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Inevitability​ Due to Amnesia

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“Can I have a moment, Hermes ―― wait, what’s that”


Nee-san who came into the study, frowned at the small vial I was looking at.


“Pills inside a bottle …… is it a kind of aphrodisiac again”

“No, it’s not.

This is a memory-erasing drug.”

“A drug that erases memories”


Nee-san slowly came in front of me, and peered into the vial with an increasingly curious face.



Yesterday, I accidentally done it, and I was exposed at various things to the servants, so it’s a medicine to erase their――”



Nee-san took the vial from my hand, and threw it out the window with a quick form.


“Mou! You’re doing that again, good grief, are you even a man!”


While nee-san was in a huff, she walked away from my study.


…… As calculated. (TN: LOL, I’ll wait for it to backfire)


I took another vial out of my desk drawer.

Just like before, there are pills inside the bottle.

I took a bead of it, and roll it on the palm of my hand.


I knew that nee-san will do that(so~i).

That’s why, I had prepared a dummy placebo.

Therefore, it was fine for it to be thrown away by nee-san.


However, although it was good to order it, I wonder how effective is this.

I would like to try one just in case


“……just kidding”

“Mou, Hermes has something strange, so I forgot the important thing, didn’t I”


Nee-san came back ―― gulp.




The pill that I was carrying to my mouth to try, as I became a little flustered with the re-appearance of nee-san, I swallowed it as it was.


First of all, this surely has an immediate effect ――.



“Hermes What’s wrong, Hermes”


There was a very beautiful woman in front of me.

She has an elegant dress with a sagacious beautiful face.

A person who looks like a princess in a tale.


That’s fine, but more than that.


“Where is this place Who am I”


“Onee-san, who’re you”

“Ju,just a little Hermes What are you screwing around with”

“I’m not screwing around, you know.

I really don’t know anything.”

“Eh…… Ah, this bottle”


The princess picked up the small vial on the desk in front of me.

It’s a bottle containing some sort of medicine.


“This is…… Did you drink this”

“Eh Uhmm, sorry, I don’t know that either.

I really don’t know anything.

Ah, but”


“I feel that some medicine is working in my body.”

“You understood that”


Even so, it’s almost time for everything to metabolize.”

“Metabolize …… Does that mean that it’ll have no effect”


About an hour left Or, I think it’s shorter.”

“……This is my chance.”


Perhaps because of my mind, the princess’ eyes are shining, and seemed to be gleaming.

After that, she took my hand and stared straight at me.


“Listen to my story Hermes”

“I’m Hermes”

“That’s for later.

Listen to me first now.”



What a great threatening attitude, I’m about to be overpowered.


“I’m your daughter ―― Yeah, well, it’s complicated! Who made this situation!” (TN: LOL, it’s you)


An indignant princess.

I did something like going along with a quip by myself.


“No it’s not, I’m your sister.

You may not believe it right away ――”

“No, I believe you”

“――But, eh”


That confused the princess―― No my nee-san.

I gently clasped her hand.


“I understand, the warmth of this hand, it feels like I knew it.

To me―― it feels like you’re someone important.”

“Is, that so”



(TN: Sfx for heart beating loudly)

Suddenly, I heard a sound like that, and with it, nee-san’s face turned bright red.


“Nee-san, you okay I heard the sound of your chest saying dokin just now, but”

“Dokin――tu, yo,you just misheard that! I didn’t make such a voice.”

“You put it out, you know.

I believe I have a really good ear, look, it seems like the dog is still yawning on the other side of this building.”

“You・ve・mis・heard. Desu”


Nee-san’s face approached me, and she said so with a staggering angry look.



I’ve misheard, I know right”

“Rather than that, Hermes, I want you to do, no, I need your help with something.”

“To me But, I wonder if I can be of help to nee-san.”

“Hermes is a boy, I’m a girl.

There’s plenty you can do, don’t you agree”

“That is correct”


Since I felt the motherhood in the warmth of nee-san’s hand, I thought that I couldn’t do it, but as nee-san said, I’m a man and she is a woman.

There are many things that I can do which she can’t.


“What should I do”

“Follow me”



I was taken out of the room with my hands held by nee-san.

Apparently, this looks like a pretty amazing mansion, the corridor has a high ceiling and the carpet is fluffy.


I ran through such corridor in one go, went out of the building that was a mansion after all, and proceeded straight to the outside of the plot.

At that time.



“What’s wrong, Hermes”

“M,my head hurts”


“It hurts, like it’s about to crack, nee-san …… Somehow, I think I’ll remember.”

“It’s fast, are you saying that I don’t have time anymore …… With the power of Hermes, that seems to be the case.”


Nee-san was muttering something, but it didn’t come into my ears.

It hurts like my head is cracking, and my field of vision is blurred making me not see anything properly.


“I’m in a rush”



Nee-san held my hands, and ran somehow or another.

There are a lot of sounds in my surroundings, it’s noisy, and my head hurts and it’s about to crack.


“We have arrived.

As I thought, the guild can’t even get their hands on it.”

“Hey, nee-san……”

“Hermes, take this.

And defeat that ”


I was handed with something by nee-san, then she pushes my back and put me forward.

The next moment, something came flying.


A lot of them, were flying.

There’s a terrifying number of sounds, the sounds of wings.


For that reason, my headache got worse and worse.


“Buzz buzz buzz buzz shut up!”


I have a terrible headache and I can hardly get any strength, but for the time being, I swung my sword.



It feels like I was sleeping for a while.

Like when I took a half-baked nap, it feels like my head isn’t refreshed.


Why did I take a nap When I try to trace my memory with my unclear head.





Suddenly, I heard a deafening cheer.


Looking around, I was in the street.

There was a huge crowd surrounding me, and for some reason, they were cheering at me.


On the other hand, speaking of me, I――


“……Sword And …… Bee”


For some reason, I have a sword, and there are a lot of dead metallic bees at my feet, about the size of a fist.

And, there is a beehive-like thing that is half buried in the ground nearby.


“Amazing, he defeated all the metal bees in an instant.”

“It was like a storm.”

“I thought it was just a stupidity, but it was so awesome hah”



I mean, perhaps.


“Did I, do something again”


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