat him, but you are a nobleman, the baron of my kingdom of Aegina.

To kill you, I must first report the details to His Majesty.”



I became speechless once again.

But, it makes sense.


“If that happens, the Canoe family will definitely be demolished.”

“S,stop that!”


As expected, it was bad, very bad.

I by no means didn’t want to become its head, but I don’t want to crush my house.

After all, my ideal is to pass the house to my nee-san as it is.

Hence, with that, I’m going to return to my leisure and self-reliant life.


I have to avoid anything and everything, but the crush of the Canoe family.


“I beg you! I’ll do anything”



Lina tilted her head, and looked at me with a slightly calmed down eyebrows.

Is this my hope


“Just now, you said anything, right”


I’ll do anything.

So don’t report me”

“Then will you listen to my request”


“In the first place, I came here to request you.”

“Tell me anything, I’ll do it if I can.”


Lina smiled, fufu.

Her facial expression has softened; this is looking good.


“The stray demon(akuma), Sandros, has begun to act violently again these days.

I was ordered by His Majesty to subdue it.

However, it’s impossible for my protégé to defeat it.

That’s why ——”

“I should defeat that Sandros, right! Where is it”

“It’s in here”


Lina took out a paper folded into four, I received then opened it, and it was a map with a cross mark.


It’s not too far, I can go there on a day trip.


“First of all, it’ll take about three days to move, but we have our legs ready ――”

“I’ll be back”


Being in a hurry is good, nay, I have to make it there the fastest because it might be too late.

I jumped out of the mansion, and while blowing off the rain that was falling in the air, I rushed to the location at the map with all my might.



“Baron Hermes Canoe.

Appointing you on subduing Sandros, was a great idea”


In the audience room of the mansion, a messenger from the kingdom endlessly lined up the praises from His Majesty the Emperor.

Even without the formal embellishment phrases, it’s still very long.

I can see that he was greatly and terribly pleased with it, and was admiring it.


It’s really a staggering compliment.

It was said that I, who cooperated unconditionally with Lina, was the most loyal vassal of the kingdom, and that my work should be an example to all aristocrats.

He lined up such praises endlessly.


In the end was,


“It’s safe to say that you are a treasure of the kingdom.”


I was even told that.


While the messenger was speaking for the King, Lina who had accompanied him, remained silent beside the messenger all this time.

After giving compliments for 30 minutes, the messenger who fulfilled his mission went out of the audience hall.


I let the other vassals and soldiers withdraw, and I become alone with Lina.


“What does this mean, why did you tell His Majesty the King”

“What are you talking about.

Speaking of subjugation, we can even see who did it from the traces.

That was the case at the time of Slime Lord, right”


“At that time, traces of your power are transmitted to the kingdom.

We can easily verify that you have subdued Sandros right away.”

“Tha,that is true …… that’s right! Then you didn’t have to particularly add that, right”


“I somehow cooperated with you unconditionally”


I was greatly motivated with that too, but nevertheless, that was entirely contrary to the fact!




Lina was astonished, and sighed loudly.



“You had no choice in saying that.

You helped me because you saw my naked body, you can’t say that, can you”



As Lina says, as long as I can’t say that I saw Lina’s nakedness, and helped with the conditions to stop her from spreading that, I had no choice but to shut up.


“Gunununu ……”


It’s the result of me panicking and stopping Lina.

I had another, fame rising in the kingdom.


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