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(TN: I won’t be posting much now)


A few days later, in the audience hall.

In front of me who is going back to my chair, Mimis bowed his head.

I dared, to speak in an overpowering-like manner.

“Say that once again.”

“Hah, silver refining is impossible for a while.”

“Why The silver content should be considerable.”

“That is…… if our family becomes the house with the highest mining technology at the present time, then.”

“I don’t know what that means, you boasting If so, make some silver.”

I became even more intimidating.

Mimis looked ill-humored for a moment, but he immediately withdrew and explained.

“Until about 100 years ago, ore was melted in a furnace, and the mainstream method was to take metal out from it.

This approach, however, is inefficient and makes sorting the unintended metals very confusing, and it’s no longer in use.”

“Ah, it’s magic now, right”

You didn’t say it, so I did.

If that is so, it’ll be troublesome if you are told to do it or take this seriously.


This house …… No, this family tried to contact all of the territories, but there was only a magic user that refined Trikara steel.”

“Is there not among the population”

“Until before, it was unnecessary, so those who can do such thing have moved to another place promptly ……”


Right, they have no choice but to move in the land where they can’t eat even if they have a job in hand.

“What shall you do”

“Hah Are you stupid”


“Silver is there, but there’s no one who can use refining magic.

Then we’ll just gather people.

Or what”

Glaring, I scowl at Mimis.

“Please do your best alone, as I’m the head, are you going to say that”

“Do,don’t be absurd!”

Mimis bowed in a hurry, and then walked away as if to escape.

As he left, I could see a color of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

“Alright with this”

Today’s tyranny, is over.

I did better than yesterday, I guess.

The sound argument that they want to hear, if I accumulate this, then I will be able to bring it to the being overthrown route without being killed.

“Might as well”

Let’s also become a prodigal head.

I left the mansion, and wandered around the city of Pindos.

It’s the most developed territory governed by the Canoe family, and it’s a city where people, money, and goods gather.

Because it is such a city, of course there are things like this ――


The voice of the woman who was calling my name, is refreshing but just the right voice that contains flirtation.

As I looked around restlessly and looked straight up next, I found a woman looking down at me with a smile from the window on the second floor of the store.

She’s Orthia, a prostitute I’m acquainted with.

By the way, there is quite a lot of name for Orthia on prostitutes.

It was many at the level where one is to three.

To put it simply, the women who work as prostitutes who “sell beauty”, have admired the name of the beautiful woman named Orthia, the most beautiful sage in history, so before they knew it, the prostitutes were full of Orthia.

――That matter, I have heard that from the Orthia in front of me.

“Hey, come and play with me.”

“No, I don’t feel like that today――”

“If you don’t play, Hermes-chan will still be a virgin――”

I leaped into the brothel, passed through the reception brothel old woman, ran up the stairs at once, and dove into Orthia’s room.


“Haa…… haa…… you have, no complaints, with this ……” (TN: Yes, nice)

Since I rushed inside at a speed that seems to be able to set a world record with full throttle, I took a breath in one gulp.

I let the brothel madam who caught up clasped the money I gave properly, and I became alone with Orthia in the room.

“I called you, so let’s not do that loudly.”

“What is that” (TN: Ah, you know what is “that”)

Orthia made a mischievous smile.

“This bastard, seriously, I will never come again.”

“Kyah, Hermes-chan is intimidating.”

Saying that, Orthia droops towards me.

“No other way, I will do what the customer says.”

“Haa…… Geez.”

“Not good, my prostitute pride was slightly hurt, so I should be allowed at this much.”

I became weak when she told that.

I feel oblige to her for behaving like that at this matter, so I was frail as she carries it out.

Even frailer.

“Hermes-chan, congratulations on your inauguration as the Head”

Chu, she kissed my cheek.

Saying that, Orthia sticks to me but doesn’t do anything.

If she attacks me more, I’ll snap back, but she’s keeping it in the skinship level.

It’s splendid, the skill of a prostitute.

“Ah, thank you”

“What, you don’t seem to be happy.”

“Because it’s tiresome.

I don’t want the be the head.”

“I see, but, it’s appropriate for Hermes-chan.”


“Every woman in Brothel thinks so.

A person who is burning with desire for a woman, is a man who goes greedily with work.”

“Since sexual desire and greed for power are almost synonymous.”

Orthia, who knows well that I’m light on both of them, has massaged my bland areas such as thighs and shoulder.

The soft hands of a beautiful woman, even if it’s a normal massage, was a thing that feels good.

Until this time as it is ―― as I think that.


“Yo,your chest is hitting my back.”

“It’s hitting~.”

“Do you like that line oi! It feels like I’ve heard that from you every time.”

