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Conventional-like Father

Translated by Mlzkzr

Edited by Mlzkzr


“This is good”


I was satisfied with the result of the production of the new study I made in the mansion.

Its interior is the latest trend, and anyway, I had it finished with a feeling of “fashionable”.


Apart from that, because it was a study, the thing is, I put in a lot of books.

At any rate, putting them inside, it was such a situation without it being able to fit in the bookshelves all over the wall completely, and it was piled up on the desk.


It’s just as the study of “I just want to pretend to be a cultural person.” that I imagined.


“Hermes, you were in a place like this huh”



Turning my face around, I saw nee-san across the entrance.

Nee-san, dressed in her usual dress, quietly comes in and looks around.


“I never thought that Hermes would build a study, you know.”

“You thought”

“Philosophy, Architecture, Magic Engineering…… do you want to be a wide-learning scholar(naturalist)”


Nee-san looked at the spines on the bookshelf one by one, and enquired strangely.

A wide-learning scholar is also known as a universal scholar (universalist).

It’s no longer a specialization study now, but it’s a popular name that existed in the days when geniuses of the past were able to do anything.


It’s a type of man that doesn’t exist anymore, but…… it feels like it were indirectly saying that “Hermes can do it.”.

Nee-san particularly have a high opinion of me.


“No, that’s not the thing.”

“If so, why do you have such books……”


Nee-san while wondering, picked up a book.

It says 『Legend of Olivia』 on the cover, it is a well-established first-class historical document that describes the former Dragon King.


However, it’s only the cover page.

Nee-san who flipped it over.


“What is this!”


Then, she suddenly got angry.


“Which is it Ah, this is a photo book of Orthia by year.

It’s the one posted the best of Orthia every year in the last thirty years.

All of them are beautiful women, but as I thought, there are differences between beautiful women in each era――”



Nee-san opened the window, and threw the book out in a magnificent form.

Successive generations of Orthia have become stars.


“What is that!”

“I heard from an acquaintance, you know, that when hiding such a photo book, it’s a good idea to replace the cover.”

“Are you an adolescent child!”

“But it’s interesting”

“It’s not interesting—— is there anything else”


Nee-san distinctly, frowned her face.

I took an appropriate book which was piled up on the desk, and flipped through and check its contents.


“You understand that dorayaki pastry has become popular in the city, right, nee-san.

Excavated at the same ruins as that, the Yuuki person, seems to have invented, a dress called bloomer.

This is for vivaciously young women, and part of one’s underwear exposed from their shorts――”



Nee-san snatched it from my hand, and threw the book to the stars again in a splendid form.


“Good grief, why is Hermes always like this”

“Leaving that aside, didn’t nee-san have something to do with me”


She said earlier, “you were in a place like this huh”.

If nee-san plunges deeply into this room, all the books could become meteor showers, so I decided to change the story.


“……That’s right”


Nee-san sighed, and then slowly approached me.

When she came in front of me, she gently took my hand.


“Thank you, Hermes”



She changed from a moment ago, making me a little confused by her heartfelt “Thank you”.


“It’s about Taratos.”


So it was that matter.”

“Really thank you so much, you’ve protected me twice……”


While nee-san grabbed my hand, she showed a quiet joy.

With her a moment ago(so-i), I was confused by the gap.


“Do,don’t mention it.

In,indeed, I just did the obvious thing as a father.”


Involuntarily, I said an excuse-like line from my mouth.

It was not a very good response, it sounded awkward.

However, I couldn’t retreat.


“Yes, father.

You can’t give your daughter to a scum like him! I mean, to that guy!”


After saying it all at once, I noticed the naturalness of “This and that are normal, isn’t it” from her explanation, that she seems to be pleased with it.

I don’t need to make a good interpretation for nee-san as a partner at this late hour, in which I didn’t realize that.




“Right, father.”


Nee-san gives out a little chuckle.


“Then, my younger brother dad-sama(Ototou-sama*), please continue to protect me from bad suitors.” (TN: Again, combination of Oto otou = younger brother, and Otou-sama = father)

“Ah, got it”


Even if you did not tell me so, I intend to do it one thing or another.

For nee-san, in case of a rebellion from the vassals, I have to ask her to stay with the Canoe family.



A few days later, in the audience room.

After all of my official duties was finished in a stream work arrangement, Mimis cut out “Come to think of it” with such a feeling.


“In the aforementioned case, a proclamation has spread throughout the territory.”

“Aforementioned case What’s that”


I don’t have much of a clue about it.

I listened to quite a few reports every day, and I ignored them all.


I’m confident that I can say with all my heart that I don’t remember anything about any of them.


“That’s ――”

“Shishouuu! I couldn’t do it!”


Pan! Then the door open with the momentum of hitting against the wall, and Midea jumped in.

She suddenly rushed over in front of me and cried.


“What’s wrong, what’s couldn’t do it”

“Today’s challenger, was stronger than me!”

“Challenger What’s that”


I can’t truly see what she was talking about.


“A challenger who came to propose.”


Mimis answered instead.


“Ha What’s that”

“Perhaps you don’t know No, but Sora-sama said that she was told by head-sama…… ”

“It’s okay, so explain it from scratch.”

“From the previous aforementioned case, it was also it.

It was 『If you want to marry my daughter, defeat me first.

』, to the whole territory ―― no, it was notified to the whole kingdom.”



What’s that, why did that happen

Whether he understood that I was confused or not, Mimis explains further.


“Sora-sama said that 『You will protect her from bad suitors』 , but……”

“So it was thaaaaat! Nee-san is the conspirator!”


Is that it! Wait, that’s, in the territory ―― Or rather, it spread throughout the kingdom!



“That’s why I came here, so I could screen the small fries ahead of shishou ―― Aah! The challenger is about to come in!”


Sticking to the window of the audience room, Midea looks out and raises her voice.

Or rather, it was a breakwater before I knew it hah.


I also went to the window, and looked out.




At a glance, it was certainly stronger than Midea.

Moreover, his aura, and his equipment is also distinct.


That’s a ――celebrity.

If I defeat him, rumors will spread even further, but ―― I have to do that in this situation.


At the very least, I’m going to make it just barely a narrow win.

I will suppress myself to the same level as the other party’s power, turn the tables on him simply, and make him go home.


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