“Because it’s no longer a basic technique.

The first person who came up with it is surely a genius.”

“What is that basic!”

I was so pounding that my heart was piercing my chest.

I put up with that, and behaved normally.

“By the way, Hermes-chan is doing a lot of things right away.

Reformation Do you mean to say that”

“Reformation What.”

“A’re Isn’t it related to Hermes-chan”

“I don’t understand, talk from the top.”


Recently, the number of silver smelting magicians has increased.

The people who come to us also have a pretty good influence, and all of them said that they’ll come back again together.”

“Come again”

I mutter Orthia’s words in return.

The brothels are by no means cheap.

If they have the influence and say “come back again”, their income can be seen after that.

“There was, just a rumor that you’re going to change direction from Trikara steel to silver as the new lord.”

“I see.

Well, that’s what it is.”

“Is that so, then, you have to gather them earnestly from Tadias-sama.”

“Tadias Who’s that”

“It’s the merchant who collects people who can use magic.

The boss.”


Boss, is it”

“A’re What’s wrong, Hermes-chan, your face is scary.”

Orthia twisted her neck while massaging me as it is.

My face is scary, because I remembered as I got caught up in the story now.

A few days later, in the garden of the mansion.

People with faces that I see for the first time are gathered and lined up, and a mountain of ore is being carried in.

They used magic under Mimis’ direction, and the silver was extracted one after another from the ore.

Around the end of the demonstration of extracting pure silver out of the ore, Mimis came to me.

With a staggering self-satisfied look

“As you can see, I have gathered silver refiners.”


I approach those who were in line.

Everyone is looking at me.

Because they’re in front of the head, everyone doesn’t say anything, and is waiting for me to speak.

After briefly, circulating my gaze at them, I stood in front of the man on the far left, and said.



The man didn’t know what it was at first, but he was surprised as he noticed the meaning of the name I muttered, suddenly.

Then I move in front of the man beside him.



“Vanna, Zena, Themis”

It was troublesome to move, so I pointed my finger from the middle while deciding to recite it out.

Most were surprised, embarrassed or turned red.

But, they don’t seem to understand the meaning yet.

“I like the Head-sama too” (TN: This one is dangerous.)

A single funny-ish guy, said with a grin while holding his mouth.

I guess this company is bad, it can’t be helped but take another step.

“You guys, your source of money is”


When I said that, everyone fell silent all at once.

Some turned pale.

Those guys have a deep understanding of the story.

“Wha,what are you talking about Head-sama”

“All of these guys, were the ones gathered by Tadias.”

“Hou, Tadias”

Mimis made a face that felt “impressive, impressive”.

This guy, is an idiot that can’t be saved.

“Really These guys are all breathing for Tadias.

They’re keeping a secret, too.

Using these guys, whether they refine silver or not, I think they’ll be on the other side as it is.”


After giving a cordial explanation, Mimis finally realized the importance of the matter.

“I,I’ll look for them again!”

Inside the mansion, I came back to the reception room.

Orthia was in the reception room.

“Thank you”

As soon as I entered the room, I thanked her, and removed the little finger-sized device from my ear.

“It’s already fine.”

Orthia also put the device in her hand on the table.

It’s a simple magic tool, a device that delivers a voice to the receiver which was installed in the ear, if you speak to the transmitter.

It’s a tool that even ordinary people who can’t use magic can use.

Using it, Orthia told me the names of the prostitutes who patronized the men, and thrust it at them.

“Thanks to you, it was a complete victory.”

“I see.

But I’m glad with that.”


It’s not possible to put insects inside a lion’s body.

No matter how stupid Mimis is, he wouldn’t repeat his last mistake again.

“Thank you, this is my expression of gratitude.”

Saying that, I present a bag full of silver coins in front of Orthia.

“No, I don’t need that.”

“You don’t need”

“I’m a prostitute, and other than that, I won’t receive any money.”


“Come back and let’s play again, that’s fine.”

“Got it.

I will rent out the entire store this time.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Orthia kissed me on the cheek, then stood up and left the drawing room.

When I watched her off at her back.

“I saw it.”

I heard a woman’s voice from the corner of the room, and when I turned around, it was my elder sister.

”Uwah, Ne,nee-san.

How long have you been here”

“As expected, you were in a place like that.

After all, as I anticipated, you were suitable to become the Lord, Hermes.”

“Stop flattering me”

“But it’s vexing, if you have taken this seriously, couldn’t it have been settled immediately even if it wasn’t such an attack on the rear”

“As I said”

Mou, I resign myself on being praised by nee-san.

But I bear in mind at my nee-san’s place, and decided not to spread that any further.

“I’ll never put out anything seriously”

As I declared, I muttered in front of my sister.


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